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Eagle columnist D.R. Bahlman writes: "Doyle was seated at the bar at the former Del Gallo’s Restaurant on Newell Street in Pittsfield, where he occasionally held court. It was a Friday night, and I had repaired to 'DG’s' after finishing my shift as night general assignment reporter for this newspaper."

Eagle columnist D.R. Bahlman writes: "The increasingly acidic base of current national politics has curdled public display and enjoyment of the delicate blend of patience, humor and humanity that animal companions bring to anyone who wants them, and that’s too bad."

Eagle columnist D.R. Bahlman writes: "Apart from regularly scouring both the “independent” and original equipment manufacturer markets and collaborating closely with trusted mechanics, the victims of converter theft — or of the normal wear and tear on hundreds of other vehicle parts — may well have to just hurry up and wait."

Eagle columnist D.R. Bahlman writes: "It’s now generally agreed that the New York Gov. Rockefeller's drug laws were a fiasco. They were simple-minded solutions for complex problems and they were designed solely for political purposes. His folly comes to mind as I follow the story of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s petulant response to the influx of migrants seeking asylum in the U.S."