Martha J. Stohlmann, personal rep. of the estate of Arthur John Stohlmann, sold property at East Road, Adams, to John T. Zelazo, $253,500.

Linda G. MacWhinnie sold property at 25 Temple St., Adams, to Soraya Tejada, $16,951.07.

Iris Moresi sold property at 11 Jordan St., Adams, to Real Estate Investments Northeast LLC, $60,000.


James F. Rubino and Suzanne L. Wladar sold property at 12 North Egremont Road, Alford, to Alford Homestead Garden & Studio LLC, $788,000.


Michael E. Fahey sold property at 48 Bonny Rigg Hill Road, Becket, to Jonathan R. Bouchard, $50,000.

Mark A. Weber and James G. McKellar sold property at 254 Skyline Ridge Road, Becket, to Scott M. Amaral and Andrea L. Weinstein, $600,000.

David A. and Patricia G. Aiken sold property at Sherwood Forest, Becket, to William Francis Dwyer Jr., $30,000.

Susan Mondesi sold property at Bonny Rigg Road, Becket, to Gerald R. Steinberg, $18,500.


Carissa N. Calderwood sold property at 63 Eleanor Road, Dalton, to Matthew Sinico, $189,900.

Denise Michaud Lucas, formerly known as Denise Michaud, and Therese Michaud sold property at 150 North St., Unit 2, Dalton, to Thomas and Judith Perreault, $152,000.

Priscilla B. and Conan A. Trombly sold property at 7 Burr Drive, Dalton, to Barbara M. Robb, $244,000.

Barton Raser sold property at 29 Cider Lane, Dalton, to Michael J. and Alycia P. Crane, $480,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 1047 South St., Dalton, to Emmanuel Amoako, $164,900.

Samuel Lincoln Thomas Henry sold property at 30 & 40 Sleepy Hollow Road, Dalton, to Brian D. Hall and Kassidy Thorn, $420,000.


Isobel H. Noble sold property at 48 Boice Road, Egremont, to Charles Frey and April Littell, $579,000.

Michele C. LeLandais sold property at 0 Pumpkin Hollow Road, Lot 3, Egremont, and 0 Egremont Plain Road, Lot 3, Great Barrington, to Claudia L. Laslie, $187,500.

Great Barrington

Dennis Iodice and Yukiko Iodice sold property at 374 Park St. North, Great Barrington, to Adrienne L. Arnold, $350,000.

Lisa A. Loring sold property at Pothul Drive, Lot 1, Great Barrington, to Timothy Lee and Janet Lee, $165,000.


John A. and Jennifer M. Trivette sold property at 22 Juleann Drive, Lanesborough, to Erica Welton, $255,000.

Jeffrey and Susan M. Grella sold property at Bailey Road, Lanesborough, to Robert F. Kelly and Y. Irene Chang, $90,000.


George L. and Linda L. Illingworth sold property at 55 Marble St., Unit 6, Lee, to Alan Curle, $268,500.

Murcor LLC sold property at 50 Limestone Road, Lee, to Hopsicker Property Holdings LLC, $3,600,000.

Lee Bank, personal rep. of the estate of Elizabeth Merle, aka Mary E. Marle, sold property at 25 Pease Terrace, Lee, to Jeffrey E. Cook and Arlene Gottschalk, $284,420.

Adam Hersch sold property at 45 Erskine Drive, Lee, to Bryan and Susan Connolly, $115,000.


Mary A. Farrell sold property at 113-115 Walker St., Unit 3, Lenox, to Hemant G. Hirani, $159,000.


Antoinette Peterson sold property at Norwalk Acres, Monterey, to Erik J. Peterson, $1,500.

New Ashford

Polish American Realty LLC sold property at Mallery Road, New Ashford, to Walter Gregory Papciak, $23,400.

J.W. Kelly Family LLC sold property at Mallery Road, New Ashford, to Walter Gregory Papciak, $23,400.

J.W. Kelly’s Enterprises Inc. sold property at Mallery Road, New Ashford, to Walter Gregory Papciak, $83,200.

New Marlborough

Jayne M. Kurzman, trustee of Jaynart 2005 Trust, sold property at 14 Norfolk Road and 14-16 Norfolk Road, New Marlborough, to Michael E. Meyers and Pamela K. Rykowski, trustees of Jamipa Trust, $1,800,000.

North Adams

Dorothy L. and Charles R. Ransford Jr., co-trustees of 74 West Main Street NT, sold property at 74-80 West Main St., North Adams, to West Main Holdings LLC, $130,000.

Almina Rae Snow sold property at Upper Harris Street, North Adams, to John E. Dix III, $15,000.

E & D Landscaping & Construction Inc. sold property at 51 Washington Ave., North Adams, to Bruce Rasphorn, $40,000.

Ronald N. Ouimet sold property at 1274 Curran Highway, North Adams, to Spectrum Health Systems Inc., $400,000.


