Brady J. Haig sold property at 35 Harding Ave., Adams, to Erica A. and Kenneth A. Vosburgh II, $3,600.

Pamela M. Mendel sold property at 7 Manners Ave., Adams, to Ellies Holdings LLC, $50,000.

Michael P. and Tricia M. Guerino sold property at 20 Forest Park Ave., Adams, to Ginger Meetze and Tristan Schwartzman, $187,000.

Mary A. Norton sold property at 4 Glendale Drive, Adams, to Timothy Vaughn and Sandra Luczynski, $220,000.


Michael J. and Patricia McEnerney sold property at Fred Snow Road, Becket, to Jeanine McAdam and Jonathan M. Simon, $55,000.

J. Thomas Cook and Patricia L. Simmons sold property at Woodmere Road, Becket, to Carole A. Hart, trustee of the Carole A. Hart Trust, $20,000.

Michael Jan and Phyllis M. Zieky, trustees of the Michael Jan Zieky Living Trust, sold property at 1437 Fred Snow Road, Becket, to Ellyn Ihrig, $425,000.


Paul Ketchum sold property at 999 South St., Dalton, to Edilizon Carlos Monteiro, $180,000.

Great Barrington

William T. Copeland and Karen M. Copeland sold property at 99 Brush Hill, Brush Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Gregory Lipper and Kathryn Kohler Amory, $1,290,000.

Ilana Siegal, Lindsey Siegal, Michael Singer, and Margaret Singer sold property at 1 Lewis Ave., Great Barrington, to Hugo Faria and Gabrielle Brussel, $785,000.

Kevin C. Charlton sold property at 286 Park St. North, Great Barrington, to 286 Park LLC, $249,900.

Raul Junior Escobar sold property at 25 Pope St., Great Barrington, to Linda M. Shafiroff, trustee of Blackwater Realty Trust, $120,000.

Sandra Garrett, Kelly McCuin and Mark Bernoi, trustees of Bernoi Family 2011 Irrevocable Trust, Ronald A. Bernoi and Theresa E. Bernoi, sold property at 325 State Road, Great Barrington, to Joseph Donald Brackett and Robin Jean Brackett, $499,197.

Geoffrey M. Sokolsky, trustee of Sokolsky Family Realty Trust, sold property at 58 Hollenbeck Ave., Great Barrington, to Alexa Englander and Jacob Maso, $1,000,000.


Israel E. and Gale S. Wachs sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to David M. and Gina M. Varacchi, $300,000.

Eric M. and Hannah M. Reinhard sold property at Whitman Road, Hancock, to Kelly Eng and Job Gregory, $75,000.

Eric M. and Hannah M. Reinhard sold property at Whitman Road, Hancock, to Steven Aguiar and Ella Evans-Aguiar, $130,000.

Eric M. and Hannah M. Reinhard sold property at Whitman Road, Hancock, to Manuel and Dorothy Aguiar, $120,000.

Charles D. and Lauren Trifiro sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Robert and Kathryn Stiers, $385,000.


Austin J. Consolati and Victoria M. Roy sold property at 187 Washington Mountain Road, Lee, to Matthew R. and Aubrey E. Curley, $284,900.

Arlene R. Langon, trustee of the J.B.L. Nominee RT, sold property at 100 Marble St., Lee, to Richard F. Shields, $450,000.


Robert A. and Teresa F. Romeo sold property 29 Church St., Lenox, to North Sandy Brook LLC, $1,250,000.

Andrea Pignatelli-Simons, formerly known as Andrea Pignatelli, and Mark and Daniel Pignatelli sold property at 75 Taconic Ave., Lenox, to John M. Simons and Andrea M. Pignatelli-Simons, $380,000.


Shawn M. Coyne and Carter Bibb Bailey Coyne sold property at 30 Prescott Lane, Monterey, to Darren F. Marino and Lisa A. Marino, $710,000.

New Marlborough

Werner Georg Kunz-Cho and Mimi Y. Cho-Kunz sold property at 1574 Hartsville New Marlborough Road, New Marlborough, to Korey M. Leonard and Travis M. Leonard, $440,000.

North Adams

William J., Robert J., Michael J. St. Pierre and Cynthia A. Noel sold property at 88 Crest St., North Adams, to Cynthia A. Noel, $50,000.

DSM Properties LLC sold property at 19 East Quincy St., North Adams, to John Gathright and Jean Imelda Garcia-Gathright, $353,000.

Miguel T. and Reina I. Gutierrez sold property at 1231 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Theresa S. Yuan, $210,000.

Bonnie M. and Richard M. Sheehan Jr. sold property at 522 Union St., North Adams, to Zusammen LLC, $98,230.


Dennis M. and Regina R. Fortino sold property at 453 Ed Jones Road, Otis, to Peter D. Rawson and Carolyn C. Faille, $560,000.

NMY Management LLC sold property at 11 Old Pease Road, Otis, to Edward J. Buckbee and Nancy E. Dempze, trustees of the Susan L. Linquist FT, $2,750,000.

