Adams Park Street LLC sold property at 49-51 Park St., Adams, to FP QOZB I LLC, $100,000.

Adams Park Street LLC sold property at 39-45 Park St., Adams, to FP QOZB I LLC, $235,000.

Barbara A. Ziemba sold property at 20 Leonard St., Adams, to Le Thi Chau, $193,500.

Gary W. Griswold sold property at 18 Enterprise St., Adams, to Shawn Paree, $120,473.76.

CheshireDavid C. and Jennifer L. Showalter sold property at 725 North State Road, Cheshire, to Darrel D. and Brandi R. Lightsey, $475,500.

Scott J. Becker sold property at 6 Arnold Court, Cheshire, to Tiffany M. and Nicholas A. Michalski, $152,000.

ClarksburgCorydon L. Thurston and Carolie T. Collins, trustees of the Oralie A. Thurston 2005 Revocable Trust, sold property at East Road, Clarksburg, to Joseph Ethan and Debora Malachuk, $200,000.

DaltonMatadormus LLC sold property at 224 East St., formerly known as 373 East Housatonic St., Dalton, to Jonathan S. King and Elizabeth N. Atwood, $354,500.


Deborah L. Bliss sold property at 38 Tilda Hill Road, Florida, to Saymon Arruda Mendes and Morgana Giraldi, $40,000.

Great BarringtonMargaret Q. Dietemann sold property at Fairview Road, Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Stephen Dietemann, $15,000.

Richard J. Melluzzo, trustee of Richard J. Melluzzo 2016 Revocable Trust, and Patrice C. Melluzzo, trustee of Patrice C. Melluzzo 2016 Revocable Trust, sold property at 78 State Road, Great Barrington, to David Carcamo, $357,000.

Chris Williams LLC sold property at 671 Stockbridge Road, Lot 1, Great Barrington, to Housatonic Solar 1 LLC, $175,000.

Gordon M. Fol sold property at 31 Hillside Ave., Lot 9, Great Barrington, to Gee Be LLC, $260,000.

HancockElna J. Rodda sold property at 3373 Hancock Road, Hancock, to Donna M. and Timothy G. Roden, $72,500.

HinsdaleGeoffrey P. Patti sold property at East Washington Road, Hinsdale, to Mohegan Real Estate LLC, $7,700.

Stephen E. and Christy A. Suriner sold property at 435 Maple St., Hinsdale, to Kenneth Thomas and Nina Ranadive Pooley, $472,190.

LanesboroughKenneth P., Steven M., Joseph E. Larson and Sandra A. Gray sold property at 4 Constitution Drive, Lanesborough, to Michael W. Larson, $95,250.

LenoxAlexander W. and Deirdre R. Hiam sold property at 106 Old Stockbridge Road, Lenox, to Kendra Taira Field and Khary Saeed Jones, $590,000.

MontereyBernard Student and Laurie Ross Student, trustees of Student Realty Trust, sold property at 8 Laurel Banks Road, Monterey, to Philip Schoch and Gail B. Schoch, $845,000.

Robert Chamberlain Jr. sold property at 70-80 Williams St., Monterey, to Elizabeth Ann Andrus, $300,000.

New MarlboroughVictor M. Cella sold property at 1107 Norfolk Road, New Marlborough, to Nathan John Redman and Christina Marie Pedretti, $250,000.

North AdamsSarah Guare sold property at 564 Barbour St., North Adams, to Kevin W. Bicknell and Julia S. Melnick, $168,000.

Stanley P. Gardzina, personal rep. of the estate of John Philip Gardzina, sold property at 50 Hathaway St., North Adams, to V. Peter and Dawn A. Vadnais, trustees of Evolution NT, $75,000.

Stephen J. and Laura C. Rondeau sold property at 679 Ashland St., North Adams, to Ronald R. O’Brien, $205,000.

Nathan J. Pikula sold property at 281 Notch Road, North Adams, to Devin Q. and Deborah-Jane M. Raber, $196,000.

David G. Carver, trustee of Scarafoni Associates NT, sold property at 24 Holden St., Unit 24, North Adams, to Marc A. Goldstein, $250,000.

Roland G. Gardner sold property at 28 Lorraine Drive, North Adams, to Alicia M. and Michael J. Reddin, $264,900.

OtisDiane E. Ogasian sold property at 16 Pleasant Drive, Otis, to Kyle O. and Tammy M. Sheldon, $280,000.

PittsfieldChristopher J. Connell sold property at 9 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to 9 Dalton Avenue LLC, $335,000.

Dion Robbins-Zust sold property at 13 Seymour St., Pittsfield, to Amanda Kassmieh, $61,000.

Tallage David LLC sold property at 58 West Housatonic St., Unit 2, Pittsfield, to Anna Lotto, $77,500.

Michael Ferry sold property at 39-41 Maplewood Ave., Pittsfield, to Alliance Properties LLC, $20,000.

Valery Poripski and Natalia Bolova sold property at 274 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Andrey Sokolov, $45,000.

Peter Haven sold property at 73 Mohegan St., Pittsfield, to Mitchell Roy Mullett, $151,000.

Lucia C. Mejia and Ever E. Henriquez sold property at 93 Cummings Ave., Pittsfield, to Irving W. and Aja Ostrander, $193,000.

Stephen G. Rosenbaum and Susan R. Cohen a/k/a Susan L. Cohen, personal rep. of the estate of Miriam T. Rosenbaum a/k/a Miriam J. Rosenbaum, sold property at 147 Ann Drive, Pittsfield, to David C. and Jennifer L. Showalter, $337,500.

Mark H. and Jennifer A. Mendel sold property at 26-28 Reuter Ave., Pittsfield, to Mark J. Barile, $140,000.

Fannie Mae sold property at 19 Crosier Ave., Pittsfield, to Francese Family Realty LLC, $59,900.

Kathryn E. Wojcik sold property at 114 Mountain Drive, Pittsfield, to Jinnicha Chavalitthanawong and Pisuth Peace Sanadchutitrakoon, $227,500.

Michael J. Lacasse and Amanda A. Gingras sold property at 19 Pinehurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher L. and Natalie R. Gingras, $137,750.

Joshua Liccardi, personal rep. of the estate of Herbert F. Plouffe, sold property at 69 High St., Pittsfield, to Deborah L. Bliss, $42,500.

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, sold property at 58 West Housatonic St., Unit 3, Pittsfield, to John P. and Anne G. Gilewicz, $61,500.

RichmondJanet Eisenstein sold property at 1210 Lenox Road, Richmond, to Harold I. and Arlene Messer, $870,000.

Susan Alexandra Lamb sold property at 210 Osceola Road, Richmond, to Jeffrey Bloom, $495,000.

SheffieldJosephine B. Potter, trustee of Josephine B. Potter Revocable Trust of 2019, sold property at 1204 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, to Jeffrey McCarthy, trustee of Deanna D’Amore 2012 GST Trust dated Dec. 19, 2012, $2,500,000.

Harry E. Conklin sold property at 20 Plymouth Lane, Sheffield, to Berkshire School Road LLC, $197,500.

StockbridgeMarc and Michael Teich and Jaime Teich, trustees of the Jack Teich 2005 FT, sold property at 30 Prospect Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Ilana Rossein and Rukhshida David, $400,000.

West StockbridgeJohn C. Peyron and Judith E. Peyron sold property at 270 Great Barrington Road, West Stockbridge, to Barbara L. Miller, $569,000.

WilliamstownJean McWilliams, personal rep. for the estate of Marsha Irene Altschuler, sold property at 4 Woodlawn Drive, Williamstown, to David and Colleen Little, $319,500.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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