Catherine R. Zelazo sold property at 8 Summer St., Adams, to William G. Millard-Sarkis and Rishid A. Sarkis, $239,900.

Kody M. and Tyra L. Crosier sold property at 87 Columbia St., Adams, to Jonathan L. Koch and Shelby L. Glasier, $124,900.

Barry F. and Deborah D. Sullivan sold property at 34-36 Fisk St., Adams, to Amanda McKay, $179,000.


Green Hill Associates Inc. sold property at 24 East Road, Lot 2, Alford, to Daniel A. Katz and Maya Katz, $1,725,000.


Thomas R. Dolan, personal rep. of the estate of Rita Higgins Kosta, sold property at Adler Lane, Becket, to Stephen and Jane Dornbusch, $3,700.

U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee, sold property at 358 Prince John Drive, Becket, to Go America LLC, $93,000.

Michael and Sharon Uddo sold property at Long View Drive, Becket, to Susan Kinnear Neul, $54,900.

Richard J. Webb III and Elizabeth R. Webb, formerly known as Elizabeth R. Cashin, sold property at 353 Gentian Hollow Road, Becket, to Anthony and Andrea Elliott, $255,000.

Norman Soules Jr. sold property at Bonnie Rigg Hill Road, Becket, to Jeffrey Luke, $39,000.

Henry and Beatrice Rowland sold property at Valley View Road, Becket, to David R. and Sharon E. Sparkowich, $27,500.


Whitney F. Smith sold property at 44 Stonehedge Road, Cheshire, to Marlene J. Whalen, $196,500.

Stephen H. and Cindy A. Richardson sold property at 55 Flaherty Road, Cheshire, to Pamela B. Pardoe and Jeffrey A. Brem, co-trustees of the Steven F. Brem Trust, $181,500.

Sling LLC sold property at Jenks Road, Cheshire, to Matthew L. Konefal, $70,000.


Kenneth A. Larabee sold property at 475 West Road, Clarksburg, to Corbin V. Richardson, $141,000.

Kenneth R. Larabee Jr. sold property at 475 West Road, Clarksburg, to Corbin Richardson, $16,000.


Daniel E. Clukey sold property at 91 South St., Dalton, to Michael Lennon, $165,000.

Danette Green, Sharon Duquette and Nadine Donnell sold property at 67 Oak St. Ext., Dalton, to Michael J. Kovacs and Christina M. Korney, $202,000.

Mark J. and Dawn E. Hall sold property at 45 Westview Drive, Dalton, to Timothy Daniel and Christine Marisa Croce, $35,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper sold property at 100 Warren Ave., Dalton, to Lawrence Clingman, $121,000.


Benjamin C. Barrett and Cheryl Barrett sold property at 17 Sky Farm Road, Lot 4, Egremont, to Peter Chait, trustee of Sky Farm Holdings Trust, $1,049,045.


Elizabeth Gawen Johnson sold property at Central Shaft Road, Florida, to Christopher E. and Kayla H. Sherman, $50,000.

Great Barrington

Butternut Inn LLC sold property at 304 State Road, Great Barrington, to Betony GB LLC, $589,000.

Dorothy L. Collari sold property at 1 Avery Lane, Great Barrington, to Avery Farms LLC, $550,000.

Susan B. Lord sold property at 203 Highland St., Great Barrington, to Maja Stodte, $458,000.

Alexa Englander and Jacob Maso sold property at 286 North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Scott David Schuster and Jillian Jee Schuster, $605,000.

Berkshire School Inc. sold property at 24 Copper Beech Lane, Unit 3, Country Village Condominium Building D, Great Barrington, to Alexandra H. Glover, trustee of CBL Nominee Trust, $585,000.


Gordon D. and Judith A. Richardson sold property at 450 Michaels Road, Hinsdale, to Jennifer R. Weiss, $660,000.

Robin M. Knapp sold property at 348 Longview Drive, Hinsdale, to Evan W. Knapp, $234,900.

Ralph A. Cormier Sr. and Katherine L. Cormier sold property at 32 River Road, Hinsdale, to Ralph A. Cormier Jr., $225,000.


Daniel W. and Sandra L. Gaylord sold property at Williamstown Road, Lanesborough, to Kathryn N. Montini, $55,000.

Douglas Michael Kelly sold property at 724 South Main St., Lanesborough, to Joseph A., Diane M., Anthony Michael and Debra Peccerillo, $665,000.

Cheronne M. Laston sold property at 32 Bridge St., Lanesborough, to Hung Tan, $259,900.

Rebecca Lord sold property at 24 Longview Road, Lanesborough, to Jordan Michael Jones, $223,000.

Erica Welton sold property at 5 Glenns Road, Lanesborough, to Cheronne M. Laston, $185,000.


