Sports Editor

Mike Walsh is sports editor at The Berkshire Eagle. He's been with The Eagle since 2017. Walsh also authors the NENPA-winning Powder Report column. He's an avid snowboarder, runner, homebrewer, and he used to play a pretty mean sousaphone.

Thunderbolt trail downhill

The Thunderbolt has been a powder-hound paradise for the past week, with the Thunderbolt Ski Race set to return Saturday morning.

There’s no better chance to feel and act like a kid than on a snow day.

The night-before alerts on social media have certainly taken away some of that thrill we millennials felt, eagerly watching the ticker at the bottom of our TV screens at 6 a.m. in backwards pajamas, but I’d argue the nostalgia persists.

bellows pipe hiker

Eagle sports editor Mike Walsh hiked the Bellows Pipe Trail on Tuesday ahead of the Thunderbolt Ski Race on Saturday.


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