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Works created by five French artists are the subject of The Clark Art Institute's "A Change in the Light: The Cliché-verre in 19th-Century France," drawn from the "Forty Clichés-verre (Quarante Clichés-Glace)," a portfolio of prints made from a set of original glass plates, printed and released in 1921 by dealer and publisher Maurice Le Garrec. Le Garrec printed 150 portfolios, containing a print from each glass plate, as well as an additional five "special editions," each containing two variant prints of each plate.

Erin Sherriff's work is art that requires and rewards "close looking."

It requires "forensic attention to detail" as "things often aren’t quite what they seem," says Robert Wiesenberger, associate curator of contemporary projects at the Clark Art Institute, where Sherriff's work is now on view in its public spaces where patrons can view it without admission to the Clark.