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A salad of cold tofu, tomatoes and peaches, with basil and mint. This dish is best served with greens or with rice noodles tossed in some of t…

Ground meat is less expensive than steaks or chicken breast, and can be “stretched” with added ingredients, like the always inexpensive and in…

Lemon and pomegranate syrup add tanginess to this Armenian soup.

Topped with milky ricotta, loads of herbs and bracing black pepper, this easy weeknight dish is a vacation in a bowl. 

A final sear directly over the heat gives the steak a burnished crust.Credit...

Smoke from chunks or chips of hardwood give the meat deep smoky flavor during the first stage of slow cooking.

Reverse-searing allows thick cuts of steak, such as tri-tip, top round and porterhouse, to cook to an even doneness and develop a charred crust.

Smoking a steak over low heat before finishing it over a hot fire ensures even cooking.

A versatile pot of polenta can accommodate pretty much anything you want to serve it with.