Homebuilding is an equation with more variables than constants. First, you have to shuffle through seemingly infinite floor plans in the hopes of finding something that meets, at least, most of your needs. There’s the complicated process of assembling the right experts across an array of specialties. Then there’s sourcing, transporting, and storing quality materials as they’re needed. And all of that depends on the predictability of the notoriously unpredictable New England weather.

What if you could eliminate some of those variables?

That’s the idea behind Harvest Homes’ panelized construction system. Each of the company’s highly-customizable floor plans is brought from blueprint to reality in a controlled manufacturing facility, then transported to your job site in pre-built sections that are then assembled, often over the course of just days, by a trusted local construction partner.

As of this fall, Morrison’s Home Improvements, based in Lenox, is one of those partners.

Morrison’s will provide everything you will need, from initial planning to final finishing services for your Harvest Homes project, using their decades of building experience in the Berkshires to make the panelized home construction process as streamlined and stress-free as possible.


Panelization is essentially the ‘flat-pack’ approach to pre-fabricated homes. Rather than building the entire structure from the ground up, the house arrives onsite in easily transported panels, which can be quickly assembled and made weathertight in a matter of days.

The bulk of the construction actually takes place in the Harvest Homes production facility, about 20 miles outside Albany, N.Y. There, Harvest Home builders construct each of the individual pieces in a climate-controlled indoor environment.

This building technique means the materials spend much less time exposed to the elements, and the damage they can do. It also means that the project’s timeline is far less dependent on good weather. Harvest Homes’ computer-programmed precision equipment eliminates mismeasurements and maximizes the efficient use of materials, saving you both time and money.

The on-site finish work — plumbing, electric, etc. — is also coordinated by Morrison's Home Improvements, your Harvest Homes approved contractor. Morrison's and Harvest Homes Prefab Home Builders are experts on both local codes and Harvest Homes’ unique panelized construction system. They also have access to Harvest Homes’ design and drafting departments, ensuring clear communication across every stage of the building process.

Morrison’s Home Improvements, based in Lenox, became an authorized Harvest Homes builder this fall.

“We chose Harvest Homes for two of our own projects, an Addition to my home and a three-bay garage for our business location,” explained Steve C. Morrison, owner and president of Morrison’s Home Improvements. “The cost, quality, time frame, and environmental impact were all factors in our decision. We were so pleased with both projects we decided to become the local representatives for Harvest Homes.”


Beyond the convenience and cost savings, panelized home building is a way to greatly reduce the ecological impact of construction.

Traditional building methods generate a substantial amount of waste. Cast-off material, be it the scraps created when the material is trimmed to fit, or product damaged by the elements, has to be managed throughout the construction process, and then safely disposed of.

The Harvest Homes process simplifies waste concerns by limiting the amount of waste created in the first place. Their computerized systems ensure precise cuts on the first try, reducing the amount of trimming to be done on-site, and the indoor construction system means there won’t be materials ruined by rain, cold or inconsiderate wildlife that will require disposal.

Panelized homes are energy efficient, too.

With most of the construction occurring in a climate-controlled facility, Harvest Homes construction method involves substantially less energy, waste, and the transportation of materials, again saving time and money. Similarly, the panels are more compact and easier to move than a conventional modular home, so fewer trucks are needed to get them from the factory to the jobsite.

Furthermore, Harvest Homes Panelized Homes are built to be as energy efficient as possible, with state-of-the-art insulation, windows, sheathing, and roofing to reduce both, the amount of fuel consumed to keep the home comfortable throughout the year and the size of your monthly heating bill.

So if the complexity of home building is what’s holding you back from creating the house you’ve always dreamed of, contact Morrison’s Home Improvements to learn more about how Harvest Homes can streamline the process. It might not be as difficult as you think.

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