Ryan P. and Jessica A. Dellaghelfa sold property at 2 Sommer Hill Road, Adams, to Debra Sommer, $300,000.


Daniel L. Robbins, David S. Robbins, Ellen A. Robbins, Nadine M. Robbins, Philip D. Robbins, Philipe Robbins, Rebecca J. Robbins, Robert H. Robbins, and Ellen D. Taxman sold property at Green River Road Alford, to Jonathan Robbins and Deborah Robbins-Hirsch, $425,000.


Paul R. and Marybeth A. Thornber Archambault sold property at 585 Leonhardt Road, Becket, to Keith C. O’Neil and Jessica F. Rilla, $210,000.

Oleg V. and Richele R. Baburina sold property at 110 Access Road, Becket, to John R. and Rebecca B. Russell, $217,000.

Theresa Mele sold property at 155 Wells Road, Becket, to Sara Crique, $19,000.

Arnold and Joan Terry Drucker, trustees of the Drucker Family RVT, sold property at 108 Valley View Road, Becket, to Lei-Anne Y. Ellis, $665,000.


Mark and Kristine L. Nolan sold property at 127 Lakeshore Drive, Cheshire, to Adam Hetland and Michelle Sansky, $450,000.

Sling LLC sold property at Jenks Road, Cheshire, to Jennifer R. and Sean P. Luitjens, $80,000.


Sandra E. and Earl B. Ingalls Jr. sold property at Hayden Hill, Clarksburg, to Mary P. and Gustavo A. Giron Jr., $91,152.27.


Wendy E. Streeter and Stephen Mauter sold property at 29 John St., Dalton, to Lynne C. Rufo, $110,000.

Peter J. and Kristy M. Bachli sold property at 511 Windsor Road, Dalton, to Michael P. and Donna M. Walsh, $256,000.


Sergio Jurado sold property at 44 Rowe Road, Lot 1, Egremont, to Jennifer Bianco and Sergio Jurado, $260,000.

Thomas A. Race, as trustee of Terra Ferma Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at Terra Ferma Drive, Lot 2, Egremont, to Marcia Sweet, $62,500.

Eric P. Stein, as trustee of Roberts Family Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 21 Creamery Road, Lot 1, Egremont, to Stephen Gullo, $1,800,000.

Elsie Devoti sold property at 139 Hillsdale Road, Egremont, to Jared M. Dwyer and Patricia J. Dwyer, $390,000.

Garrett J. Naylor and Mary J. Naylor sold property at 50 Townhouse Hill Road, Egremont, to Deborah Reinisch, as trustee of Deborah Reinisch Living Trust, $1,375,000.

Barbara E. Haubold and Louis A. Moscatello sold property at 31 Phillips Road, Egremont, to Drew H. Rifkin, Sophie W. Rifkin, Gary J. Waskow, and Sharon R. Waskow, $680,000.

Great Barrington

Charles W. Dunham, a/k/a Charles W. Dunham Sr., and Judith H. Dunham, a/k/a Judith Heath Dunham, sold property at 16 Avery Lane, Great Barrington, to Firth-Schwartz LLC, $135,000.

Anka Michaelsen-Tarasevich and Andrew Tarasevich sold property at 46 Seekonk Road, Great Barrington, to Carol G. Baier and Robert M. Baier, $90,500.

Christopher J. Farrell and Fiona McDonagh Farrell sold property at 10 Highland Drive, Great Barrington, to Jon S. Ziefert, $1,025,000.

Ellen Boshe and Richard D. Boshe sold property at 7 Pothul Drive, Great Barrington, to Matthew J. Strassler, $499,900.

Marilyn Dukoff sold property at 696 South Egremont Road, Great Barrington, to Gideon Brown and Jennifer Kelly Jones, $458,763.

Bridghe C.W. McCracken and Jonathon B. Williams sold property at 63 East St., Great Barrington, to Jamie Hart Goldenberg, $340,000.

Stephen P. Ezequelle as personal representative of the Estate of Nell Morgan Ezequelle, formerly known as Nell M. Ezequelle and Nell Ezequelle, sold property at 238 State Road, Great Barrington, to John Adams and Shannon Sturm, $195,000.

Adele L. Kellman and Paul M. Kellman sold property at 8 George St., Great Barrington, to Edward B. Rawls, $550,000.

James Wesley Dean as trustee of Kot Nominee Trust sold property at 115 Maple Ave., Great Barrington, to Ann C. Henderson, $280,000.