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Fidel and Thear C. Reyes sold property at Louden Bethlehem Road, Otis, to Steven Edward and William Edward Schultze, $26,000.

Digregorio Real Estate LLC sold property at 246 Brookman Drive, Otis, to Paul H. and Kelly M. McVoy, $365,000.


David D. Anderson sold property at 50-52 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Center Property LLC, $135,000.

Brenda Leclair sold property at 14 Goodman Lane, Pittsfield, to Auron C. Stark, $199,900.

Amanda R. Bankowski sold property at 104 Marian Ave., Pittsfield, to Brenda L. Leclair, $196,500.

Joseph W. Powell and Heidi L. Syrett sold property at 116 Pine Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Heidi L. Syrett, $30,000.

Berkshire Gateway Investment Properties LLC sold property at 50 Hungerford St., Pittsfield, to Jacob Chaney Hines, $219,000.

M. Callahan Inc. sold property at West Housatonic Street, Pittsfield, to Michael Cantor, $95,000.

Kathleen M. Wheeler, personal rep. of the estate of Anthony J. Pires, sold property at 4 Onota Lane, Unit 5, Pittsfield, to David and Melissa Brites, $150,000.

Onota Lake Front Properties LLC sold property at 640 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to Steven S. and Susan M. Pullen, $480,000.

David P. Desrosiers, trustee of the Desrosiers NT, sold property at 136 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, to Brian Wayne Hulse, $288,000.

Thomas K. and Paula H. Doyle sold property at 44 Alpine Trail, Unit 13-A, Pittsfield, to Diana Felber and Stephen Glick, $423,000.

William J. and Paula J. New sold property at 139 Alfred Drive, Pittsfield, to Lucas C. Southard and Leah E. Mansback, $460,000.

Julia E. Sitko sold property at 18-20 Boylston St., Pittsfield, to Diego A. Gutierrez and Diana Milena Vargas Toledo, $216,000.

Wilson Rodriguez sold property at 24-26 Boylston St., Pittsfield, to Royanne Luzia Jorado, $70,000.


Donald A. Bernard sold property at East Beach Road, Richmond, to Truman R. Keys and Kevin Batista, $125,000.

Phyllis W., Nancy A., William G., James, and Elizabeth R. Kingsley; Diane B. Musbach, and Jean Golin sold property at East Road, Richmond, to Stephen J. and Amber W. Sweeney, $3,500.

Mary Ann Serian sold property at 1580 State Road, Richmond, to Sean G. and Melanie H. Norton, $590,000.


Pamela J. Brignolo sold property at 98 New Hartford Road, Sandisfield, to Nicholas W. Logie and Julia M. Bennett, $325,000.

James Cooley and Karen Cooley sold property at 4 Mountain Home Lane, Lot 5, Sandisfield, to Jill H. Hunter, $39,000.


Wheeler & Taylor Inc. sold property at 96 Main St., Sheffield, to James V. Butler Jr. and Susan E. Butler, $320,000.

Carol L. Ustico sold property at Hickey Hill Road, Lot 4, Sheffield, to Amanda Rogers-Thieriot, trustee of Amanda Rogers-Thieriot Trust, $250,000.

Michael J. Shiels and Lynne T. Shiels sold property at Hickey Hill Road, Sheffield & New Marlborough, to Amanda Rogers-Thieriot, trustee of Amanda Rogers-Thieriot Trust, $120,000.


John Frederick and Linda Groves Gillespie sold property at 11 Quiet Knoll Road, Stockbridge, to EZ Berkshires LLC, $725,000.

Seven Arts Management LLC and Seven Arts Properties LLC sold property at 44 Main St., Stockbridge, to October Mountain Farm LLC, $1,300,000.

H & E Reinholt LLC sold property at 36 & 38 Main St., Stockbridge, to Housatonic Realty Company LLC, $1,875,000.

West Stockbridge

Lisa McGrath and Marla Maritzer sold property at 42 West Alford Road, Lot 10, West Stockbridge, to Michael Kantrowitz and Daniel DelRoccilli, $2,775,000.

Penelope T. Greene sold property at 4 Robin Road, Lot 2, West Stockbridge, to Amichaim Abramson and Yona Shem-Tov, $648,000.

Leonard Oshinsky and Elyse Etra sold property at 127 West Center Road, Lot 3, West Stockbridge, to William T. Copeland and Karen M. Copeland, $165,000.


Peter S. Kapiloff, trustee of the Peter S. Kapiloff RVT, sold property at 841 Hancock Road, Williamstown, to Norris and Nancy Nissim, $655,000.

Michael J. and Simone M. Fuchs sold property at Ide Road, Williamstown, to Robert G. and Sandra H. Sullivan, $252,500.

Philippe and Pamela Besnard, trustees of the Philippe Besnard RVT, sold property at 530 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, to Kurt W. and Charlotte T. Hemr, $1,200,000.

Phyllis Rosenberg sold property at 15 Forest Road, Williamstown, to Kathryn S. Boodry and Harriet H. Park, $608,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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