grace soule skis

Grace Soule skied to an individual win in Week 5 of the Berkshire County Alpine season, while also helping her Monument Mountain Spartans to a fifth straight victory.

PITTSFIELD — With one week remaining on the Berkshire County Alpine schedule, only two points separate three boys teams in the race for a league title.

While the Monument Mountain Spartans have wrapped up a girls championship by winning all five weeks thus far, the boys competition is red hot.

Lenox took Weeks 1 and 2, and then won Monday night at Bousquet to head into the finale with 46 points. The Monument boys were second in each of the first three weeks, before winning Week 4, and now have 45 points. Wahconah won Week 3 and was runner-up each of the past two races for 43 points.

On the girls side, Monument’s 50 are six more than second-place Pittsfield, an insurmountable lead with one week remaining. The season-finale is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 13 at Bousquet.

In Monday’s giant slalom at Bousquet, there was a shakeup atop the individual leaderboards. Pittsfield’s Charlie Heimann elevated into the top spot on the boys side, after Kitson Stover of Monument won two races last week. Heimann crossed the finish line in 45.24 seconds, besting Lenox’s Rocco Piretti by .39, and Wahconah’s Alex Sternerup by .60. Stover was fourth in 46.48, with Monument teammate Declan Logan in fifth. Bronley Boyd in seventh gave the Spartans three in the top 10, but their final scorer finished 18th, opening the door for Lenox and Wahconah.

Lenox’s team time was 191.61, with Wahconah and Monument both in the 192s. Piretti was helped along by Noah Kirby in 10th, Michael Piretti in 12th and Oliver Kirby and Owen Tanner back-to-back in 14th and 15th.

Wahconah added Mitchell Scalise to the top 10 in eighth. Taconic was led by Donald Tanner in sixth.

The win was Heimann’s second of the season.

Monument was dominant in the girls race, finishing all six of its skiers inside the top 10, led by Soule’s first win of the season. She put down a 49.88 time to unseat Pittsfield’s Grace Ungewitter. Ungewitter, who had won three straight races, was .25 seconds off Soule’s pace in 50.13

Monument’s Loghan Strzepa, who won the season-opener, was third on Monday in 50.77. There was a two-second drop-off after the top three, but fellow Spartan skier Ava Consolati landed fourth, with only Lenox’s Aliza Munch separating them from two more Monument athletes. Munch was fifth in 53.41, before Ella Saupe and Annette Boyko wrapped up Monument’s win with a combined time of 207.27.

Ungewitter’s Generals were second with 225.33, with Isabella Scalise landing 10th. Lenox had Ella Hall eighth, while Monument’s Stella Wright was ninth.



Team Results — 1. Lenox 191.61; 2. Wahconah 192.61; 3. Monument Mountain 192.85; 4. Taconic 202.05; 5. Pittsfield 202.33.

Individuals — 1. Heimann (P) 45.24; 2. R. Piretti (LX) 45.63; 3. Sternerup (W) 45.84; 4. Stover (MM) 46.48; 5. Logan (MM) 46.96; 6. D. Tanner (T) 47.13; 7. Boyd (MM) 47.17; 8. M. Scalise (W) 47.37; 9. Scott (T) 48.10; 10. Kirby (LX) 48.44; 11. Dunham (W) 48.60; 12. M. Piretti (LX) 48.65; 13. Roccabruna (P) 48.87; 14. Kirby (LX) 48.89; 15. O. Tanner (LX) 50.00.


Team Results — 1. Monument 207.27; 2. Pittsfield 225.33; 3. Lenox 230.58; 4. Taconic 1183.29; 5. Wahconah 2102.15.

Individuals — 1. Soule (MM) 49.88; 2. Ungewitter (P) 50.13; 3. Strzepa (MM) 50.77; 4. Consolati (MM) 53.00; 5. Munch (LX) 53.41; 6. Saupe (MM) 53.62; 7. Boyko (MM) 53.70; 8. Hall (LX) 54.12; 9. Wright (MM) 54.42; 10. Scalise (P) 55.55; 11. Noyes (P) 56.75; 12. Bouchard (W) 56.92; 13. Scalise-Lampiasi (LX) 58.91; 14. Slocik (T) 59.70; 15. Penna (P) 62.90.