Kassidy A. Thorn sold property at 86 North Summer St., Adams, to Jacqueline C. Polynice, $232,000.

Donald E. Saunders Jr. sold property at 134 Commercial St., Adams, to Tamika Wells and Richard Valois, $155,000.

Ann L. Conroy sold property at 40 Notch Road, Adams, to Carol J. Ruggles and Gary F. Merckle, $235,000.


Douglas Jaeger sold property at 33 Beach Road, Becket, to Brian E. Schulteis, $184,900.

Jarret Lenett sold property at 323 Wells Road, Becket, to John Stuart Haggart, $50,000.

J.P. Builders Inc. sold property at 4 Skyline Ridge Road, Becket, to Sarah Orozco and Christopher Jolicoeur, $19,500.

Garry and Joan Chesanek sold property at Long Bow Lane, Becket, to Jennifer Hansen, $10,000.


Cindy Ann Gajda and Gary Sumner sold property at 108 Dean St., Cheshire, to Edward S. Pezze III, $230,000.

Carol S. Pearl sold property at 764-810 Wells Road, Cheshire, to Craig M. Kahn, $200,000.


Kyle J. and Brittany M. Heilbroun sold property at 135-137 High St., Dalton, to Robert P. Christman I and Jill E. Sayers, $263,000.

Amy E. Zabian, formerly known as Amy E. Dunham, sold property at 92 Bruce Drive, Dalton, to Timothy B. and Margaret G. O’Connor, $370,000.


Adam Hersch and Jennifer Hersch sold property at 50 Shun Toll Road, Egremont, to Daniel Brenner and Heather Thompson-Brenner, $1,900,000.

Michael R. Gilmore and Sandra G. Gilmore sold property at 124 Egremont Plain Road, Egremont, to Stephen Feingold, $875,000.

Great Barrington

Beatrice Kudler, trustee of Dr. Howard N. Kudler & Beatrice Kudler Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 16 Burning Tree Road, Unit 12, Cottages at Barrington Brook Condominium, Great Barrington, to Athena Dratelis, $820,000.

Kristine Bahr sold property at 6 Emily Court, Unit A-25, Blue Hill Commons Condominium West, Great Barrington, to Kashmira Madhuwala and Krunal Madhuwala, $184,000.

Educational Consultants Inc. aka Educational Consultants sold property at 389 Main St., Great Barrington, to Hunt Slonem, $3,250,000.


Moose Creek Holdings Inc. sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Robert P. Ziomek and Annette Maass Ziomek, $71,500.


John M. and Rachel Keesee sold property at 15 Goodell Road, Lanesborough, to Michael S. Patten and Emily A. Gamble, $315,100.

King R. and Charis M. Keeler sold property at 65 Old Ore Bed Road, Lanesborough, to Robert A. Kend, $497,500.


Mark and Ellen Friedman sold property at 770 Summer St., Unit 1-D, Lee, to George S. Bain and Margaret B. Huoppi, $497,500.


Christie Billetter, personal rep. of the estate of Richard A. Billetter, and Ruth M. and Matthew Billetter, co-personal reps. of the estate of Ruth M. Billetter, sold property at 42 West St., Lenox, to David C. and Sandra L. Belda, trustees of the David C. and Sandra L. Belda 2004 Trust, $589,000.


John M. Miller sold property at 15 Lake Ave., Monterey, to Gillian Elizabeth Wells and Howard Swanson, $256,500.

New Marlborough

John S. Ambos and Janet I. Wolf sold property at 55 Pine Road, New Marlborough, to Yuhgo Yamaguchi and Lindsey Beth Yamaguchi, $317,000.

North Adams

Guy R. Cariddi sold property at 676 Curran Highway, North Adams, to TAN Realty Inc., $500,000.

Paul J. Hopkins sold property at 98 Brooklyn St., North Adams, to Ryan J. and Jacqueline M. Frazer, $143,000.

