Ernest and Jacqueline Degiorgis sold property at 32 Leonard St., Adams, to Christopher R. McMahon and Taylor A. Cooper, $194,500.

Tiersa A. Bazo and Tammy M. Chaperon sold property at 127 Commercial St., Adams, to Sean Michael Francis Willor and Elizabeth Bryson Revett, $125,000.

Nikki D. Trumble sold property at 9 High St., Adams, to Haylee Marie Dix, $125,000.

Darrell R. and Michele Harrington sold property at 111 Summer St., Adams, to Robert A. and Irene A. Gilman, $30,000.

Scott Mason sold property at 37 Leonard St., Adams, to Peter M. and Kathryn E. Perras and Mario Livsey, $237,500.

Victor A. and Patricia A. Lampiasi sold property at 166 Columbia St., Adams, to Lara Rooney, $63,250.

Jason and Matthew Marshall sold property at 85 Columbia St., Adams, to John David Deming and Simone Eva Epstein, $86,000.


Leonard H. Margulies sold property at 386 Moberg Road, Becket, to Yale S. and Laurie A. Hauptman, trustees of the Laurie and Yale Hauptman Joint Revocable Living Trust, $760,000.

Brian A. Gioiele and Kylee A. Abeling-Gioiele sold property at 86 Will Scarlet Drive, Becket, to Michael G. and Michael E. Piccin, Natalie T. Beaulieu, Lauren M. McElligott and Aimee L. O’Shea, $305,000.

Shawn Reinford sold property at King Richard Drive, Becket, to Grethel Requillo, $3,250.


Ellen M. McAllister sold property at 464 North Houghton St., Clarksburg, to Jennifer L. Kupiec, $130,000.


G. Alex Smith sold property at 67 Deming St., Dalton, to James E. and Michelle Looney, $375,000.

John J. Hitt, personal rep. of the estate of Christopher John Hitt, sold property at 14 Hazelwood Court, Dalton, to Teresa M. Marcella $200,000.

Jared S. and Meagan R. Shannon sold property at 112-114 Curtis Ave., Dalton, to Matthew Alan Millington, $204,500.

James and Michelle Looney sold property at 21 Kirchner Road, Dalton, to Darrell Johnson Sr. and Sharon Lynette Johnson, $425,000.

Kyle A. and Jill L. Jolin sold property at 1131 Main St., Dalton, to Alexander S. and Lauren E. Francis, $288,500.

Michael J. and Carolyn K. Wright sold property at 145 North St., Dalton, to Nathan P. and Christine T. Boerman, $246,000.

David K. Dinicola sold property at 1106 South St., Dalton, to Kenneth Allen French, $240,000.

Jennifer K. Winings sold property at 164 Depot St., Dalton, to Keith J. Hote, $236,000.


Angela Race, formerly known as Angela Lasky, and Tyler Race sold property at 112 Hillsdale Road, Egremont, to Melinda Jo Marx, $587,500.


Margaret Rose Van Peterson sold property at 1 & 3 Moores Road, Florida, to Carlo Pellegrini and Hilary Sweeney, $250,000.

Great Barrington

Leslie Borck Jameson, trustee of Leslie Borck Jameson 2012 GST Trust, sold property at 275 North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Joel L. Sisenwine and Heidi R. Sisenwine, trustees of Sisenwine Family Nominee Realty Trust, $785,000.

Stephen Kaufman, a/k/a Stephen M. Kaufman, and Karen Stern-Kaufman, formerly known as Karen J. Stern, sold property at 358 North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Sandra D. Szahun, $485,000.

Francis Morris, trustee of Francis Morris 2019 Revocable Trust, and Deborah Morris, trustee of Deborah Morris 2019 Revocable Trust, sold property at 65 Pumpkin Hollow Road, Great Barrington, to Jeremy L. Kaufman, Heather D. Fisch and Alan J. Kaufman, $665,000.

Richard M. Dohoney, Michaela S. Dohoney and Matthew Korte sold property at 124 East St., Great Barrington, to David Carcamo, $310,000.

Stephen C. Frey and Patricia A. Frintzilas-Frey sold property at 18 Castle Lane, Great Barrington, to Lucas R. Merchant and Nathanial S. Gopen, $384,000.

Edwin Roy Eisen and Elaine Sollar Eisen sold property at 399 State Road, Great Barrington, to Ellen W. Pildis and Martin J. Pildis, $602,500.

Joel Meyers as personal rep. of the Estate of Lester Meyers sold property at 11 Rose Court East, Unit B-22, Great Barrington, to Frank T. Tartaglia and Hillary Merman, trustees of Frank T. Tartaglia and Hillary Merman Revocable Living Trust, $235,000.