Adam Hersch sold property at 65 Erskine Drive, Lee, to Jeffrey Spratt and Courtney G. Stutz, $120,000.

William R. Sinico sold property at 70 Railroad St., Lee, to Dresser Hull Company, $100,000.

Julianna B. and Catherine J. Connolly, trustees of the Connolly Family Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 880 East St., Unit C, Lee, to Betsy Rothbaum, trustee of the Betsy Rothbaum RVT, $289,900.


Ann G. Spadafora sold property at 1 Morgan Manor Way, Unit 1, Lenox, to Susanne Fant Freeman and Todd Beckett McGinley, trustees of the Susan Fant Freeman RVT, $169,000.

Brett W. and Leah A. Larmon sold property at 102 New Lenox Road, Lenox, to Kevin M. Faulkner, $258,000.

Michael T. Bourquesold property at 369 East St., Lenox, to Anita Barker Weeks, trustee of the Brookside NT, $594,000.


Margaret E. Vorck sold property at 39 Main Road, Monterey, to Jason Blackwell and Nanci Haddad Blackwell, $745,000.

Mount Washington

James Perez sold property at 468 East St., Mount Washington, to Amy Fendrich Graff, $995,000.

New Ashford

J.W. Kelly Family LLC sold property at 147 Mallery Road, New Ashford, to James A. George and Stacy Sylvester, $215,000.

New Marlborough

Stacy Sossner, personal rep. of the estate of Sandra A. Sossner and as devisee and heir at law of the estate of Arnold Phillip Sossner, and Edward Sossner and Harold Sossner, both individually and as devisees and heirs at law of the estate of Sandra A. Sossner and of the estate of Arnold Phillip Sossner, sold property at 228 Deerwood Park Road, New Marlborough, to Area Deerwood LLC, $164,000.

Uncle Bucks LLC sold property at 10-14 Mill River Great Barrington Road, New Marlborough, to Mill River General Store LLC, $257,850.

Ronald Rubin sold property at 13 Main Road, 9 Main Road, 13 Gibson Road, Underwood Road, New Marlborough, to Kelly M. Gold and Josh Aaron Nicosia, $415,000.

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Craig Manders and Lisa Manders sold property at 241 Adsit Crosby Road, New Marlborough, to John F. Boneparth, trustee of John F. Boneparth Revocable Trust, $585,000.

North Adams

John C. and Kristine A. Maloney sold property at 445-447 Walnut St., North Adams, to Michael Berry, $345,000.

Rose C. Bliss sold property at 70 West Main St., North Adams, to Nuuvin Investments LLC, $45,000.

Crane Stationery LLC sold property at 1466 Curran Memorial Highway, North Adams, to IIP-MA 7 LLC, $3,100,000.

Mary Lou Accetta sold property at 121 Brooklyn St., North Adams, to Chad D. Degrenier and Leroy W. Johnson, $95,000.

Pamela W. Moore sold property at 28 Holbrook St., North Adams, to Anne E. and Russell B. Ephraim, trustees of the Russell & Anne Ephraim RVT, $130,000.

Bradley R. Grant sold property at 485 Walnut St., North Adams, to Douglas J. Labarbera Jr., $150,000.

Craig, Christopher and John B. Tassone, Karen Foote, and Lynn Riordan sold property at 1292 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Centerville Sticks LLC, $135,000.


Thomas R. Lynch sold property at Becket Road, Otis, to Jeffrey Lamanna and Michael Sturges, $43,000.

Lee F. Tavernia sold property at 74 East Road, Otis, to Richard V. and Katrina M. Cardillo, $375,000.

Eric C. Stanland and Kimberly L. Bodnar sold property at Route 8, Otis, to Catherine J. and Julianna B. Connolly, trustees of the Connolly Family Irrevocable Trust, $83,000.

Renee D. Gonnello and Jerome Malcovsky Sr. sold property at Route 8, Otis, to Raquel Grosman and Christian Costanza, $83,750.


Pamela S. and Joseph E. Bouchard sold property at 48-50 King St., Pittsfield, to William P. Bravo and Lia J. Saldana, $118,000.

Kirsten M. Dinicola, personal rep. of the estate of Peter J. Dinicola, sold property at 62 Alden Ave., Pittsfield, to Simone Olivieri, $105,000.

Joshua R. and Karli S. Stanton sold property at 886 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Laura Kragie, $270,000.

TCI Holdings LLC sold property at 49 Revilla Terrace, Pittsfield, to Eduard Kogan and Brittany A. Callander, $332,000.

Leydet Properties LLC sold property at 94 John St., Pittsfield, to Asha-Ann Gillitto and Dadrian Bernard, $125,000.

