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Nine Berkshire County-based cultural venues have received 2022 grants from the state's Cultural Facilities Fund, which is administered by Mass. Development and the Mass. Cultural Council, and is slated for infrastructure improvements. 

On view through the end of the year, the show brings two artists into a gallery space through photos, videos, and posters. Each is in tune with how their work puts bodies in motion to untangle the threads binding us about race and gender, capitalism and colonialism. Each is grounded in a deep tradition — ballet — with its systems of authority and rules, and fully explores the idea of resistance and freedom that comes from consciously breaking away.

When entering the third floor exhibition space of Mass MoCA's Building 4, the vast openness of the gallery is striking. The emptiness is intentional, as Amy Hauft's three-piece installation, "700,000:1 | Terra + Luna + Sol," is all about individual perspective and self-awareness; about our individual scale in relation to what's around us, to the greater universe.