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As I write this column, the Berkshires are covered with a sheet of ice and I wish I had saved some of the cocoa mix and marshmallows I made this Christmas for myself. There’s nothing else on my agenda today, so I’m going to make some for myself. Don’t be intimidated by making the marshmallows. It can be a sticky mess, but they are well worth it!

Since retiring from The Berkshire Eagle, I’ve been clearing my home of, for lack of a better word, "stuff" I don’t want, don’t need or haven’t used in years. 

I threw out an accordion file of recipes clipped from magazines and newspapers after seeing how thick the dust was on it. I’m now mired in the literally thousands of recipes I’ve stashed online … I’ve decided to try one recipe a week, deleting those that aren’t up to my standards or tastes, and moving those I like to my binder. Last weekend, I tried a carrot quiche.

A few weeks ago, Steve and Elinor Long invited me to have lunch with them, their daughter, Karen, and Connie Barton in Bennington, Vt. It was a wonderful lunch, with many topics being discussed — including food and recipes. Connie asked if I had a recipe for Pompadour pudding, which I had never heard of. She told me she and her brother used to ask to have this on a regular basis, and it was a custard pudding served with a dollop of a light chocolate meringue-type frosting.