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Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions

Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions for Jan. 16-20

Home Sales

Jan. 16-20


Topia Arts LLC sold property at 4 and 10 Pleasant St., Adams, to Pleasant Street Holdings LLC, $600,000.

Celeste DeMarsico sold property at 81 Howland Ave., Adams, to C-11 Properties LLC, $120,000.


Mark J., Brian P. and Brent V. Lancia sold property at 61 Wells Road, Cheshire, to Mitchel J. Lancia, $155,000.

Edwin S. Davis sold property at 322 Notch Road, Cheshire, to Roger E. Lachance Jr., $55,000.


Stephanie Lynn Rougeau sold property at 600 North Eagle St., Clarksburg, to Isiah Clark, $260,000.


Joel S. Grossman & Judith A. Grossman sold property at 186 Baldwin Hill Road N/S, Egremont, to Rachel L. Rivin & Corrine J. Heyes, $1,925,000.

John A. Cinkala & Diane D. Cinkala sold property at 151 Hillsdale Road, Egremont, to Linda Difulvio, $275,000.


Equity Trust Company for benefit of Vincent P. Guntlow IRA sold property at Whitman Road, Hancock, to Christopher L. Crocker, $80,500.

Christopher Crocker sold property at Whitman Road, Hancock, to Vincent P. and Suzanne M. Guntlow, $80,500.

Lauren C. Head, trustee of 45 Chestnut Street NT, sold property at 37 Corey Road, Unit 520, Hancock, to Howard Greenspan, $125,000.


Sharon Paris, personal rep. of Linda M. Halliday-Zurrin, sold property at 40 Opechee St., Lanesborough, to Mahoven LLC, $82,000.


Lenox Development LLC and Leetown Development Inc. sold property at 715 Columbia St., Lee, to Lenox Development LLC, $3,714,952.56.

Glenn Tamir sold property at 115 High St., Lee, to Robert M. Heinzman and Katherine M. Miller, $305,000.


Joan M. O'Brien sold property at 160 Housatonic St., Lenox, to Michael T. and Ellen M. Eagan, trustees of the Michael T. Eagan RVT, $325,000.

Robert A. Romeo sold property at 510 Walker St., Lenox, to Jason Albert and Carla Morano, $750,000.

Barry E. and Susan R. Director Berg sold property at 24 New Lenox Road, Unit 4, Lenox, to Joel S. and Judith A. Grossman, $775,000.

Claudia A. Pepper sold property at 6 Morgan Manor, Unit 11, Lenox, to Avon Frulla, $262,500.

North Adams

Andrew Alcaro sold property at 28 Summit Ave., North Adams, to Timothy J. Barrett, $173,000.

J3 Properties LLC sold property at 38 Wesleyan St., North Adams, to Daniel J. Tucker and Carrie Clement-Tucker, $182,000.

Anthony E. Randall and Kimberly J. Racine, personal rep. of Claudia Marie Randall, sold property at 364 Richview Ave. Extension, North Adams, to Jennifer Lee Racine, $325,000.

Robert D. and Travis M. Cramer, trustees of Front Street RT, sold property at 47 Front St., North Adams, to Wenninger Family LP, $150,000.

Travis M. Cramer, trustee of Whiteface RT, sold property at 199 Houghton St., North Adams, to Wenninger Family LP, $150,000.

W. Paul Grimshaw sold property at 19 Eagle St., North Adams, to Eugene F. Barry, $100,000.


Garnet Mountain Property Management LLC sold property at 4 North Road, Peru, to ABR Estates LLC, $70,000.


U.S. Bank Trust NA, trustee, and Michael T. McCabe sold property at 56 Perrine Ave., Pittsfield, to Igloo Series III REO LLC, $130,153.68.

G & W Rentals LLC sold property at 549-555 North St., Pittsfield, to I & R Rental Agency LLC, $760,000.

Heather J. Lear, personal rep. of the Estate of Robert S. Lear, sold property at 93 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to DUTA Real Estate LLC, $75,000.

Travis T. Blanchard and Alisa J Muniz, formerly known as Alisa J. Blanchard, sold property at 395 Lebanon Ave., Pittsfield, to Liborio W. Scaccia, $112,000.

Lynn A. and Candace H. Germanowski, personal reps. of the Estate of Peter E. Germanowski, sold property at 20 Students Lane, Pittsfield, to Candace H. Germanowski, $62,200.

Michael T. Boyle III and Kniesha M. Tarjick sold property at 146-148 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Florentina Gomez Suescun and Johan Stiglmayr Bernal, $189,000.

Thomas C. Spratlin sold property at 43 Onota St., Pittsfield, to Nicholas J. Mlynarczyk, $150,000.

Ian and Tiffany Roberts sold property at 582 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Maureen Kirby, trustee of the Evans Family Irrevocable Trust, $210,000.

Edward A. and Debra M. Arasimowicz, trustee of the Arasimowicz FT, sold property at 67 Wealthy Ave., Pittsfield, to Kari Ann Mendel, $335,000.

Scott Macdonald, trustee of the Dorothy J. Macdonald 2008 FT, sold property at 25 Taylor St., Pittsfield, to Martha A. Meier, $249,750.

Fiona Macpherson sold property at 70 Donna Ave., Pittsfield, to Matthew J. and Aleah Mazzer, $270,000.

Helen and Sidney Bisgrove sold property at 50 John St., Pittsfield, to LND Investments LLC, $50,000.

Michelle J. O'Brien, personal rep. of the Estate of Marianne Creran, sold property at 100 Wendell Ave., Pittsfield, to 786 Holdings LLC, $520,000.

Helen M. and Sidney J. Bisgrove sold property at 46 John St., Pittsfield, to LND Investments LLC, $50,000.


Thomas F. Owens Jr. and C. Jeffrey Cook, trustees of the George F. Rufo Sr. 2006 RVT, sold property at 754 Canaan Road, Richmond, to Joseph A. Pellegrino Jr., $2,044,000.

Robert Arthur Erardy and Eileen Claire Jones sold property at 199 Old Post Road, Richmond, to Jeremy D. Richardson and Marisa F. Cohen, $670,000.


Sandra Sergeant sold property at 5 Cronk Road, Sandisfield, to Todd Nigh & Lynn Elliott, $499,900.


Russell H. Funk & Eleanor L. Funk sold property at 440 Polikoff Road, Sheffield, to Jacob William Race, $52,000.


Karen Elizabeth Sayers sold property at 14 Yake Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Nina L. Aronoff, $700,000.

West Stockbridge

Estate of Jennie May Fadding sold property at 2 Wilson Road, West Stockbridge, to Stacy J. Gill & Debra K. Gill, $480,000.


Pamela A. Cadran, personal rep. of James Alexander Renton, sold property at 10 Main St., Williamstown, to 10 Main Street Partners LLC, $175,000.

Bradford W. Baer and Pamela Shapiro Baer, trustees of the Bradford W. Baer and Pamela Shapiro Baer RVT, sold property at 74 Bridges Road, Williamstown, to Franco and Madeline D. DiAddezio, $496,000.

Adrian R. Lafond and Jocelyn B. Torio sold property at 112 South Hemlock Lane, Williamstown, to John and Jean G. McClellan, $303,000.

C. Ondine Chavoya sold property at 65 Jerome Drive, Williamstown, to Benjamin Timothy Grimes and Jan Maghinay Padios, $410,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Jeannie Maschino can be reached at 413-496-6256 or jmaschino@berkshireeagle.com.

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989.

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