Craig E. and Barbara E. Vogel sold property off Route 22, Hancock, to Elias and Aviden Kougemitros, $24,850.

William Jacob Oliver Dunning, Nicholas Barrington Basil Dunning, Meredith Kate Dispain, Meghan Rose Molony, and Isabel Madeleine Molony sold property at Route 43, Hancock Road, Hancock, to Wayne R. Botto, $80,000.

Wojtkowski Bros. Inc, sold property at 443 & 445 Lebanon Mountain Road, Hancock, to Albert S. and Sandra J. Wojtkowski, $75,000.

Michael G. and Lauren E. Stellwagen sold property at 37 Corey Road, Unit 9322, Hancock, to Jon A. and Dana F. Charette, $475,000.


Arthur J. and Suzanne S. Rosen, trustees of the Pine Cone Lane NT, sold property at 190 Pine Cone Lane, Hinsdale, to Daniel Devita, $362,000.

Richard R. and Paula J. LaLonde sold property at 339 Ashmere Road, Hinsdale, to Kyle A. and Jill L. Jolin, $510,000.


Lynn M. Bassett sold property at 34 Sunrise St., Lanesborough, to Kathy A. Burgess, $180,000.


Moose Drive LLC sold property at Moose Drive, Lee, to Paul and Lisa Standwill, $260,000.

Scott E. and Dale R. Graham sold property at 150 Maple St., Lee, to Marilyn Wyatt, $430,000.

Paul H. and Dawn R. Face sold property at 54 Housatonic St. Lee, to Keelynn M. Harris, $207,500.


Linda M. Shafiroff sold property at 29 Brunell Ave., Lenox, to Charles A. and Tamar L. Brass, $545,000.

Eli Merritt, trustee of the Yokum Studio Real Estate Trust, sold property at 199 Lime Kiln Road, Lenox, to Debra Chudnow, trustee of the Debra Chudnow Trust, $1,270,000.

Carole Dorris sold property at 46 Housatonic St., Unit PH, Lenox, to Church Street Holdings LLC, $420,000.


Herbert Newman sold property at 41 Hupi Woods Circle, Lot 18, Monterey, to Clarice Touwsma, $460,000.

New Marlborough

Jeffrey L. Carpenter and Susan Wynn, trustees of Jane B. Carpenter Revocable Trust, sold property at 602-604 Hartsville Road, New Marlborough, to John Dewey Academy Holdings Inc., $1,240,000.

Jeffrey L. Carpenter and Winona B. Carpenter sold property at 606 Hartsville Road, New Marlborough, to John Dewey Academy Holdings Inc., $360,000.

Ellen L. Evans and Mary Evans Smith sold property at 3 Brewer Branch Road, New Marlborough, to Taylor Mac Bowyer, $605,000.

North Adams

Todd M. Driscoll Realty LLC sold property at 47-51 Franklin St., North Adams, to Matthew M. and Joelle Renae Held, $159,000.

Jonah D. Zeiger and Kimberly Harwood sold property at 27-29 Forest St., North Adams, to Burt D. Snover and Rachel M. Wright, $143,000.

Sandy Beach Realty LLC sold property at 20 Rand St., North Adams, to Joshua S. Capelle, $95,000.

Jennifer Book sold property at 27 Palmer Ave., North Adams, to Chris Bonniver, trustee of North Holden NT, $21,000.


Angelina M. Dubourg sold property at Becket Road, Otis, to John L. and Christopher J. O’Brien, $50,000.


Richard Baczek and Elizabeth M. Jurkiewicz sold property at 285 Highland Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael S. and Judy M. Coons, $68,285.

Ali Union Block LLC sold property at 724 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to Swam Realty LLC, $360,000.

Berkshire Property Managers Inc. sold property at 193 Lakeway Drive, Pittsfield, to Abigail A. Powers, $175,000.

Jeffrey L. and Susan T. McCauley sold property at 40 New Hampshire Ave., Pittsfield, to Amy B. Wooliver, $175,000.

Ralph A. and Kathryn A. Tassone sold property at 174 Montgomery Ave. Extension, Pittsfield, to Sean M. Eckert, $147,600.

Mohamed A. Zabian Jr., trustee of the Mary & Michele NT, sold property at 42-48 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Nocher Realty LLC, $325,000.

Beverly H. Stumpek sold property at 433 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, to Melinda Ann Finnerty, $245,500.

Qixun Chen sold property at 79-81 Cherry St., Pittsfield, to C & Z Food Service Inc., $60,000.

Sitha Nhim, a/k/a Sitha Doung, sold property at 22 Wellington Ave., Pittsfield, to Duta Real Estate LLC, $90,000.

