LENOX — Following up on the success of the virtual Josh Billings RunAground, race director Patty Spector has teamed up with Big Elm Brew Brewing on another event coming in November.

The Kennedy Park Challenge presents a unique opportunity for local hikers, trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts to participate for free.

“It’s a great way to keep people active and motivated in these COVID times,” Spector wrote in an email.

The Challenge is actually made up of three separate events. The first is the toughest mentally, requiring trailblazers to traverse all 43 trails in Kennedy Park in the shortest distance. The trails themselves own a total distance of 15.7 miles, but this challenge will involve a fair amount of overlapping and backtracking.

The second challenge encorporates strength and stamina, as all trails must be covered in the shortest amount of time. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with the first challenge in that to be the fastest, you’ll want to travel the least distance necessary. This challenge will be broken down into divisions for biking, running and hiking.

Thirdly, is a mystery challenge that will involve a scavenger hunt within the Kennedy Park trails.

“The KPC is like an exercise puzzle,” writes Spector. “You get both body and mind in one fun event!”

There will be divisions for each challenge, including age, retired vs. working, parents with children and an open category for all. Anyone can join any or all of the challenges.

There is no time limit on the challenges, which may be completed over a series of days, but must be conducted entirely between the dates of Nov. 1 and 15.

Spector has set up a Facebook page for the event, where results can be posted by competitors via an app like Strava to show the cumulative times and distances.

“If you don’t finish the whole park in one day, then you start recording Strava (or other app) on Day 2 where you ended up on Day 1, and so on,” Spector wrote. “That way you can post all of your legs for an accurate account.”

Prizes are being donated by Big Elm Brewing out of Sheffield.

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