East Coast Refinishing

For more than 20 years, East Coast Refinishing and Surface Stripping, Inc. has built a multi-faceted business serving the needs of home and automobile owners throughout the Berkshires. Growing from sandblasting and painting, East Coast Refinishing helps professional builders and automakers or individual home and auto owners with everything from painting, insulations, bedliners, and undercoating.

Most recently, East Coast Refinishing added fabrication and welding services to its repertoire - aiding local builders, architects and homeowners with structural steel and handrail needs.

East Coast Refinishing recruits the most talented and skilled tradespeople in all the facets of the business, enabling this decades-old company to grow from its humble painting roots to the high-quality and safety-first industry it is now. The family-owned business began operations in 1999.

Come see how East Coast Refinishing & Surface Stripping can take care of your residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Kelly Anderson is sponsored content senior contributor.