Vasu Chari and Joy Simha sold property at 78 Lake Buel Road, Great Barrington, to Catherine O’Toole and Patrick O’Toole, $350,000.


Elise T. and Philip S. Volastro sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Robert and Michele Boebert, $158,000.


Susan R. Lein sold property at 219 Longview Ave., Hinsdale, to Paul Russell Muehlfeld, $225,000.

Edward F. Jr. and Mary Jo Barrett sold property at 724 Middlefield Road, Hinsdale, to Marykate Landaeta, $188,000.


Jeffrey A. King sold property at 80 Old State Road, Lanesborough, to Blake Strzepa and Mackenzie Melski, $174,900.


Sandra J. Kilmer sold property at 15 Landers Road, Lee, to Kali N. Jones and Elias J. Casey, $259,000.

Ann Rothenberg sold property at 62 High St., Lee, to Julia Ann Regan, $302,000.

Theresa A. Corbitt and Christie K. Walker sold property at 26 Chanterwood Road, Lee, to James M. and Judith A. Spates, $180,000.


William J. Higgins and Anne B. Covell sold property at 118 West St., Lenox, to Scott E. and Elizabeth N. Cooper, $460,000.

Douglas J. and Patricia A. Slier sold property at 12 Meadow Lane, Unit 6, Lenox, to Lisa A. Welch, $199,900.

Jay T. Stewart sold property at 40 New Lenox Road, Lenox, to Michael David Lipski, $230,000.

Steven L. Brandwein and Debra S. Reich sold property at 8B Coldbrooke South Drive, Lenox, to Robert S. and Faith K. Goldstein, trustees of the Goldstein Family 2015 RVT, $485,000.

Denise G. Devereaux, trustee of the Devereaux FT, sold property at 16 Meadow Lane, Unit 12, Lenox, to Jill M. and Patti J. Goldstein, $210,000.


Claire Dosick, as personal representative of the Estate of Frank Damato, sold property at 91 Tyringham Road, Monterey, to Alice Hixon Kirk, $260,000.

New Marlborough

Jocelin G. Hamblett, as trustee of Jocelin G. Hamblett Trust-2000, and Jocelin G. Hamblett and A. Max Kohlenberg, as trustees of Stephen Hamblett Marital Trust B, sold property at 1499 Great Barrington Mill River Road, New Marlborough, to Sean Reilley and Mary Clare Reilley, $720,000.

North Adams

Elizabeth A. Phoenix sold property at 67 Prospect St., North Adams, to Mitchell P. Malloy, $78,280.

Mark D. Hartman, personal representative of the Estate of William Walter Wojnicki Jr., sold property at 189 Kemp Ave., North Adams, to Michele S. Harris, $165,000.

Dianne L. Hajdas, Gail L. Fischer and Glenn A. MacDonald sold property at 107 Richview Ave., North Adams, to Robin Diponzio, $70,000.

Marisa A. Pizzuto Jutras, successor trustee of the 355 Barbour Street Realty Trust, sold property at 355 Barbour St., North Adams, to David Atwell and Deanna Salvagni-Atwell, $160,000.

V. Peter and Dawn A. Vadnais, trustees of Evolution NT, sold property at 129-131 Glen Ave., North Adams, to Paige A. Keenan, $259,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 16 Beacon St., North Adams, to Yvette Marcelle Belleau, $132,000.

David G. Carver, trustee of Scarafoni Associates NT, sold property at 36 Holden St., Unit 36A, North Adams, to Pure Land LLC, $185,000.

Claire A. Velyvis, trustee of the Velyvis Family Trust, sold property at 104 Chenaille Terrace, North Adams, to Aparna Kapadia, $245,500.

Donald C. and Lenore L. Doucette sold property at 751 Mohawk Trail, Unit 3D, North Adams, to Lawrence E. and Jane E. DeMarco, $194,000.

Sheryl Gibson sold property at 61 Liberty St., North Adams, to Anna L. Petersen, $172,000.

Daniel Culbert sold property at 751 Mohawk Trail, 1B, North Adams, to Jacqueline D. and Ernest F. Degiorgis III, $214,900.


Richard R. Beringer sold property at 215 Gibbs Road, Otis, to Eric Daniel Tytell and Irina Tytell, $754,000.

Greenfield Savings Bank sold property at Leisure Lane, Otis, to John J. and Carrie C. Hitt, $368,000.

Douglas L. and Janet A. Baker sold property at 106 Dimmock Road, Otis, to Alan Joseph Anders and Elizabeth Sinclair Irwin, $580,000.

