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At a bare minimum, Florida residents — who are paying their Verizon bills just to be underserved and ignored — should be able to expect such basic amenities like landlines to be in working order. That's especially critical in emergencies when seconds count, but it's also important for daily life in a town with spotty cellular and broadband service as well as a high percentage of elderly residents.

The dangers of living in a town with unreliable phone service became clear this week when an older man suffered a medical emergency. His wife dialed 911 on a landline but could not get through to a dispatcher. Her cellphone didn’t have a signal, either, so she ran to a neighbor’s house hoping their phone was working.

It was not.

With a newly laid foundation behind them, officials gathered Tuesday at the future Greylock Glen Outdoor Recreation and Nature Center to celebrate a project more than 50 years in the making. “I am a proud town administrator here, of the proud town of Adams — and this is a great day for us,” said Adams Town Administrator Jay Green.