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That was where I had my first real Josh Billings RunAground moment. An Ironman competitor and I were the only ones at Mah-Kee-Nac approaching 6 a.m., and we stood in silence for a stretch, watching the fog rise with the sun off a calm-as-glass Stockbridge Bowl. It was just a fleeting moment, amidst a day of controlled chaos that didn't end until after Mac Jones and the Patriots had milked out the clock on a win over the Jets and my seven-month-old son and I drove around south Berkshire County collecting equipment in the twilight.

In the 45th edition of The Josh Billings RunAground, Allen Heights Veterinary foursome might have come up a bit short in an effort to break a record they set back in 2017, but cyclist Josh Lipka, paddlers Tom Keefe and Ben Pigott, and runner Steve Monsulick, became the first team to win five consecutive Josh titles with the same four racers.