Mark B. and Jill M. Johnke sold property at 698 Algerie Road, Otis, to Theodore M. and Lesley F. Rosenthal, $1,250,000.

Shannon M. Gonska, formerly known as Shannon M. Parise, sold property at 1872 North Main Road, Otis, to Aaron C. Stewart, $155,000.

D & J Development LLC sold property at Reservoir Road, Otis, to MBA Realty LLC, $50,000.

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Teresa M. Shepard and Sarah E. Miller sold property at 214 Second St., Pittsfield, to Mariana Santos, $137,000.

Robert Amarin sold property at 90 Exeter Ave., Pittsfield, to Zachary Nislick, $215,000.

Sherry L. Roberts, trustee of the Sherry L. Roberts NT, sold property at 348 Tamarack Road, Pittsfield, to Blue Chair Properties LLC, $1,100,000.

Martha M. Goodsill, personal rep. of the estate of Bruce L. Bixler, sold property at 52 Bishop Parkway, Pittsfield, to Joey Santos, $327,000.

Julia E. Sitko sold property at 31-33 Chatham St., Pittsfield, to Alan P. and Tracy S. Brown, $190,000.

Onota Lake Front Properties LLC sold property at 610 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to Glenn Ryan Weinstein, trustee of the Glenn Ryan Weinstein RVT, $1,310,000.

Patricia A. Boroniec, Guy B. Harris and Catherine M. Killeen sold property at 41 Lakeway Drive, Pittsfield, to Sarah L. and Julia Maeve Phykitt, $200,000.

Stephen F. O’Dell and Melissa Pixley sold property at 444 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Colleen M. and Joseph P. Guerra, $342,000.

Toole Properties Inc. sold property at 79 Center St., Pittsfield, to Center Property LLC, $50,000.

Pamela R. Walak and Richard P. Desautels sold property at 19 Preston Ave., Pittsfield, to Melissa O’Dell, $220,000.

May Brook Development Corp. sold property at Lillybrook Road, Pittsfield, to Lois A. and John C. George, trustees of the Lois A. George Living Trust, $85,000.

Yassine Benis and Ines N. Naanaa Benis sold property at 93 Cambridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Steven A. and William M. Andrews, $120,000.

Branden K. Rice sold property at 13-15 Frederick St., Pittsfield, to Joel O. Bergeland and Ryan J. Laboy, $249,900.

Kathleen Roop sold property at 159 East New Lenox Road, Pittsfield, to Rob and Deborah Levesque, $265,000.

Berkshire Neighborhood Development Partners Inc. sold property at 100 Second St., Pittsfield, to James R. Boyd, $84,900.

Sheila M. Gershoff sold property at 12 Walden Lane, Pittsfield, to Mustafa Safiia and Nour Ismail, $249,900.

C&P Realty LLC sold property at 23 Richard Ave., Pittsfield, to Future Lifestyle Investments LLC, $122,500.

C&P Realty LLC sold property at 19-21 Richmond Ave., Pittsfield, to Future Lifestyle Investments LLC, $125,000.

Angela Rocca Killela, aka Angela M. Rocca, sold property at 1 Craigie Ave., Pittsfield, to Tarah Warner, $185,000.

Charles J., Peter J. and Robert J. Zuber sold property at 58 Woodleigh Road, Pittsfield, to Matthew Rajotte, $234,900.


Ronald B. Durning Jr., Jennifer Durning, David Durning, Robert Giumarro, and Riccardo Boehm sold property at Norfolk Road, Sandisfield, to Franklin Woods Investments LLC, $240,000.

Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold property at 0 Cronk Road, Sandisfield, to Paula Kohler, $55,000.


Emily S. Davis sold property at 450 Alum Hill Road, Sheffield, to Michelle E. Bachetti and Nicholas F. Feuerbach, $340,000.

Marilyn S. Wightman, trustee of Marilyn S. Wightman Revocable Trust, sold property at 368 Bow Wow Road, Sheffield, to Madelaine R. Berg, trustee of Madelaine R. Berg Revocable Trust, $636,000.


Arlin Seth and Penelope Wasserman sold property at 8 Castle Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Erik and Denise Carlsen, $775,000.

11 Mahkeenac Heights LLC sold property at 11 Mahkeenac Heights Road, Stockbridge, to Mark A. and Theresa McCormick-Goodhart, $381,000.


Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 14 Nocher Road, Washington, to John McElwain and Frederika Alper, $234,900.


Karen Swann sold property at 86 Linden St., Williamstown, to Nicole G. Brown and Michele Monserrati, $390,000.

Kathleen Kay Corkins, individually and as trustee of The Kathleen Kay Corkins 2013 Revocable Trust, and David J. Corkins sold property at Stone Hill Road, Williamstown, to Michael D. and Laura J. Ehlers, $515,000.

Steven P. Green and Rose P. Ellis sold property at 380 Stratton Road, Williamstown, to Ian L. and Tamara Nixon, $530,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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