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Teresa A. Martel sold property at 77-79 Friend St., Adams, to Eugene A. and Erica M. Legrand, $128,350.

David Bonomi sold property at 64 Summer St., Adams, to Krisann Marie Rufo, $125,000.


Frederick E. Bowers II sold property at 240 High St., Becket, to Jonathan R. Kay, $675,000.

Jody G. Seivert sold property at Quarry Road, Becket, to Thomas and Kimberly L. Therrien, $22,000.

Glen Helberg and Lauren Beggs, personal reps. of the Estate of August Roland Helberg, sold property at 177 East Shore Road, Becket, to Romana Mansfield and Kenneth D. Boudreau, $180,000.

Clifford Holt sold property at 13 King Arthur Drive, Becket, to Nicholas and Tina Macy, $20,500.

Thomas S. Cloherty sold property at 162 Friar Tuck Road, Becket, to Devin Roy Cloherty, $2,600.

John M. Rappaport sold property at 116 Partridge Lane, Becket, to Francisco Miranda Jr. and Molly Miranda, $379,500.

Michael A. and Patricia B. Fudge sold property at 99 Friar Tuck Drive, Becket, to Artur Coelho Santos and Vicky Santos, $158,900.

Wendy M. Borey and Michael A. Perez sold property at 438 King Richard Drive, Becket, to Alicia Pahl, $94,900.


Cathy and Mary Chattelle sold property at 1181 Outlook Ave., Cheshire, to Western Mass Construction LLC, $60,000.

Irene L. Choquette sold property at 1077 Sand Mill Road, Cheshire, to Jonathan Rysz, $55,000.

Sling LLC sold property at Jenks Road, Cheshire, to Sean P. Oswain, $75,000.


John A. Parkington Jr. and Kelly A. Parkington sold property at 72 Oak St. Extension, Dalton, to Stephen J. Parkington and Sarah J. Berrian, $188,000.

Stefan Kosof sold property at 60 North St., Unit 8, Dalton, to Rita Villaman, $130,000.

Todd W. and Cynthia M. Coach sold property at 45 Grange Hall Road, Dalton, to Joseph A. Gaudette and Donald P. Perreault, $260,000.

Antoinette E. Musante sold property at 858 Main St., Dalton, to Andrew G. and Sarah G. Perenick, $235,000.

Luke DelSoldato sold property at 43 Eleanor Road, Dalton, to Tyler James Lecours and Kamryn Mary Dunton, $150,000.


Lance Vermeulen and Cara Vermeulen, trustees of Chase Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 18 Ox Bow Road, Egremont, to Stephanie Baker, $815,000.

John P. Bartholf, personal representative of the estate of Edith Bartholf Clark, sold property at 44 Rowe Road, Egremont, to Peter A. V. Schoeffer and Jeannine R. Schoeffer, $450,000.

Mark C. Bartholf, trustee of Bartholf Living Trust, sold property at Rowe Road, Egremont, to Peter A.V. Schoeffer and Jeannine R. Schoeffer, $300,000.

Peter A.V. Schoeffer and Jeannine R. Schoeffer sold property at 44 Rowe Road, Egremont, to Sergio Jurado, $250,000.


Powerhouse Square I LLC sold property at 34 Bridge St., Unit 301, Residences at Powerhouse Square I Condominium, Great Barrington, to David Siok, trustee of North Burh Bridge Nominee Trust, $475,000.

Neil Hirsch and Elizabeth P.G. Hirsch sold property at 116 East St., Great Barrington, to Steven J. Freed and Emily Maple, $480,000.

Deborah A. Tully sold property at 9 Prospect St., Great Barrington, to Mary Pope Osborne and William R. Osborne, $500,000.

Jake Fink and Tanya Fink sold property at 418 Monterey Road, Great Barrington, to Zachary Gultz and Jessica S. Strongin Gultz, $345,000.


