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This stand near Eisenhower Park in Abilene, Kansas, seen June 3, 1952, where the General will speak tomorrow, offers buffalo burgers. Curtis A…

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Victor Cobb (right), the manager of a dining room in Atlanta's Trailways Bus Terminal, asks African American sit down demonstrators to leave h…

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A free meal for the New England and New York contingent of hunger marchers in Elizabeth, NJ, Nov. 30, 1932, when they passed through en route …

Actor Paul Newman leans on an antique Popcorn Wagon munching on some of his "Newman's Own Oldstyle Picture Show Popcorn" on Aug. 2, 1984 in We…

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A worker's restaurant with a kitchen right outside the door is shown in this photo dated April 29, 1981. The chef prepares his dishes in front…

Some may be put off by the licorice flavor of fresh fennel, but Baer suggest giving it another try with different flavors. 

Don't throw away radish tops, instead use them in a fresh pesto. 

Cheese purveyors have been swept up in the video recipe phenomenon known as baked feta pasta.

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Oprah Winfrey and employees celebrate the opening of her new restaurant "the Eccentric" on Tuesday Feb. 21, 1989 in Chicago. (AP Photo/Jonathan Kirn)

Baking experts show how to transform simple sugar cookies into dazzling treats.