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FILE - Relatives of servicemen who died during the Russian Special military operation in Donbas pose for a photo holding portraits of Russian soldiers killed during a fighting in Ukraine after attending the Immortal Regiment march through a street marking the 77th anniversary of the end of World War II, in Sevastopol, Crimea, May 9, 2022. Three months after it invaded Ukraine hoping to overtake the country in a blitz, Russia has bogged down in what increasingly looks like a war of attrition with no end in sight. (AP Photo, File)

A solar power array in Olmedilla de Alarcon, Spain. "We’re the ones detached from reality if we keep accepting what the oil industry and the g…

A Ukrainian soldier stands with with a captured Russian T-80BVM main battle tank on May 12 in Hrushuvakha, on the road west of Izyum in the Kh…

The national average price for diesel fuel hit an all-time high of $5.16 per gallon on Friday, breaking the previous mark that had been set on March 10 by 1 cent, according to GasBuddy.

State and local gas prices have halted their upward trajectory this week, with the average prices falling 9 cents in Massachusetts and 7 cents in the Berkshires, according to AAA Northeast.

I still see a difficult first half of the year that will probably spill over into the summer. Sure, we can have relief rallies like we are in right now. But, for me to become more bullish, I would need to see earnings bottom, inflation subside and the Fed to stop tightening monetary policy. Don’t hold your breath.