Michelle C. Baity, formerly known as Michelle C. Hayes, sold property at 8 Alba Ave., Pittsfield, to Jeremy Musche and Margaret Lelandais-Esposito, $225,001.

Mark and Teri Kruzel sold property at 21 Toronita Ave., Pittsfield, to Jewel Stimpson, $169,900.

Lori McHugh sold property at 90 Turner Ave., Pittsfield, to Nicholas Barletta, $156,000.

John Wendling sold property at 90 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, to John A. and Cheryl A. Keelen, $370,000.

Luke F. Egan and Allison C. Egan, formerly known as Allison C. Hope, sold property at 508 South St., Pittsfield, to Alessandra Rose Massa, $214,000.

Francis J. Thornton Jr. sold property at 68-70 Cherry St., Pittsfield, to Richard Bastow, $20,003.68.

Ricarda Forster sold property at 47 Eric Drive, Pittsfield, to Emma T. Poore, $259,000.

Community Loan Servicing LLC, formerly known as Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, and Christopher Unsworth sold property at 146 Cole Ave., Pittsfield, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $148,750.

Jason K. Methe sold property at 82 Demont Ave., Pittsfield, to Erik Ziter and Lee-Ann Cahill, $256,500.

Vishal Biala sold property at 1450 North St., Unit 301, Pittsfield, to Kiran Kumar Pittala and Krishnaveni Sirigaddi, $165,000.

Richard V. Cardillo and Katrina M. Cardillo, formerly known as Katrina M. Slosek, sold property at Carolina Avenue, Pittsfield, to Adam Delphia Kelsey Ellsworth, $226,000.

Dalton Center Block LLC sold property at 110 East Housatonic St., Unit 14, Pittsfield, to Elena M. Borosky, $110,000.

Jill A. Allessio sold property at 25 Putnam Ave., Pittsfield, to Joshua R. Miller and Carly Kalinkos, $248,600.

Tom Abate, aka Thomas C. Abate, sold property at 73 Orchard St., Pittsfield, to Robert M. and Nadine N. Lloyd, $140,000.

Thomas C. Abate and Christian T. Abate-Wong sold property at 953 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to Robert M. and Nadine N. Lloyd, $190,000.

John J. Bedard sold property at 205 Lebanon Ave., Pittsfield, to Harold R. Dupee Jr., $80,000.

Ann Marie Leeman sold property at 55 Greendale Ave., Unit 3, Pittsfield, to Carrie L. Schorge, $150,000.


Barbara A. Ellman sold property at 304 Tamarack Trail, Otis Wood Lands, Lot 182, Sandisfield, to Seth Podell and Laelena Grace Brooks, $257,000.


Margherita J. Lamanno, personal rep. of the estate of Barbara Ann Lamanno, aka Barbara Lamanno, sold property at 1434 North Main St. and 72 Kellogg Road, Sheffield, to 1434 Main Street LLC, $370,000.

Susan Zucco and Ralph G. Lombardi Jr. sold property at 414 South Undermountain Road, Sheffield, to Jeffrey Heaton and Melonie Heaton, $67,500.

Gilian F. Shallcross sold property at 186 Bears Den Road, Sheffield, to Patrick Watson and Michele H. Pravda, $550,000.

Gail E. Garrett, personal rep. of the estate of Barbara G. West, sold property at 636 Silver St., Sheffield, to Jordan Hamowy and Nancy Lasher, $476,500.


Marc and Michael Teich and Jaime Teich Entner, trustees of the Jack Teich 2005 FT, sold property at Rattlesnake Road, Stockbridge, to Donna Elmendorf and Edward R. Shapiro, $149,000.

Wilma Michaels, trustee of the Wilma Michaels 1999 RVT, sold property at 19 Hawthorne Road, Unit CV7a, Stockbridge, to Steven J. Krebs, $885,000.

Gregory E. Bulger and Richard J. Dix, trustees of the 46 Interlaken Road RT, sold property at 46 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, to Andrew S. and Nancy M. Clayman, $1,049,000.


Lynn C. Goldberg, personal rep. of the estate of John Robert Moskin, aka John R. Moskin, aka J. Robert Moskin, sold property at Jerusalem Road, Tyringham, to Margaret Snider, trustee of the Alice Naylor Donald NT, $72,000.

West Stockbridge

Nicholas Warren Andersen sold property at 23 High St., West Stockbridge, to Marjorie M. Smith and Jessica A. Smith, $310,000.


James Arthur George sold property at 54 Oblong Road, Williamstown, to David R. Veltre and Julie E. Keosaian, $320,000.

Travis L. Kline and Elizabeth V. Martin sold property at 1039 Cold Spring Road, Williamstown, to Robert D. and Jane E. Seaman, $380,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989.