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James Brooke writes: "If firewood prices rise this autumn in the Berkshires, blame Vladimir Putin. After six months of war in Ukraine, Putin’s military offensive has stalled. As winter looms, Putin is playing the energy card. Analysts say Russia is deliberately forcing Europe into its most severe energy crisis since the Arab oil shock of 1973."

On the silver screen at PS21’s bucolic open-sided pavilion theater on Aug. 11, the 1930 Ukrainian silent film “Earth” by Oleksandr Dovzhenko will show peasants farming amid scenes of extraordinary natural beauty from a long-forgotten, utopian world. Accompanying these images in elaborate folk costumes complete with tall black lambskin hats, the four musicians and singers of Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha will form harmonies evoking a distant time and place, steeped in the ethnic and regional roots of their beleaguered country.