Michael J., Patricia A., Shane M., and Tyler J. Roberts, and Sarah and Kaitlyn Kline sold property at 29 Columbia St., Adams, to Melissa Scrivens, $126,000.

Jerome, Jeffry, John, Randal, Joseph, and David Markland, and Mary Cancilla sold property at 61 North Summer St., Adams, to Mahayla Gernert-Dott, $134,827.

Laura J. Borowski sold property at 27 Water St., Adams, to Lauren P. and Sakan N. Sadowsky, $238,000.


Edward F. Contini sold property at Ronald Drive, Becket , to Robert J. and Margaret A. Robitaille, $16,500.

Patrick J. Violette sold property at Partridge Lane, Becket, to Dean R. Williams and Elle M. Bell, $7,000.


Richard, Thomas and David Lussier sold property at 340 Wells Ave., Clarksburg, to Craig A. Deraway, $230,000.


Laura A. Chaffee, formerly known as Laura Mack, sold property at 1041 South St., Dalton, to Ryan Andrew Frost, $188,000.


Cheryl D. Alden and John E. Alden Jr. sold property at 103 Hillsdale Road, Egremont, to Megan Frost and Amy Kissel, $515,000.

Gert Alper and Cynthia Warner Alper aka Cynthia Alper sold property at 19 Nicholson Road, Route 23, Egremont, to 19 Nicholson Owner LLC, $575,000.

Deborah T. Jankowski, personal rep. of the estate of Alan F. Carter, sold property at 42 Millard Road, Egremont, to JM Millard LLC, $272,500.


James Pedro sold property at 344 Mohawk Trail, Florida, to Daniel J. Archambeau, $185,000.

Jeffrey Martin sold property at Blackstone Road, Florida, to Steven P. Gamari, $50,000.

Great Barrington

Powerhouse Square I LLC sold property at 34 Bridge St., Unit 202, Residences at Powerhouse Square I Condominium, Great Barrington, to Susan B. Ketchen and James B. Ketchen, $375,000.

Sandra Hirbour and Peter A. Hirbour sold property at 37 Prospect St., Great Barrington, to Rachel Elizabeth Badt Sherk and Aaron Michael Rourk, $359,500.

Powerhouse Square I LLC sold property at 34 Bridge St., Unit 309, Residences at Powerhouse Square I Condominium, Great Barrington, to Clare L. Garfield, $570,000.

Powerhouse Square I LLC sold property at 34 Bridge St., Unit 209, Residences at Powerhouse Square I Condominium, Great Barrington, to Matthew P. Moreno and Elizabeth C.K. Moreno, $575,000.


James G. Ostrander and Linda LeCasse sold property at 11 Rockwell Road, Lanesborough, to Gary and Linda LaCasse, $93,000.


Joyce Bacharach and Eileen Jacobs sold property at 880 East St., Unit 17B, Lee, to Karen E. Rigsby, $245,000.


Dana L. McGuirt, trustee of the Norman F. Linstead Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 4-5 Morgan Manor, Unit 27A, Lenox, to Wayne M. and Lisa Pignatelli Slosek, $200,000.

Liliana Sills sold property at 3 Maple St., Lenox, to Donald Halsted III and Regina Halsted, $350,000.

Joseph R. D’Anna sold property at 29 Westminster Road, Lenox, to Robertson Tyler and Catherine A. Rush, $390,000.

New Marlborough

Lorin Levine and Gail Levine sold property at Brewer Branch Road, New Marlborough, to Michael Rothman and Mireia Rothman-Simon, $55,000.

North Adams

Alliance Properties LLC sold property at 29 Montgomery St., North Adams, to Jeffrey Weiss, $45,000.

Deborah M. Raber sold property at 388 Ashland St., Unit 4, North Adams, to Thomas J. and Deborah R. Blicharz, $89,000.

Tallage Lincoln LLC sold property at 81 Holbrook St., North Adams, to Mirian M. Batista, $36,000.

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Chad Drigo sold property at 61 Tyler St., North Adams, to Britta and Marsha Redwood, $181,000.

Brenda Piscioneri and Gordon and Stephen Tower sold property at Notch Road, North Adams, to 196 Marine LLC, $125,000.

Holly Rogers, personal rep. of the estate of Glenn Marchessault, sold property at 756 Church St., North Adams, to Benjamin Simmersbach, $55,000.

City of North Adams sold property at 367 Houghton St., North Adams, to Kenneth and Lynnanne Daly, $12,000.


Austin C. Shaw and Elizabeth L. Shaw, formerly known as Elizabeth L. Kowalczyk, sold property at 150 Onota St., Pittsfield, to Carlos T. Wainwright, $90,700.

Jeffrey C. Moxon sold property at 135 Ridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Lovelyne Pierre, $305,000.

Amber R. and Alexys M. Tart sold property at 128 Danforth Ave., Pittsfield, to Anthony J. Cimini, $30,000.

Eoin P. Higgins and Robin M. Sills sold property at 3 Central Berkshire Boulevard, Pittsfield, to Cian and Amanda Hanley Dalzell, $177,000.

John C. Clapper sold property at 28 Arch St., Pittsfield, to Morgan Blair Jones, $146,000.

Ryan J. Evangelisto sold property at 72 Harryel St., Pittsfield, to Brett Cowdery, $250,000.

Lussier Realty LLC sold property at 41 & 43 Westminster St. and 55 Alcove St., Pittsfield, to 37 Monroe St. LLC, $390,000.

Huy Van Huynh, trustee of the Huy Van NT, sold property at 843 West St., Pittsfield, to Andrew Degiacomo, $360,000.

Thomas F. Kushi III, trustee of the Thomas F. Kushi Jr. 2018 RVT, sold property at 55 Roberta Road, Pittsfield, to Mansoor Pervaiz and Ashley Ray, $446,300.

Norman L. and Valerie Breault sold property at 339 Highland Ave., Pittsfield, to John Dennis, $140,000.

Anthony N. Marino sold property at 42 Ashley St., Pittsfield, to Jeremy D. O’Boyle, $165,000.


Terrence E. O’Leary and Jane Auld Linker sold property at 1226 State Road, Richmond, to Michael W. and Jordyn A. Pierce, $740,000.


Michael R. Karp and Melissa Karp-Elsbree sold property at 168 Towhee Trail, Sandisfield, and Otis Wood Lands, Lot 20 & 21A, Otis, to William Dewy Cantler, trustee of William Dewy Cantler Revocable Trust, and Janet G. Cantler, trustee of Janet Cantler Revocable Trust, $395,000.


Pexco LLC sold property at 34 Home Road, Sheffield, to Berkshire 34 Home LLC, $960,000.


James and Mary Jo Pedulla sold property at 57 Main St., Unit 6, Stockbridge, to Neil David and Marian Brooke Samuels, $233,000.

Michael A. and Jean Stuart Shirley sold property at 322 Old Stockbridge Road, Stockbridge and Lenox, to Sarah Elizabeth Downie, $875,000.


W. Frank Bouwer sold property at 358 Schulze Road, Washington, to Gerard and Ann-Marie Fumo, $48,000.


Danielle C. and April S. Jacobsen, co-personal reps. of the estate of Christopher Eric Jacobsen, sold property at 1183 Green River Road, Williamstown, to Robert Alexander Glen, $150,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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