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John Fitzgerald Kennedy never made it through his one term as president of the United States but his brief tenure and his life leading up to his presidency are well-chronicled. However, the Brookline native’s links to the Berkshires in the far west of his state are not as well known. That has been addressed in a recently published posthumous memoir, “The Human Touch: My Friendship And Work With President John F. Kennedy” by John G. W. Mahanna.

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People still want an actual printed newspaper. Here are the people who help make it happen.

Only a few things could separate the Pierce twins — a broken shoulder, a marriage and death. 

Mary Abbe and Martha Anne, who held the title of "oldest twins in New England" from January 1929 until August 1934, spent the majority of their 90 years together, living in the house in which they were born in Savoy. 

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On Saturday, Nov. 5, 1932, just days before the presidential election, Anna Laurens Dawes, 81, known as the "grand lady of Pittsfield," took to the airwaves to urge every Republican to head to the polls that Tuesday.

Being from the Berkshires, birthplace of the most famous suffragette, Susan B. Anthony, Dawes' ardent push for voters to head to the polls doesn't seem out of place — until you consider she, just a dozen years prior, was the leading anti-suffragette of Western Massachusetts, if not the state.