If you’re a diehard cycling enthusiast, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can keep you from the roads and trails. But for the rest of us, inclement weather and temperature extremes may have us rethinking the need for outdoor speed.

If you’re in that latter group, it’s still possible to get the feel of the wild while safely tucked away inside your domicile. You may not have the breeze from the Berkshires blowing through your hair, but technology has delivered the next best thing.

Berkshire Bike and Board has experts in every aspect of cycling – even the indoors type of machine that literally goes nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

Ethan Simon, in-house content creator for BBB, recently looked at the virtual island of Watopia on Zwift, for a BBB newsletter. He pointed out the biggest differences between riding through Central Park via Zwift and cycling in the real-world New York City landmark.

At the end of the day, he surmised that the real Central Park was “a lot meaner than the nice people on Zwift.” There are no horses to soil your machine or your outfit, no kids or vendors blocking pathways and no pedantic pedalists criticizing minor mistakes.

Simon also reviewed KICKR Smart Trainer by Wahoo Fitness by going beyond the specs, which are available just about anywhere, and explaining the advantages to the rider beyond keeping dry in rain or snow.

“I want to tell you about what an indoor trainer will actually do for you,” he wrote in another recent newsletter. “Quite frankly it will make you stronger.”

Indoor training can be an absolute game-changer for riding, but understanding your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) could be essential to help you maximize the gains, according to Cycling Weekly. FTP effectively measures in watts the power you can hold for an hour. The term is ubiquitous amongst cyclists, a common measure of fitness that can even be a source of competition among some riders, Cycling Weekly’s article stated.

“Last summer I became a trainer addict. I was on the thing every single night for an hour or two,” Simon said. “Every day I would come into Berkshire Bike and Board and brag about my few point increases in my FTP.

“To be quite honest, what is more important is your power-to-weight ratio and not your FTP. But it was still fun to watch the numbers crawl higher.”

There was a time when these power meters were used just by the pros and a handful of very dedicated athletes. But with more and better indoor bikes and smart turbo trainers, more riders have access to becoming better at the sport.

And that’s the goal of Berkshire Bike and Board, to ensure customers get the most out of their cycling experiences.

“We are knowledgeable about all the physical trainers and equipment, even though we do not sell the software,” said Jay Elling, the store’s marketing and e-commerce manager. “The software is key for the customers’ full enjoyment and thorough use of any trainer they buy, so I guess it’s mandatory for us to be knowledgeable about the apps and software.”

To learn more about the differences in trainers, smart bikes and everything under the sun in the world of indoor cycling, customers are urged to come to the Pittsfield or Great Barrington locations to test out a Kickr bike, Tacx trainer and take a spin on the virtual island of Watopia on Zwift.

“Our very knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to talk you through the differences in brands and apps,” Elling said.