Peter Herbst sold property at 621 Algerie Road, Otis, to Edward Herbst, $25,000.

Dominic T. Pedrolini sold property at 24 White Lily Road, Otis, to Daniel L. and Louis J. Stratton, $185,000.

Michael Ernst, trustee of the Ernst Family RT, sold property at 101 South Lake Ave. Extension, Otis, to Robert W. Trask, trustee of the Trask Otis Reservoir Trust, $515,000.

Robert and Alba Tutnauer, trustees of the Tutnauer Family Nominee RT, sold property at 57 Hayes Road, Otis, to Jonathan Lewis and Gabrielle H. Silver, $695,000.


Stephen and Kristina Z. Kisiel sold property at 4 Causeway St., Peru, to Marc Lipsitch and Meira Leah Levinson, $858,000.

Mountain Stream LLC sold property at North Road, Peru, to John Fish, $35,000.

Richard R. and Paula J. LaLonde sold property at 17 Garnet Mountain Lane, Peru, to Jessie Lena Ferninando, $115,000.

Mountain Stream LLC sold property at North Road, Peru, to Brett Cook and Theresa Williams, $45,000.

Mountain Stream LLC sold property at North Road, Peru, to Michael Hernandez, $29,900.


Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC and Nicholas C. and Elsie Ruscio sold property at 377 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, $170,000.

Nelson J. and Joan A. Reopell sold property at 21 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, to Michael J. and Kimberly A. Elliott, $305,000.

Jerry D. and Grace L. Vandagriff sold property at 94 Turner Ave., Pittsfield, to Jared D. Wixsom, $138,000.

Billie Joe Bevens and Tammy Bevens, formerly known as Tammy Reed, sold property at 15 South Carolina Ave., Pittsfield, to Lara K. Diederich-Conry, $167,500.

Amy L. Chavarry sold property at 62 Northumberland Road, Pittsfield, to Parasrevi Taliadoros and Matthew CZ Muller, $257,500.

John R. Penna Jr. and Joan C. Penna sold property at 66 Connecticut Ave., Pittsfield, to John Joseph Penna, $158,000.

Shaun W. and Sonya N. Heimann sold property at 46 Northumberland Road, Pittsfield, to Ricardo Y. Morales and Melissa Agosto, $345,000.

Richard R. Asher Jr. and Paula A. Esposito sold property at 121 Egremont Ave., Pittsfield, to Ricardo Ray Dominguez, $165,000.

Emerald City Rentals LLC sold property at 27 Claredon St., Pittsfield, to Eric J. Wasileski, $123,150.

Joseph W. and Geraldine C. Godino sold property at 452 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, to Lydia Shulman, $340,000.

Vicki Smith sold property at 374 South St., Unit 2, Pittsfield, to Sloantron Holdings LLC, $222,000.

Eugene Mamut a/k/a Yevgeny Mamut sold property at 132-134 East Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Ivan Saldana, $277,000.

Ernest and Kelley A. Weider sold property at 1182 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Karen Zink, $135,000.

Davis A. Norton, trustee of the Norton NT, sold property at Stearns Avenue, Pittsfield, to Tyler Perry, $20,000.

Paul J. Davis and Fallyn J. Davis, formerly known as Fallyn J. Girdard, sold property at 45 Brenton Terrace, Pittsfield, to Laura N. Harbin-Waters, $269,900.

David E. Carlson and Sandra F. Carlson, formerly known as Sandra F. Kennedy, to Renee M. Stracuzzi and Katherine M. Sonsini, 16 Leroi Drive, Pittsfield, $305,000.

Stacy A. Donovan, Donna L. Hall and Tammy J. LaChance sold property at 217 Robbins Ave., Pittsfield, to Lisa M. Houghtling, $1,000.

Timothy A. and Heather A. Bartini sold property at 145 Melbourne Road, Pittsfield, to Duncan P. Ryanmann, $301,000.

Louise M. Reagan sold property at 58 Gravesleigh Terrace, Pittsfield, to Shaun W. and Sonya N. Heimann, $450,000.

Blythewood Realty LLC sold property at 81 Dartmouth St., Unit 109, Pittsfield, to David J. Carusotto and Theresa C. Disantis, $92,000.

Nicholas Boraski sold property at 40 Brookside Drive, Pittsfield, to Jason Z. Joyner and Jill A. Allessio, $356,000.

Jean R. Kenyon and Keith L. Dodge, trustees of the Jean R. Kenyon Living Trust, sold property at 33 Monroe St., Pittsfield, to Alexandro Rosa Salinas, $110,000.