Blythewood Realty LLC sold property at 81 Dartmouth St., Unit 107, Pittsfield, to David J. Carusotto and Theresa C. Disantis, $70,000.

Dylan Anthony LLC sold property at 23 High St., Pittsfield, to Ryan K. Bussinger, $256,000.

Michael W. Murray sold property at 59 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Jason Lesure and Maeve Murray, $132,900.

Craig W. Goetze and Jaclyn K. Sacco sold property at 836 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Isabella L. French, $136,000.

David E. Francoeur sold property at 5 Peters Path, Pittsfield, to Andrey and Christine M. Lyalko, $870,000.

Tammy L. Fox-Garrity sold property at 1029 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to 1029 HR LLC, $385,000.

James M. and Tammy Jo Fitzsimmons sold property at 79 Taylor St., Pittsfield, to James L. Ahearn, $18,000.

Anne N. Farrell sold property at 83 Alfred Drive, Pittsfield, to Rohan B. Nair and Ruthann Eagen, $287,000.

Kathleen W. Costa, Jean W. Nerrie, Thomas J., and Michael R. Walsh sold property at 23 Cambridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Luis F. Jerez and Rosa N. Quispe, $203,000.

Amanda M. Brindle sold property at 14 Evelyn Park, Pittsfield, to Matthew J. Pennell and Joseph M. Dudek, $118,500.

TMR Realty LLC sold property at 66 Wood Ave., Pittsfield, to Erin Greye Tate, $169,900.

Kellie J. Sweeney, a/k/a Kellie J. Armstrong, sold property at 33 Crossin Terrace, Pittsfield, to Haley L. Tice, $180,000.

Woodmont Development Corp. sold property at Old Farm Lane, Pittsfield, to Christopher D. and Brenda J. Walsh, $75,000.

Richard M. and Martha M. Seiger sold property at 39 Ann Drive, Pittsfield, to Brian E. and Branda J. Kelley, $398,500.


Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold property at Hubbard Road and Town Hill Road, Sandisfield, to Lillian Langs and Dana Richards, $130,000.

Lovelle Ruggiero sold property at 71 South Sandisfield Road, Sandisfield, to Anna Kristina Adams, Daniel William Adams, Katarina Linnea Larsen and Kenneth Larsen, $289,000.


Church Street Holdings LLC sold property at 231 Windsor Road, Savoy, to High Wind LLC, $650,000.


James H. Wolfe and June D. Wolfe sold property at 944 Hewins St., Sheffield, to Allen Reid Earle and Roger Persell, $490,000.


SandraK LLC sold property at 8 Stone Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Ann Colin Herbst, $1,850,000.

Edward C. and Eleanor S. Bloom sold property at 5 Hawthorne Road, Stockbridge, to Philip E. McCaffrey and Anne L. Ferril, $460,000.

Robert S. and Faith K. Goldstein, trustees of the Goldstein RT, sold property at 1 Mahkeenac Heights Road, Stockbridge, to Robin Nazarzadeh and Katarina V. Hogasten, $352,000.

Edward E. Hoffman sold property at 38 Lake Drive, Stockbridge, to Michael and Rebecca R. Bellora, $637,000.


Keith J. L’Hote sold property at 609 South Washington State Road, Washington, to Howard J. and Nancy J. L’Hote, $200,000.

West Stockbridge

Brian T. Liberis and Barbara Norr Salter, trustees of Declaration of Trust of Ruth B. Norr dated Nov. 17, 1958, sold property at 174 West Center Road, West Stockbridge, to AMC Capital Management LLC, $1,550,000.

Ormond Blake Gigli sold property at 7 Beach Hill Road, Lot 4, West Stockbridge, to Stefanie R. Cohen, $450,000.

Ormond Blake Gigli sold property at Beach Hill Road, Lot 3, West Stockbridge, to Cohen & Daughters LLC, $230,000.

Berkshires Glendale LLC sold property at 14 Glendale Road, West Stockbridge, to Jason Bergman and Jill Bergman, $810,000.

Irma Gal and Robert Gal sold property at 40 Birch Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Michael Chartock as trustee of Michael Chartock 2018 Trust, $1,000,000.


John F. and Kelly J. Sherman sold property at 1243 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Kyle A. and Ashleigh C. Yager, $249,900.

John M. Hyde, trustee of the John M. Hyde 1994 Trust, sold property at 20 Jerome Drive, Williamstown, to Alix H. and William Barrale, $310,000.

Megan J. and Michael O. Dostal sold property at 179 Cold Spring Road, Williamstown, to Herbert Eldon Gregg, $489,500.


Frederick S. and Linda M. Gruber sold property at 471 River Road, Windsor, to Joseph Vitolo and Leslie Yost, $220,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989. She can be reached at