Bryan and Carolyn Mckigney sold property at Corey Road, Unit 9221, Hancock, to Eli W. and Suzanne M. Chamberlain, $455,000.


Michael A. Fortin and Tara Fortin sold property at 100 Commonwealth Ave., Hinsdale, to Paul Lawrence Plouffe and Denielle Michelle Knysh, $230,000.

Lenore Development Corp. sold property at 164 Lenore Drive, Hinsdale, to Alan R. and Patricia A. Ross, $86,000.


John M. Baker sold property at 130 Silver St., Lanesborough, to Robert and Ana Blanchard, $490,000.


Frank J. Roger and Jennilyn Towne, formerly known as Jennilyn Roger, sold property at 750 East St., Lee, to Matthew S. and Chelsea M. Burd, $292,000.

Joseph K. Williams sold property at 20 Joseph Ave., Lee, to Brett T. and Jenna Bessey, $213,000.

Matthew S. and Chelsea M. Burd sold property at 121 Tamarack Ave., Lee, to Ryan A. Mayott, $253,000.

Robert J. Daley and Letishia A. Daley, trustees of the Robert J. Daley and Letishia A. Daley RVT, sold property at 375 Greylock St., Lee, to Jenna Daley, $250,000.

Keith E. and Denise L. Kelly sold property at 225 Mandalay Road, Lee, to Benjamin B. Towne IV and Jennilyn N. Towne, $445,000.

Enid Hoffman, trustee of the Enid Hoffman RVT, sold property at 225 Chanterwood Road, Lee, to Ariel Hyatt, $700,000.

Mariajane Peich sold property at 16 Chanterwood Road, Lee, to Stanley E. Rosen, $410,000.

Roberta Marie Gangell and Christa Marie Laudon sold property at 196 High St., Lee, to Travis J. Pignatelli, $180,000.


Gateway Residential Investment Properties LLC sold property at 21 High St., Lenox, to Judeth Wesley, $196,000.

Gerald W. and Helaine P. Warshaw sold property at Muirfield Drive, Unit 15B, Lenox, to Stanley and Nancy Singer, $619,000.


Dean P. Amidon Jr., Peter R. Amidon, Phillip B. Amidon, and Jay S. Amidon, co-trustees of the Amidon Family Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 4 Sylvan Road, Monterey, to Shannon A. Castille and Philip D. Castille, $210,000.

Michael P. Killeen sold property at 333 Main Road, Monterey, to Marc Bernstein and Susan Leon, $113,500.


Buggy Whip Factory LLC sold property at 208-210 Norfolk Road, New Marlborough, to Berksworks LLC, $825,000.

Patricia A. Banner sold property at 71 Peter Menaker Road, New Marlborough, to Hal W. Mandel and Elissa Caterfino Mandel, $860,000.

Emily D. Newman sold property at 155 Norfolk Road, New Marlborough, to Ingo H. Schweers, $135,000.


Bespoke Capital LLC sold property at 22-36 Taft St., North Adams, to 22-36 Taft Street LLC, $150,000.

Brandon K. and Ashley L. Gilvey sold property at 7 Protection Ave., North Adams, to Mary L. Weissbrodt, $189,000.

Linda A. Landry sold property at 376 Eagle St., North Adams, to Jennifer Odegard, $144,000.

Selkirk Warehouses Inc. sold property at 50 Roberts Drive, North Adams, to 50 Roberts Drive LLC, $450,000.

Lauri P. Hall sold property at 489 Union St., North Adams, to Michael D. Richardson, $55,750.

Christina T. King sold property at 130 Harding Ave., North Adams, to Daniel F. and Jennifer D. Aviles, $220,000.

Fannie Mae sold property at 117-119 Glen Ave., North Adams, to Jakob Palches and Laura Tupper-Palches, $103,000.


Andrew W. Bartlett and Naomi Appel sold property at 529 Norton Road, Otis, to David S. Knishkowy and Judith B. Greiman, $370,000.