Woodmont Development Corp. sold property at Old Farm Lane and Westbrook Terrace, Pittsfield, to Laura Lembo, $25,000.

Michele R. Murrell sold property at 539 Elm St., Pittsfield, to David E. and Sandra F. Carlson, $239,900.

Ricardo Y. Morales and Melissa Agosto sold property at 16 Adelaide Ave., Pittsfield, to Kendra V. Smallwood and Tristan L. Greene, $225,000.

Rose Lefebvre, personal representative of the Estate of William Michael Root, sold property at 16 Dexter St., Pittsfield, to T&E Real Estate Transactions LLC, $130,000.

Richard Sands sold property at 22 Elizabeth St., Pittsfield, to Antonio Aleman Salazar, $158,500.


Matthew M. and Marie Therese Melillo sold property at 278 Shore Drive, Richmond, to Paul A. and Lynda J. Neumann, $375,000.

Jill M. Pixley sold property at Dean Hill Road, Richmond, to Paul R. LeBlanc, $75,000.


James T. Smithgall as personal representative of the Estate of Katherine K. Gill, sold property at 82 Hammertown Road, Sandisfield, to Walton W. Ford, $850,000.

Mary Turek sold property at 0 New Hartford Road, Lots 15 & 16, Sandisfield, to Jason D. Veilleux, $40,000.


Jeffrey A. Harrington, personal representative for the Estate of James R. Harrington III, sold property at 111 Main Road, Savoy, to Jeffrey A. Harrington, $80,000.


Crispin K. Tresp, as trustee of Janice C. Tresp Revocable Trust of 2011, sold property at 63 Glennana Way, Lot 10 Sheffield, to Charles R. Gillett, $495,000.

Catherine W. Bell, as trustee of Grace Wallace Brown 2005 Revocable Trust and as trustee of S. Brady Brown 2005 Revocable Trust, sold property at 11 & 25 School St., Sheffield, to Andrea Westerlind, $1,100,000.


Mary W. Taylor sold property at 200 Old Stockbridge Road, Unit 2A, Stockbridge & Lenox, to William J. Higgins and Anne B. Covell, $549,000.

Donna J. Hassler sold property at 1 Main St., Stockbridge, to Joseph Nicholas and Myrna Shapiro, $899,500.

Gregg Gorelick and Patti Goldberger, trustees of the 1998 Jerry Gorelick Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold property at 19 Hawthorne Road, Unit 6B, Stockbridge, to Dennis L. and Diana Hellman, $317,500.

Richard L. Flax and Katherine Alley sold property at 19 Hawthorne Road, Unit 3, Stockbridge, to Paul J. Reichenbach and Cathy A. Goodfriend, $518,500.

CG Grace Properties LLC sold property at 8 Church St., Unit 3, Stockbridge, to William J. Sheridan III and Eva Sheridan, $285,000.

Jean Claude and Kathy S. Kergaravat sold property at 42 East St., Stockbridge, to Harrison M. and Jacqueline K. Ackerman, $339,000.

George T. Baer sold property at 14 Cherry Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Jeffrey G. and Tara D. Baer, $300,000.


Matthew J. White sold property at Route 8, Washington, to Harold W. and Kathleen M. Scott, $30,500.

West Stockbridge

Susan L. Harrington and William K. Harrington Sr. sold property at Maple Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Sarah M. Abraham, $280,000.


Sharon Page Bode sold property at 81 Gale Road, Williamstown, to Betsy S. Aidem, $570,665.

Eugene R. Lepesqueur sold property at 20 North Hoosac Road & off Massachusetts Avenue, Williamstown & North Adams, to Centerville Sticks LLC, $265,000.

180 Water LLC sold property at 1 River Run, Unit 4, Williamstown, to Christine O. and Donald Casey, $742,900.

Kristen H. Lundquist sold property at 35 Bridges Road, Williamstown, to Anne Goodwin, trustee of the Anne Goodwin 2016 RT, $152,000.

180 Water LLC sold property at 4 River Run, Unit 4, Williamstown, to Julia May Brain and Harold Nicholas Marsh, $834,900.

Philip C. and Donna T. Craft sold property at 1135 New Ashford Road, Williamstown, to James F. Laprade and R. Thomas Lutzy, $449,900.

Charlotte S. Clark and Richard J. Scullin III sold property at 280 Stone Hill Road, Williamstown, to David S. Poppick, trustee of the David S. Poppick 2019 RT, and Elisabeth C. Naman, trustee of the Elisabeth C. Naman 2019 RT, $700,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989. She can be reached at