Stacy and Peter J. Varellas sold property at 8 Bieniek Ave., Adams, to Michael P. Cannava, $185,000.

Marci L. Levesque sold property at 77 Bellevue Ave., Adams, to Kamrin J. Levesque, $150,000.

Ellen-Mary Kelly sold property at 12 Second St., Adams, to Kelly L. Russell, $177,500.

Lisa Soule sold property at 4 Marshall Ave., Adams, to Abbigail Lyn Luczynski, $193,000.

Anthony B. and Shirley A. Hart sold property at 13 West St., Adams, to Candice Adams, $150,000.


Vincent S. Caputo Jr. sold property at Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to David A. and Linda J. Dowd, $20,000.

Dante Cirilli, trustee of the Cirilli NT, sold property at Mallard Drive, Becket, to Paul W. Mark, $58,000.


Mathew A. and Katherine R. Lincoln sold property at 278 East Harbor Road, Cheshire, to Nicholas J. and Mia Y. Barber, $450,000.

David J. and Michele A. Magistro sold property at 80 Fales Road, Cheshire, to Peter and April Victoria Pitroff Varellas, $480,000.

Pine Valley MHC LLC sold property at 67-110 Dublin Road, Cheshire, to Crown Communities LLC, $900,000.

Stephen H. and Cynthia A. Richardson sold property at 81 South St., Cheshire, to Christopher J. Cuevas, $286,500.


Diane M. Gregalis sold property at Hudson Brook Lane, Clarksburg and North Adams, to Zachary D. and Susanna J. Remillard, $53,000.

Ian R. and Kaitlyn Cooke sold property at 164 Cross Road, Clarksburg, to Adam Michael and Amy Garner, $220,000.

Michael F. and Avis M. Merrill sold property at 511 North Eagle St., Clarksburg, to Nathan P. St. Pierre, $120,000.


Roberta J. Stewart sold property at 150 North St., Unit 1, Dalton, to Kathleen E. Fresia, $170,000.

Justin M. Kincaid and April E. Hancock-Kincaid sold property at 180 North St., Dalton, to Christine Ryan, $312,000.

David Garshelis, trustee of the F. Edna Garshelis RVT of 1997, sold property at 156 Washington Mountain Road, Dalton, to Nicholas Girard, $750,000.


Eric Tidd and Tina Vandeusen sold property at 45 Blunt Road, Egremont, to Daniel Latzman and Danielle Latzman, $494,500.

Burdsall Estate sold property at 0 Phillips Road, Egremont, to Michael S. Kinna and Shana M. Stalker, $200,000.

Ellen Shaby sold property at 49 Blunt Road, Egremont, to Daniel Philip Baker and Cami Michele Hoffman, $580,000.


Catherine M. Beebe, personal rep. of the estate of Francis Edward Beebe Jr., sold property at 47 Moores Road, Florida, to Allen T. Collins, $125,000.

Kevin and Lisa Slomba Blankespoor sold property at Whitcomb Hill Road, Florida, to Julie Anne Klark, $29,000.

Great Barrington

John M. Paskus sold property at 97 Brush Hill Road, Great Barrington, to David A. Katzoff, $533,000.

Franciscus T. Vanderwerf sold property at 497 South Main St., Great Barrington, to Jerzy Boleslaw Szachniewicz and Malwina Justyna Szachniewicz, $319,000.

Powerhouse Square I LLC sold property at 34 Bridge St., Unit 208, Great Barrington, to Suzanne Wingate Smith, $395,000.


William J. Basiliere sold property off Main Street, Hinsdale, to Ryen M. Quail, $13,500.


Anita Bluestone and Michael Gatanio sold property at 260 Pittsfield Road, Unit F-03, Lenox, to Carlos D. Pardo, aka Carlos A. Pardo Diaz, and Martha Verastegui, aka Martha J. Verastegui Polania, $175,000.

Rayal Mass LLC sold property at 109 Under Mountain Road, Lenox, to Devin S.T. and Kristen E.L. Brennan, $1,830,000.

Dana Teague sold property at 9 Evergreen Trail, Unit 9, Lenox, to Stephen N. and Shari G. Ashman, $429,500.

Lalji Inc. sold property at 194 Pittsfield Road, Lenox, to Housatonic Hotel LLC, $1,970,000.

Michael and Deborah Hassett, trustees of the Hassett Family RVT, sold property at 173 Housatonic St., Lenox, to 173 Housatonic LLC, $530,000.


David K. Kraft, trustee of Katherine J. Kraft Living Trust, sold property at 118 Beartown Mountain Road, Monterey, to Alicia Williams and Jason Williams, $700,000.

Seven Arts Properties LLC sold property at 26 Seven Arts Road, Monterey, to James C. Burns and Elizabeth Marino, $595,000.

Mount Washington

Bobbie Hallig, trustee to Bobbie D. Hallig Irrevocable Qualified Personal Residence Trust Agreement, sold property at 47 Club Grounds Road, Mount Washington, to Christopher G. Blum and Sheila S. Parekh-Blum, $850,000.

James Filkins and Virgina Filkins sold property at 8 Plantain Pond Road, Mount Washington, to Wesley S. Filkins, $335,000.

North Adams

Samir G. Maher and Omar E. Ameen sold property at 20 East Quincy St., North Adams, to Andrew J. Fitch, $203,000.

