Andrew L. Kachel sold property at 137 South St., Adams, to Melissa Riddell, $250,000.

Amanda K. Deneault, George P. and Kim E. Anderson sold property at 15 Turners Ave., Adams, to Michael Zieba, $166,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 27 Anthony St., Adams, to William E. Kelly, $235,500.

Lisa A. Mendel and Teresa A. Prezioso sold property at 17 1/2 Victory St., Adams, to Kristen DeLand, $121,300.


Margaret Ann Cimini sold property at Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Peter Kergaravat II, $39,000.

David Paul and Karen Azar Rubin, trustees of the Azar-Rubin Family RVT, sold property at 1960 Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Michael and Barbara Brier and Elenor Denker, $100,000.

Scott E. Levy and Sheryl Victor Levy, aka Sheryl Victor, sold property at Silver Leaf Drive and Fairway Drive, Becket, to Susan Askins and Wesley Moore, $45,000.

Nathan Thomas Hanford sold property at 73 Greenbrook Road, Becket, to Nicholas May, $300,000.

Gary A. and Paula L. Farrar sold property at 557 Captain Whitney Road, Becket, to Matthias Silcher and Pele M. Bauch, $440,000.

Henry L. Cyr Jr. and Geraldine A. Cyr sold property at 83 Beach Road, Becket, to John Hogan Jr. and Susan Hogan, $269,000.

Anthony P. Doyle, trustee of the Hillview NT, sold property at 22 Dawn Drive, Becket, to Chocci Woof LLC, $111,500.

Johanna C. Cornock sold property at 473 County Road, Becket, to Barbara Liftman, $165,000.


Jodi L. and Robert C. North Jr. sold property at 147 Brough Road, Cheshire, to Nigel Stippa, $550,000.

John M. and Elaine F. Daniels sold property at 155 Lanesboro Road, Cheshire, to Jodi L. and Robert C. North Jr., $425,000.


Silvio and Monica A. Lora sold property at 445 North Houghton St., Clarksburg, to Sara J. Rando and Nathaniel M. Goldsberry, $169,500.


Michael E. Maloy sold property at 387 North St., Dalton, to Kristopher Inglis, $279,000.

Bryan J. Morin sold property at 111 Bruce Drive, Dalton, to Timothy J. and Meghan A. Turoczy, $323,000.

Kenneth P. and Sheri T. Griffin sold property at 16 Barton Road, Dalton, to Mary Lisa Irizarry, $380,000.

Kaylin M. and Megan E. Choquette sold property at 45 Washington Mountain Road, Dalton, to Robert A. Lezberg and Jennifer B. Greenfeld, $120,000.

Great Barrington

Edward J. Madden Memorial Open Hearts Club Inc. sold property at Monument Valley Road, Great Barrington, to Steven A. Birnhak and Heather A. Campbell, $360,000.

Nicolas Bouillion and Sara Bouillion as trustees of Bouillion Family Trust, sold property at 7 Railroad St., Great Barrington, to 7 Railroad Street LLC, $750,000.

Bobolink LLC sold property at Locust Hill Road & Hickory Hill Road, Great Barrington & Egremont, to Topfield Woods LLC, $850,000.

Claire E. Gulick and Donald W. Gulick sold property at 152 Christian Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Gary Frenkel and John Sloman as trustees of J Hill Realty Trust, $440,000.

Joseph J. Bozza and Diane H. Wortis sold property at 97 Castle St., Great Barrington, to Noah Mizrahi, $790,000.

Amory Houghton III, Quincy Houghton, Robert Houghton, and Sarah Houghton sold property at 310 Monument Valley Road, Great Barrington, to Andy Huh and Katherine A. Huh, $1,070,000.


Bhoomi Corp. sold property at 70 South St., Hinsdale, to Ramhayan LLC, $250,000.


Linda Dulye and Roger Gibboni, trustees of the Dulye-Gibboni RVT Agreement, sold property at Bailey Road, Lanesborough, to Joseph and Lisa Trybus, $190,000.

Christine E. Amuso sold property at 12 Lacona St., Lanesborough, to Alana Martin, $302,000.

Lanesboro Liquor Realty LLC sold property at 162 South Main St., Lanesborough, to Jogiram LLC, $375,000.

David E. Bondini sold property at 35 Glassworks Road, Lanesborough, to Jessica Marie Kelly, $270,900.

Stephanie L. Griffin sold property at 32 Longview Road, Lanesborough, to Allyson Garofoli and Taylor Stedman, $212,500.


723 School Street LLC sold property at 232 Main St., Lee, to Tekulve Realty LLC, $750,000.


Thomas and Katherine Shoemaker sold property at 113-115 Walker St., Unit 1-2, Lenox, to Marisa A. Pizzuto-Jutras, trustee of the Morgan Manor B1U2 RT, $176,000.

Howard M. and Rhonda S. Baskin sold property at 50 Clifden Court, Unit 3, Lenox, to David H. and Carol R. Goodard, $527,000.

Liat Lemberger sold property at 260 Pittsfield Road, Unit F06, Lenox, to Patricia Sniezek, $165,000.

Thomas E. Werman, trustee of the Thomas E. Werman 2012 RVT, and Susan Werman, trustee of the Susan Werman 2012 RVT, sold property at 169 & 189 Under Mountain Road, Lenox, to Lori A. Robbins, trustee of the Queusephitchelle NT, $3,900,000.

Thomas E. Werman, trustee of the Thomas E. Werman 2012 RVT, sold property at 46 Undermountain Road, Lenox, to Lori A. Robbins, trustee of the Queusephitchelle NT, $400,000.

Christopher J. and Deborah A. Hodgkins sold property at 164 Plunkett St., Lenox, to Jennifer Bayne, $420,000.