Charles D. Hamad and Samuel M. Hamad sold property at Haskell Road, Peru, to Michael S. and Stacey L. DeOrsey, $37,500.


Roberta M. Hover sold property at 24 Kearney Ave., Pittsfield, to Modular Building Systems Inc., $50,000.

USA HUD sold property at 24-26 Curtin Ave., Pittsfield, to Erika J. Wainwright, $67,239.

Kathryn A. Goerlach sold property at Off Thomas Island Road, Pittsfield, to Joseph P. Burke, trustee of the Be The Lake NT, $5,000.

Carolsue Bowe sold property at 1136 Barker Road, Unit 68, Pittsfield, to Paul J. and Gianine Crowell, $425,000.

Marion Darrell and Louise Anne Johnson sold property at 62 Briggs Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher E. Thorpe and Nicole M. Wells, $125,000.

DNC Real Estate LLC sold property at 989 Williams St., Pittsfield, to William and Jaclyn Andruszkiewicz, $385,000.

Kowalczyk Development Corp. sold property at 8 Sunrise Circle, Unit 4, Pittsfield, to Worcester City Campus Corp., $512,490.

Berkshire Crossing Retail LLC sold property at 555 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, to Agree Stores LLC, $16,800,000.

May Brook Development Corp. sold property at Lily Brook Road, Pittsfield, to Justin and Shawna Kisselbrock, $115,000.

Philip M. and Leona M. Viscuso sold property at 42 Alpine Trail, Unit 11-C, Pittsfield, to Penny Apter, trustee of the Apter Family RVT, $419,000.

Kevin T. Carlon sold property at 136 Broadview Terrace and Tanner Street, Pittsfield, to Tanner Development LLC, $140,000.

Paul T. Winnard Jr. sold property at 1025 Peck’s Road, Pittsfield, to David C. Jones, $50,000.

David C. Jones sold property at 1025 Peck’s Road, Pittsfield, to Keith M. Jones and Jennifer C. Noyes, $180,000.

Mark J. Barile sold property at 194-196 Montgomery Ave. Extension, Pittsfield, to Vincent M. Barile, $130,000.

Joseph A. Gaudette and Donald P. Perreault sold property at 52 Elaine Drive, Pittsfield, to Daniel J. and Margaret E. Cooney, $235,000.

Tammy M. Chaperon sold property at 214 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to David B. and Cheryl A. Slosek, $182,600.

Dennis H. Heath sold property at 21 Imperial Ave., Pittsfield, to Tammy M. Chaperon, $218,000.

Ross and Michelle L. Kunzmann sold property at 29 Alpine Trail, Unit 6, Pittsfield, to Mitchell and Jennifer Weinstein, $378,000.

Deborah D. Loomer, formerly known as Deborah Chaves, sold property at 85 Emerson Ave., Pittsfield, to Crystal Milton and Matthew Sadlowski, $230,000.

Yevgeny Mamut sold property at 267 South St., Pittsfield, to Lori Ann Bonfiglio, $277,000.

James P. Crombie sold property at 350 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Mario Perez, $184,000.


Stephen J. Eustace and Angela Ferrante sold property at 2345 Swamp Road, Richmond, to Karen S. and Stephen I. Vladeck, $325,000.

Elizabeth Ann Veraldi sold property at 10 Pilgrim St., Richmond, to Jonathan and Lauren Molk, $220,000.

Robert E. and Sharon L. Harrison sold property at State Road, Richmond, to John R. Hayes III and Margaret K.F. Hayes, $70,000.

Charlotte E.J., Anthony F. and Irene M. Hutchings sold property at 2922 State Road, Richmond, to Margaret K.F. Hayes and John R. Hayes III, $499,000.


Arthur P. Safran and Barbara Skydell Safran, trustees of Safran Realty Trust, sold property at 56 Sequena Drive, Sandisfield & Otis, to Lisa R. Weinberg and Derek J. Bacharach, $325,000.