Jon B. Wheeler sold property at 54 E St., North Adams, to Michael D. Strizzi, $187,000.

Linda Grande and Bonnie Cunningham sold property at 32 Bradley St., North Adams, to Mary Katherine Eade, $259,700.

Stephen D. Edwards and Jillanna M. Simon sold property at 70 Lois St., North Adams, to Julia R. Kleederman, $275,000.

Suzanne Davies sold property at 45 Woodlawn Ave., North Adams, to Eric James Spath, $225,000.

Robert A. and Jacqueline P. Felix sold property at 29 Gunther St., North Adams, to Mary Louise Beaudin, $205,000.


Janet A. Beauvais sold property at Route 8, Otis, to Rochelle Greenfield and Paul Atvell, $38,000.

Robert T. Armitage sold property at Route 8, Otis, to Leslie Devries, $85,200.


Mountain Stream LLC sold property at North Road, Peru, to Sarah Ann Duprey and Stanley Francis Kazimiercak Jr., $39,900.

Brett Cook and Theresa Williams sold property at North Road, Peru, to Mountain Stream LLC, $16,000.


Alan B. Honig and Berkshire Bank, trustees of the Revocable Indenture of Trust of Phoebe B. Honig, sold property at 217 Mountain Drive, Pittsfield, to Shawn A. and Stephanie Maschino, $350,000.

Horace J. Costa Jr. sold property at 506 Gale Ave., Pittsfield, to Danielle M. Costa, $300,000.

Thaddeus S. Welch III and Ashley Lamar Welch sold property at 123 Ann Drive, Pittsfield, to Sriramya Gayam, $435,000.

Benjamin D. Girard sold property at 26 Overlook Road, Pittsfield, to Kristine and Lawrence Stephen Hazzard, $251,000.

Michael P. Donahue, personal rep. of the estate of John J. Donahue, sold property at 17-19 Edward Ave., Pittsfield, to TCI Holdings, LLC, $96,000.

Jimmy Nguyen sold property at 251 Springside Ave., Pittsfield, to Tami A. White, $145,000.

Christopher Austin Mizell sold property at 111 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Kara L. Kolodziej and Vivek Gollapally III, $244,000.

Charles E. and Colleen L. Caine sold property at 141 Kittredge Road, Pittsfield, to Norman A. and Joan A. Thurston, $270,000.

Eric J. Christopher, personal rep. of the estate of Paul William Christopher, sold property at 18 Ensign Ave., Pittsfield, to Mailyn Rodriguez, $192,000.

Nathan D. Spangler sold property at 377 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Noah S. Gentry and Lea M. Guertin, $265,000.

Daniel J. Francese sold property at 40 Pollock Ave., Pittsfield, to Marc and Darian O'Reilly, $350,000.

Joseph A. Renzi sold property at 117 Fenn St., Pittsfield, to Roots & Dreams and Mustard Seeds Inc., $225,000.

Francese Family Realty LLC sold property at 551 1/2 Fenn St., Pittsfield, to Casscam Realty LLC, $425,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 295 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Jordan Wilcox, $230,000.

Jacqueline C. Fisher and Stephen L. Veilleux sold property at 20 Schuyler St., Pittsfield, to Rachael M. and Alisha L. McHugh, $212,500.

Robert B. Jr., Patrick A., Kellie J. and Marsha Dillon sold property at 1015 William St., Pittsfield, to Barbara Holt Hussey, $260,000.

Matthew Marshall sold property at 95 Turner Ave., Pittsfield, to Vicente Nivelo and Maria Teresa Huerta Condo, $135,000.


Meghan E. Kenyon and Ann Semeniw sold property at 0 Pixley Lane, Sheffield, to 8-26 Properties LLC, $70,000.


Frank J. Kulaga sold property at 8 Mahkeenac Road, Stockbridge, to Walk in the Woods LLC, $110,000.

M. Duncan Pollock sold property at 27 Church St., Stockbridge, to Vincent Butman Bellows and Elisabeth Prosser Bellows, trustees of the Vincent and Elisabeth Bellows Living Trust, $1,183,000.

West Stockbridge

Natalia D. Bystrianyk sold property at 15 Lenox Road, West Stockbridge, to Sandra Antunes and Oliver G. Morehouse-Antunes, $290,000.

Melvin I. Katz and Rima J. Katz sold property at 9 Pixley Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Golsa Mirmiran Yazdy and Masha Mirmiran Yazdy, $453,500.

Edward P. Gazouleas and Kazuko C. Matsusaka sold property at 31 Pixley Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Jason Louis Snider, $420,000.

Dalia Tamari, trustee of Tamari Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 119 West Center Road, West Stockbridge, to 119 West Center Road LLC, $4,750,000.


Lisa Olsen sold property at 189 Stratton Road, Unit H-6, Williamstown, to Kathleen Lynch-Gaffney, $202,000.

Joseph D. Markland sold property at 189 Stratton Road, Unit D-5, Williamstown, to Hugh L. Guilderson and Arlene C. Kirsch, trustees of the Guilderson Kirsch FT, $166,000.

Julia Ann Savacool, trustee of the Forest Road RT, sold property at 20 Forest Road, Williamstown, to Lindsey Kurowski, $469,500.

Kevin M. and Sarah Holland sold property at 93 Bee Hill Road, Williamstown, to Michael S. Benecick and Fadi F. Halabi, $740,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Jeannie Maschino can be reached at 413-496-6256 or

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989.