City of North Adams sold property at Brooklyn Street, North Adams, to Michael A. Goodson, $3,000.

City of North Adams sold property at Reed Street, North Adams, to Big Dream Partners LLC, $5,000.

City of North Adams sold property at East Quincy Street, North Adams, to Jeanne O’Neill, $21,000.

David J. and Melissa I. Richards sold property at 95 Furnace St., North Adams, to Acelynn Fulton, $189,000.

Susan J. Perry sold property at 33 Forest St., North Adams, to Ari Menashe, $117,500.


Timothy E. O’Mara sold property at Dimmock Road, Otis, to Frank J. Scago IIII, $40,000.


Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 1230 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Chelsea Lynn Gancarz, $180,000.

Lois L. and Jamie Williamson and William M. Marley Jr. sold property at 83 Mountainview Drive, Pittsfield, to Daniel J. and Nikki L. Martin, $385,000.

Arthur A. Arena, personal rep. of the estate of Josephine E. Arena, sold property at 32 Marian Ave., Pittsfield, to Trinity Ventures LLC, $75,000.

Carol Lew High Street LLC sold property at 130-132 High St., Pittsfield, to Janie R. and Allan F. Bates, $181,750.

Center for EcoTechnology Inc. formerly known as Center for Ecological Technology Inc., sold property at 112 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Church of Christ of New Milford Connecticut Inc., $231,999.

Donna M. Kasala, Sue A. Ramsdell and Karen M. Nicholson sold property at 326 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Kaitlin Elizabeth Delasco, $225,000.

Bruce Collingwood sold property at Jones Avenue and Stearns Avenue, Pittsfield, to Four Towers LLC, $84,000.

Yi Zheng sold property at 68 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield, to Alberto Taveras and Blary Sanchez, $123,000.

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, sold property at 1450 North St., Unit 208, Pittsfield, to Mari and Kiyoshi Inoue, $185,000.

May Brook Development Corp. sold property at Lillybrook Road, Pittsfield, to Tamara and Christian Whitney, $160,000.

Nancy G. Daley, trustee of the Harry G. Methven RVT, sold property at 125 Northumberland Road, Pittsfield, to Cynthia Cardeli and Jesse Lunt, $309,000.

Jeffrey H. Rose sold property at 439 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael G. Zamboni, $60,000.

TD Bank N.A. and John P. Wynot sold property at 68 Dartmouth St., Pittsfield, to Ellies Holdings LLC, $67,000.


Greylock Federal Credit Union and Nancy A. and Gene E. Hyatt sold property at 2312 State Road, Richmond, to Ellies Holdings LLC, $35,000.


John Shmulsky sold property at 185 Hulett Hill Road, Lot 1B, Sheffield, to Roger Tilles, $460,000.

RKB Properties LLC sold property at 21 Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield, to MBR-Holdings-Sheffield LLC, $600,000.

Juliet A. Long sold property at 91 Old Joe Road, Sheffield, to Gail Rubin and Terry F. Godlove Jr., $820,000.

Glenn R. Murray sold property at 1134 Brush Hill Road, Sheffield, to Michael Baron and Shilpa Reddy, $255,000.


Lawrence J. and Mary E. Kowalczyk sold property at Flintstone Road, Windsor, to Jay Houghtlin, $28,000.


Albert P. Naclerio and Ann W. Grasing sold property at 70 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, to Deborah Paige Holmes, $177,000.

Christina V. and Lawrence M. Sanborn II sold property at 560 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Timothy S. and Amy M. Koch, $595,000.

Gail L. Roy and Dana B. Van Slycke sold property at 37 Hamel Ave., Williamstown, to Brian K. Dempsey Jr. and Meghan E. Randall, $255,000.

Craig A. Pedercini and Debora J. Niles, personal reps. of the estate of Roger L. Pedercini, sold property at 27 Bridges Road, Williamstown, to Destinie King, $230,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989.