Candide Coddington and Raymond Coddington sold property at 400 West Otis Tyringham Road, Monterey, to Laura Winner, $1,150,000.

Rodney F. Palmer, trustee of Rodney F Palmer Family Trust II, sold property at 540 Main Road, Monterey, to Berkshire Pioneer LLC, $1,000,000.

New Marlborough

Citibank National Association sold property at 824 Mill River Southfield Road, New Marlborough, to VBAKLAYAN Properties LLC, $300,000.

David S. Leinwand sold property at Stratford Road, New Marlborough, to Windemere Birches LLC, $450,000.

New Marlborough Hill LLC sold property at New Marlborough Hill Road, New Marlborough, to Scot Barenblat, $175,000.

New Marlborough Hill LLC sold property at New Marlborough Hill Road, New Marlborough, to Melissa Sunog and Ronald Sunog, $240,000.

North Adams

Karen M. Brown sold property at 4 Doanes Lane, North Adams, to Martha Westerdahl, $240,000.

Jeffrey Weiss sold property at 29 Montgomery St., North Adams, to Jessica Gamm, $49,500.

Teresa Anne Prezioso and Lisa Ann Mendel sold property at 27 Franklin St., North Adams, to Joshua LaBonte, $129,900.

William E. Kelly sold property at 102 Prospect St., North Adams, to Sarah Stanhope, Heather Bean and Jerome O’Brien, $219,900.

Kurtis R. and Heather A. Durocher sold property at 86 Lyman St., North Adams, to Steven D. and Geneva M. Smith, $200,000.


Barbara Shook Hazen sold property at 9 Towhee Trail, Otis, to Robert L. and Karen E. Fintonis, $148,000.


Eamonn M. Barry sold property at 84 Dodge Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert Pollard Jr. and Carolyn Pollard, $225,000.

Jamie Virgilio and Jennifer L. Vallone sold property at 239 Highland Ave., Pittsfield, to Matthew D. and Jean L. Couper, $400,000.

Katie L. Beuth sold property at 143 Brighton Ave., Pittsfield, to Audrey L. Davenport, $236,500.

Ralph E. and Lucille J. Decelles sold property at 58 Westchester Ave., Pittsfield, to Tanya M. Grillon, $87,550.

Robert D. and Elaine F. Enright sold property at 45 Burke Ave., Pittsfield, to Isaac Sparks-Willey, $248,000.

Crystal L. Cuenin, formerly known as Crystal L. Hanford, sold property at 168 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Savannah Ouimet and Xavier Mirabello, $185,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 1290-1292 North St., Pittsfield, to DNC Real Estate LLC, $5,500.

Natalie A. Stracuzzi and Brian J. Bonacquisti sold property at 240 Partridge Road, Pittsfield, to Lisa Morelli, $345,000.

C&P Realty LLC sold property at 217-225 Wahconah St., Pittsfield, to J&S Property Alpha LLC, $260,000.

David B. and Veronica J. Calebaugh sold property at 53 Elmer Ave., Pittsfield, to Nicolette J. Enhorning-Picton, $300,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 7 Central Berkshire Boulevard, Pittsfield, to Andrew J. and Karrie A. Gulmi, $317,500.

Stuart A. Berkowitz sold property at 214 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to Thomas W. Rumbolt, trustee of the Doesn’t Matter NT, $40,000.

Antoinette M. Mele sold property at 157 Dorchester Ave., Pittsfield, to Marissa Kondel, $225,000.

Eleanor M. Brites, aka Eleanor Brites, sold property at 23-25 New Hampshire Ave., Pittsfield, to Trinity Ventures LLC, $82,600.

Sandra Scalise sold property at 1215 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to John Accem Scott, $190,000.

Eleanor M. Brites, aka Eleanor Brites, sold property at 23 Lake St., Pittsfield, to Trinity Ventures LLC, $47,400.

Christopher E. and Lori A. Moon sold property at 38 Marlboro Drive, Pittsfield, to Ryan and Kristen S. Keefe, $280,000.


Barbara Shook Hazen sold property at 9 Towhee Trail, Sandisfield, to Karen E. Fintonis and Robert L. Fintonis, $148,000.


Rose Tannenbaum Estate sold property at Amory Lane, Sheffield & New Marlborough, to Lawrence Braun and Jessica Suda, $77,000.

John V. Junas, trustee of Junas Family Nominee Trust, sold property at Shunpike Road, Sheffield, to Beth Golden and Stanley H. Gruber, $137,500.

Carla J. Cross and Glen A. Cross sold property at 277 County Road, Sheffield, to Charles E. Strehl and Anne M. Woods, $530,000.

Virginia Jackson Howden sold property at 749 Hewins St., Sheffield, to Melissa E. Brown, $289,000.


Deborah Weber, Daniel Levinson and Jonathan Levinson, trustees of the Levinson Weber NT, sold property at 23 Mahkeenac Road, Stockbridge, to Marion Carol Stein Letvin, $2,400,000.

Jon C. Irsfeld and Caroline A. Irsfeld sold property at 1 & 4 South Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Michael C. and Elisa Garza Kammeyer, $750,000.

West Stockbridge

Sean Timmons sold property at Iron Ore Road, West Stockbridge, to Shay Barnes and Dennis J. Lamke, $93,000.

Elettra J. Pauletto and Kenneth R. Rosen sold property at 83 Pixley Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Marc Intrater and Pamela Ostroff Intrater, $950,000.wn

Diane H. George, personal rep. under the Estate of Robert C. Harrington, sold property at 237 Sand Springs Road, Williamstown, to Andrew S. and Lisa N. Noyes, $110,000.

Joyce C. Forth sold property at 463 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to Deborah Ann Cadran, $434,500.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989.