Dawn M. Harrington sold property at 20 Meadow St., Adams, to David A. Torres Orellana, $143,000.

Stanley S. Tworig IV sold property at 51 East St., Adams, to Aaron T. Crandall, $255,000.

Richard G. and Sandra D. Kleiner sold property at 14-18 Richmond St., Adams, to Vanessa L. Mazzantini, $195,910.

Lisa Mae Avery, trustee of the Avery NT, sold property at 7 Mountain View Drive, Adams, to Ryan C. and Rebecca A. Richards, $204,900.

Larry T. and Noelle M. Pandell sold property at 47 Orchard St., Adams, to Joseph Anthony Quinn II and Tara Elizabeth Quinn, $245,000.

Joseph W. and Suzan J. Charon sold property at 18 Thompson St., Adams, to Angela Teresa Saltamartini and Ashley Lynn Saltamartini-Burris, $210,000.


Jay M. Weintraub and Susan G. Weintraub sold property at 150 East Road, Alford, to Richard J. Chernick and Susan E. Chernick, $1,700,000.


Anthony J. Piccirillo Jr. sold property at Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Nathan T. Buratto, $20,000.

Shawn Reinford sold property at Arrowhead Lane, Becket, to James Grimaldi, $9,550.


Natalie Clifton and Michael Hein, personal representatives of the estate of Dianne Joyce Hein, sold property at 32 Gleason St., Clarksburg, to Nicholas R. Griffin, $87,000.


Dalton Center Block LLC sold property at Audrey Drive, Dalton, to Leslie Ann Dolan, $50,000.


Mark C. Bartholf, trustee of Bartholf Living Trust, sold property at 65 Rowe Road, Egremont, to Andrew F. Weiss and Taya Weiss, trustees of Weiss Family Trust, $850,000.

Great Barrington

Robert B. Vollmer and Patricia A. Vollmer sold property at 14 Pope St., Great Barrington, to Raul Junior Escobar, $325,000.

Elizabeth A. Andrus sold property at 7 Haley Road, Great Barrington, to Edwin F. Meek III and Elizabeth C. Meek, $275,000.

Miller Realty Holdings LLC sold property at 420 Stockbridge Road, Unit 8, Jenifer House Commons Condominium, Great Barrington, to East Hill Holdings LLC, $350,000.

Helga U. Shepard, Suzanne Fields, Lenore J. Shepard, and Glenn M. Shepard sold property at Lake Buel Road, Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Matthew Amstead, $55,000.


Peter E. Turner sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Douglas and Rebecca Phillips, $65,000.


Richard J. and Christina M. Gelaznik sold property at 33 Opechee St., Lanesborough, to James S. Moriarty and Paula Fisher, $299,000.


Damian Gormley sold property at 200 Golden Hill Road, Lee, to Thomas C. Renton Jr., $43,000.


Jane M. Fuller and Elfrieda C. Pierce sold property at 1-8 Morgan Manor, Lenox, to Donna M. Pignatelli, $225,000.

Matianne F. Boyer, personal rep. of the estate of Edward Norman Peters, sold property at 103 West St., Lenox, to Sanford C. and Shelly W. Reback, $685,000.

Final PCS LLC sold property at 203 Main St., Lenox, to Cornell Inn Holdings LLC, $1,932,103.


Maria Reveley sold property at 179 Beartown Mountain Road, Lot 1, Monterey, to Kelly Mah, $435,000.

Paul Ferencz and Wendy Ferencz sold property at 33 Norwalk Acres Road, Upper Mount Hunger Road, Monterey, to Daniel Seymour Robbins, $135,000.

Wendy Ferencz sold property at Norwalk Acres Road, Upper Mount Hunger Road, Monterey, to Janice Robbins and Douglas Robbins, trustees of Robbins Family Nominee Trust, $12,500.

New Marlborough

Rosalind L. Nadeau, trustee of Lebow/Prowler Family Nominee Trust, sold property at 0 Rhoades & Bailey Road, New Marlborough, to Eugene Rosenberg and Elizabeth Rosenberg, $70,000.

North Adams

Allen F. Field sold property at 71 Bracewell Ave., North Adams, to David C. Oshman and Kamonkwan Tongmusick, $59,900.

Ashley and Michael O. Cirullo Jr. sold property at 50 Charles St., North Adams, to Jonathan Delsordo and Michelle Marrucco, $147,000.

Federico Balestrazzi sold property at 38 Bryant St., North Adams, to Kelly Burlingham, $129,900.

Michele M. Purcell sold property at 250 Walnut St., North Adams, to Kenneth and Benjamin W. Kauffman, $140,000.

Federico Antonio Balestrazzi sold property at 24 Hathaway St., North Adams, to Kenneth and Benjamin W. Kauffman, $126,400.

Angela T. Saltamartini and Ashley Saltamartini-Burris sold property at 9 Fairgrounds Ave., North Adams, to Danielle T. Shea, $170,000.

Lizabeth Stachelek sold property at 691 Ashland St., North Adams, to Laura B. Feder, $150,000.

Rebecca Perea-Kane, David Kessel and Martha B. Kane sold property at 243 Union St., Unit 202, North Adams, to Christopher K. Field, $259,000.


