high school boys cross country ski race

Skiers take off from the starting line in heats, starting with the varsity boys race, for a cross-country ski race at Notchview Reservation in Windsor. Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

WINDSOR — For the first time this winter, the Berkshire League was able to hold a meet away from a school campus.

The county’s cross-country skiers descended on Notchview Reservation on Wednesday afternoon for a wave start race.

The Mount Greylock boys and Lenox girls were victorious both individually and as a team.

Mary Elliot collected her second first-place finish of the season, while helping guide her Millionaires to 15 points and a 15-point margin over second-place Mount Greylock. Elliot crossed the finish line in 16 minutes, 44 seconds.

For Oliver Swabey, it was victory No. 1 of the season, though the third straight race in which a Mountie has claimed the top prize. After back-to-back wins by Quinn McDermott, Swabey charged in on Wednesday at finished the course in 14:47. He only narrowly edged Hoosac Valley’s Justin Levesque, who was runner-up in 14:50.

McDermott slipped to eighth, but still figured into the team results as Greylock’s fourth finisher. Teague Murphy and Jude Bakija went back-to-back in fifth and sixth place for the Mounties.

The Wahconah boys finished second, falling to Greylock 20-35. Fritz Sanders had a strong day, finishing third in 15:09. Lenox’s Thomas LEger was fourth in 15:11.

For Elliot, it was a race against a pair of teammates and one sibling. Grace Elliot was second, finishing in 16:52, eight seconds behind Mary. Next across in the timing was fellow Millionaire Aidan Burns for a podium sweep. Medija Rudzinskaite was ninth overall and Lenox’s fourth finisher.

Greylock was led by Lily McDermott in fourth in 18:03, with Anne Miller in sixth and Cornelia Swabey in eighth. Wahconah’s Quinn Walton nailed down a top-five spot with a time of 18:13, edging Miller by a second.

The teams are scheduled to race next at Prospect Mountain in Vermont on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. The state championship meet will also be at Prospect, on Tuesday at 11 a.m.


Team Results — 1. Mount Greylock 20; 2. Wahconah 35; 3. Lenox 48; 4. Amherst 82; 5. Mohawk 102.
Individual Top 15 — 1. Swabey (MG) 14:47; 2. Levesque (HV) 14:50; 3. Sanders (W) 15:09; 4. Leger (LX) 15:11; 5. Murphy (MG) 15:53; 6. Bakija (MG) 15:55; 7. Woodruff (A) 15:56; 8. McDermott (MG) 16:00; 9. Andersen (W) 16:21; 10. Scholz (HV) 16:36; 11. Garcia (W) 16:39; 12. Duma (W) 16:41; 13. Love (LX) 16:43; 14. Gladu (W) 16:49; 15. Jolly (LX) 16:56.
Team Results — 1. Lenox 15; 2. Mount Greylock 30; 3. Wahconah 39; 4. Mohawk 72; 5. Amherst 92.
Individual Top 15 — 1. M. Elliot (LX) 16:44; 2. G. Elliot (LX) 16:52; 3. Burns (LX) 17:34; 4. McDermott (MG) 18:03; 5. Walton (W) 18:13; 6. A. Miller (MG) 18:14; 7. Mahar (W) 18:16; 8. Swabey (MG) 18:55; 9. Rudzinskaite (LX) 19:00; 10. Mahon-Moore (M) 19:01; 11. Collins (LX) 19:15; 12. L. Miller (MG) 19:21; 13. Sommers (W) 19:31; 14. (tie) Langenheim (W) and Gill (MG) 19:42.