Adrian D. Bradley and Kathleen M. Eutsler sold property at 5 Smith Road, Sandisfield, to Matthew Bertram Glushien, $390,000.


Jeremy A. Greene, individually and as personal representative of the estate of Paul Greene, Arthur Greene, Abigail Greene and Jessica Greene, sold property at 74 East Road, Sheffield, to Julie Osburn and Alexander Ross, $277,000.

John E. Kochanowski sold property at Amory Lane, Sheffield & New Marlborough, to Struggle Hill Nominee Trust 6, $110,000.

Lawrence J. Halloran and Diane K. Halloran sold property at Hemlock Avenue, Berkshire Lake Estates, Unit 4, Lots 1 & 3, Block 4, Sheffield, to Guy Watson and Rhonda Katz, $8,750.

Laurence J. Halloran and Diane K. Halloran sold property at Hemlock Avenue, Berkshire Lake Estates, Unit 4, Lot 2, Block 4, Sheffield, to Andrea Chevalier, $4,375.

Laurence J. Halloran and Diane K. Halloran sold property at Hemlock Avenue & Oak Street, Berkshire Lake Estates, Unit 4, Lots, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Block 4, Sheffield, to Michael Buonanno, Linda Malloy-Buonanno and Daniel Buonanno, $21,875.

M M & T Holdings LLC sold property at 75 Main St., Sheffield, to BerkHill 73 Sheffield LLC, $750,000.

Frank C. Mazzarelli and Carla L. Mazzarelli sold property at 1210 Sheffield Egremont Road, Sheffield, to Andrew P. Rosen and Melissa H. Rosen, $740,000.


Stone Ridge Associates LLC sold property at Stone Ridge Road, Stockbridge, to Heather Z. Lyons, $249,900.

Stone Ridge Associates LLC sold property at Stone Ridge Road, Stockbridge, to Bradley R. Brenner and Keith R. Clemson, $1,068,450.

Henry A. Kirchdorfer III and Melanie J. Kirchdorfer sold property at 10 Cherry St., Stockbridge, to Brian K. and Blair H. Roelke, $595,000.

James T. Keating and Ryan L. McMenamy sold property at 16 Glendale Road, Stockbridge, to Robin A. Dumas, $400,000.

Mary Alice Berle sold property at 23 Glendale Road, Stockbridge, to Burr W. Milliken, $355,000.

PHH Mortgage Corp. and Helena A. and Michael W. Hall sold property at 9 Goodrich St., Stockbridge, to Magni Properties LLC, $130,000.

Fernside Properties LLC sold property at 132, 137 and 140 Jerusalem Road, Stockbridge, to Krishna C. and Munirih Yeshwant, $3,550,000.


Raquel B. Villar sold property at 75 Swamp Road, West Stockbridge, to Nicole Marcella Andrus, $264,000.

Stone Ridge Associates LLC sold property at Stone Ridge Road, Parcel 7A, West Stockbridge, to Heather Z. Lyons, $249,900.

Stone Ridge Associates LLC sold property at Stone Ridge Road, Parcel 3A, 4A & 9A, West Stockbridge, to Bradley R. Brenner and Keith R. Clemson, $1,068,450.

Linda J. Witz sold property at 107 State Road, West Stockbridge, to Linda Johnston and Michael Angelini, $202,200.


Gail D. O’Connor sold property at 44-46 Arnold St., Williamstown, to Summit Holdings LLC, $145,000.

Stephen P. and Odette P. Klass sold property at 296 Stratton Road, Williamstown, to Shikha Singh and Samuel R. McCauley, $595,000.

Jeremy Keith Winchester and Ruby Inez Vega sold property at 804 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Polly Blair Waldman, $215,000.

Daniel M. Gangemi sold property at 522 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, to Timbaerau LLC, $490,000.


Peter and Charlene Jurgaitis sold property at 12 Windsor Bush Road, Windsor, to Lynn Melchiori, trustee of The Pine Woods Farm NT, $73,500.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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