Darren E. Rawson, trustee, Darren E. Rawson Trust, sold property at 99 Boylston St. Extension, Pittsfield, to David G. Macdonald and Theresa M. Roche, $163,000.

Cole D. Marauszwski sold property at 82 Elmhurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Ellie’s Holdings LLC, $42,000.

Deborah P. Gottung sold property at 308 Connecticut Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher Lacroix and Nicole Jones, $158,000.

John M. and Rachel J. Keesee sold property at 46 Cole Ave., Pittsfield, to Sean R. Allen, $210,000.

John W. and Theresa Bartow sold property at 38-44 Allengate Ave., Pittsfield, to Whaling Capital II LLC, $410,000.

Marc T. and Sophie H. Wilhelm sold property at 408 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, to Lisa A. Hill, $320,000.

Manuela G. Supranowicz sold property at 56 Imperial Ave., Pittsfield, to USA HUD, $122,887.

Miss Hall’s School Inc. sold property at 5 Southbrook Lane, Pittsfield, to Lorraine and Stacy Shaw, $549,000.

Dorothy M. Frederick sold property at 161 Forthill Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael C. Shaughnessy and Ashley A. Avallon, $160,000.

Lynne W. Latini sold property at 56 Kenwood St., Pittsfield, to Jeffrey Lang, $201,000.

Michael L. Manning sold property at 5 Eastbrook Lane, Pittsfield, to David C. and Jacqueline K. Leppla, $659,999.

Jonathan Pierce sold property at 32 Madison Place, Pittsfield, to Lisa and Ryan Turner, $99,000.

Robert S., Iris C., Jeffrey S. and Andrew M. Cohen, trustees of the Robert S. Cohen RVT of 1996 and the Iris C. Cohen RVT of 1996, sold property at 38 Brunswick St., Pittsfield, to Michael L. Manning and Jennifer M. Schnopp, $409,000.

TMR Realty LLC sold property at 72 Nancy Ave., Pittsfield, to Nicole Favre and Tyler Hilton, $234,900.

Fabio K. D’Aniello sold property at 32 Northumberland Road, Pittsfield, to Jennifer L. and Kassandra Marie Vorce, $330,000.

Thomas F. and Carol Lee O’Brien sold property at 114 Oliver Ave., Pittsfield, to John C. and Jeanne E. Morrissey, $255,000.

Carolyn J. Duprey sold property at 23 Curtis Terrace, Pittsfield, to Carol Wick, $145,000.

Ryan Wadsworth sold property at 140 Broadview Terrace, Pittsfield, to Louis S. Meunier and Nicole C. Dupont, $249,000.

Francese Family Realty LLC sold property at 147 Broadview Terrace, Pittsfield, to Bruce J. Clairmont, $228,000.

Joann Meltz sold property at 113 Alpine Trail, Unit 28-C, Pittsfield, to Arun Bansal, $399,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA sold property at 102 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Joseph Kir, $58,000.

Duta Real Estate LLC sold property at 19 Evelyn Park, Pittsfield, to Derek J. Murphy, $240,000.

R&N Construction Company LLC sold property at 73 Union St., Pittsfield, to Skytop Properties LLC, $20,000.


Jeffrey A. Bloom and Charles A. Grace sold property at Rossiter Road, Richmond, to KLS Ventures, $185,000.


Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold property at Cronk Road, Lot 4, Sandisfield, to Mark A. Jardin, $59,900.


Eisler Family RE LLC sold property at 7 Hawthorne Road, Stockbridge, to She Family RE LLC, $565,000.

Jaime Teich, a/k/a Jaime Teich Entner, and Marc Teich sold property at 29 Rattlesnake Mountain Road, Stockbridge, to Nicholas Urie and Kathryn Sievers, $425,000.

Marni Kriss and Robert A. Koenigsberg sold property at 19 Hawthorne Road, Unit 7-B, Stockbridge, to Israel E., Gale S., Heidi L., and David J. Wachs, $690,000.

Richard and Susan Alin, trustees of the Richard Alin and Susan Alin Joint RVT Agreement, sold property at 19 Hawthorne Road, Unit 2-D, Stockbridge, to Leonard M. and Marjorie T. Gold, $449,000.

Burt R. and Ellen Dziedzic Downes sold property at 31 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, to Lawrence J. and Kathleen G. Bolanowski, $527,500.

West Stockbridge

Michael L. Feldman, Brian C. Feldman, Peter A. Feldman, Robert M. Feldman, and Rosylin Feldman sold property at 70 Pixley Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Michael Gruber and Leah R. Holzel, $737,000.

Elizabeth A. Petty sold property at 19 Stockbridge Road, West Stockbridge, to Alicia Rossie, $45,000.


Berkshire Properties Inc. sold property at Sweet Farm Road, Williamstown, to Peter J. Cohen and Ann M. Watson, $190,000.

Berkshires Properties Inc. sold property at Sweet Farm Road, Williamstown, to Robert L. and Amy L. Fox, $190,000.

Patrick W. and Dawn J. Schoorlemmer sold property at 177 Lindley Terrace, Williamstown, to Stephen A. Winkler, $185,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989. She can be reached at