On Oct. 7, 2020, Tom Sullivan died tragically when a tree collapsed onto his golf cart during a violent storm that swept through Wyantenuck Country Club in Great Barrington. In an instant, the world of golf lost a respected PGA Professional.

In Episode 2, Sullivan is remembered by childhood friends who knew Tom growing up and attending high school in central Massachusetts. Hear from Jay Dolan III, a former PGA Tour player who grew up about 200 yards from Sullivan outside of Worcester. Dolan tutored Sully and helped foster his drive of playing pro golf, and more specifically the art of putting. Sully caddied for Dolan at the PV Classic at Pleasant Valley in front of 140,000 people on the Tour. Seeing the best players in the world, and working alongside them

"We had a match in high school, at [Hillcrest Country Club], he was just beating me like a drum, not with anything but his putter," Shane Grier says on the episode. "I think it was the 16th hole, he had something like 12 one-putts. I got so frustrated I whipped my putter into the woods. Tommy walked in after it and came out with it and said, 'hey, nice putter, if you don't want it I'll keep it.'

"He was a good guy to play with, even at that age."

That charisma and charm was what first drew Dolan to Sully.

"He was born with that. I've only known two people in my life, Arnold Palmer and Tommy Sullivan, that had that complete magic where everybody loved them," said Dolan. "It's just the way he was, he had a natural ability for people to enjoy him."

Sully, the 10-episode narrative podcast series, is produced by Dominic Dastoli, in association with Wyantenuck Country Club and the Northeastern New York PGA. The series will be hosted by The Berkshire Eagle, with a new episode dropping each weekend beginning Nov. 6. To listen, visit BerkshireEagle.com/sports.

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