Home Bridge Real Estate LLC sold property at 379 Captain Whitney Road, Becket, to Kenneth R. Tessier, $38,500.

Richard A. Maxwell sold property at 171 Excalibur Drive, Becket, to Joshua Coben, $10,500.

Nancy Schachter sold property at 409 Moberg Road, Becket, to 409 Moberg LLC, $512,250.


Donald O. and Dennis M. LeClaire and Lisa M. Meczywor sold property at 81 Wells Road, Cheshire, to Richard F. Salvi, $220,000.


Richard Bernardi sold property at 0 Farview Heights, Clarksburg, to William and Tammy L. St. Pierre, $26,000.

Linda M. Reardon sold property at 86 Earl Taylor Drive, Clarksburg, to Rebecca L. Cook and Leroy W. Johnson Jr., $360,000.


Alena Buka sold property at 248 Grange Hall Road, Dalton, to Chloe-Rae Wood and Dylan Mayhew, $330,000.

Jason A. Wells sold property at 184 Depot St., Dalton, to Martin P. Landau, $255,000.

Great Barrington

Jonathan M. Perloe and Malaine R. Miller sold property at 13 Londonderry Drive, Great Barrington, to Garret Peaslee, $330,000.


Marc L. Rubin, trustee of the Marc L. Rubin LVT, sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Howard Greenspan, $132,500.


Linda M. Baker, formerly known as Linda M. Truden, and Kenneth Truden Girardey, personal rep. of the Estate of James Franklin Truden Jr., sold property at 260 Stockbridge Road, Lee, to Wilson Ayala and Hope Amanda Monsalve, $197,500.

Kathleen Ward sold property at 25 Parkview Terrace, Lee, to Zachary W. Desantis, $325,000.


Betsy Lee Workman sold property at Muirfield Drive, Unit 11B, Lenox, to Stephen R. Schoenfeld and Penelope Hudnut, $500,000.

New Marlborough

Richard Drucker and Hilary Drucker sold property at Peter Menaker Road, To-Ho-Ne Shores, New Marlborough, to Michael J. Sullivan and Cynthia S. Sullivan, $202,000.

Susanne P. Petrucci sold property at 1605 Clayton Mill River Road, New Marlborough, to David P. Hamill and Linda M. Hamill, $360,000.

North Adams

Lisa A. Mazzu sold property at 140 Kemp Ave., North Adams, to Tredick T. Goodman, $231,500.


David P. and Linda M. Hamill sold property at 23 Tyringham Road, Otis, to Michael J. and Kathryn R. Cohen, $249,000.

Catherine Rubenstein, trustee of the Catherine Rubenstein Living Trust, sold property at Tyringham Road, Otis, to Peter L. Cassidy, $47,900.


Town of Peru sold property at 144 Middlefield Road, Peru, to William J. and Sonia J. Bruno, $3,500.

Cathryn A. Gilmour sold property at 234 East Windsor Road, Peru, to John M. and Holly J. McCammon, $295,000.


Norman S. Smoller sold property at 42-44 John St., Pittsfield, to Juan Carlos Parra, $175,000.

Daniel A. Goldstein, personal rep. of the Estate of Steven S. Rosenberg, sold property at 121 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to Vicente Nivelo, $105,000.

Glenn M. and Donna M. Murphy sold property at 71 Howard St., Pittsfield, to Michele Purcell, $120,000.

Jacques Townsend sold property at 81 Dartmouth St., Unit 209 and G29, Pittsfield, to James Barry, $190,000.

Joseph E. Pasquarelli, personal rep. of the Estate of Stephanie Jane Pasquarelli, sold property at 67 Donna Ave., Pittsfield, to David Alan Tyler Jr., $275,000.

Frederick D. Taliaferro sold property at 95 Parker St., Pittsfield, to Tasheona M. Taliaferro, $55,000.

Robert E. Herrick Jr. sold property at 37 Osceola St., Pittsfield, to Jerry A. LaBerteaux and Donald A. Lesure, $80,000.

Jennifer Carmichael, trustee of the Carolyn S. Stewart Trust, sold property at 261-263 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, to Anthony J. Cimini, $90,000.

TJLR Onota LLC sold property at 110-118 Lincoln St., 18-24 Cherry St. & 122-124 Lincoln St., Pittsfield, to RL Real Estate LLC, $20,000.

Arron J. Sondrini and Kelly K. Sondrini, formerly known as Kelly K. Samuels, sold property at 17 Harding St., Pittsfield, to Soumya Aleti, $240,000.

Delto Inc. sold property at 60-62 Richmond Ave., Pittsfield, to Cory Evangelisto, $93,000.


Linda Morse and Dorothea Greene, trustees of the Linda Morse RVT and Dorothea Greene RVT, sold property at 161 Rossiter Road, Richmond, to Matthew P. Kulesza and Meghan M. St. John, $735,000.


Janet M. Singer sold property at 7 Mountain Home Lane, Sandisfield, to Stephen E. Rubenstein, trustee of Stephen E. Rubenstein Living Trust, $47,000.


Jeffrey Parker and Taffeta White sold property at New State Road, Savoy, to Stephanie Burton-Harris and Daniel Harris, $65,000.

Richard D. Sawyer sold property at 435 Center Road, Savoy, to Andrew E. McNary, $82,500.


Andrew F. West and Ann M. Brassard sold property at Silver Street, Sheffield, to Nicholas D. Pedretti, $25,000.

Elene R. Galilea sold property at 1720 Home Road, Sheffield, to Karen Triantafilis, $350,000.

John A. James and Katherine G. Ness, co-trustees of John A. James Revocable Trust, sold property at 250 East Main St., Sheffield, to Elise T. Contarsy and Cynthia A. Lynch, $955,450.


OK Mass Realty LLC sold property at 1 Elm St., Stockbridge, to Mass Postal Realty Holdings LLC, $888,850.

Mark J. Buffoni, individually and as personal rep. of the Estate of Laura-Lee Buffoni; Meaghan Carlotto and Dylan Buffoni sold property at 4 Mohawk Lake Road, Stockbridge, to Mark J. Buffoni, $200,000.

West Stockbridge

Daniel P. Koval and Krisztina Koval sold property at 290 Great Barrington Road, West Stockbridge, to Joseph R. O’Neil and Patricia S. O’Neil, $695,000.


John P. Gerry and Laura H. Schoenbaum sold property at 20 Meacham St., Williamstown, to Graham K. and Catherine O. Giovanetti, $750,000.

FT — Family Trust LLC — Limited Partnership LT — Life Trust NT — Nominee Trust RET — Real Estate Trust RT — Realty Trust RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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