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Pittsfield's Kieran Coscia won the discus and shot put on Friday night at Monument Mountain.

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Pittsfield’s Meredith McCandless is the No. 1 seed in girls javelin at the Division I Central/Western Mass. championships.

GREAT BARRINGTON — Anthony Telladira doubled over after a tremendous kick in the 800, letting out a guttural yell, Harry Touloukian and Dennis Love didn't wait until they got across the finish line before pumping fists in celebration, and Kieran Santos won four events in his final home meet at Monument Mountain.

All that and more highlighted a sunny afternoon in Great Barrington, where the Lenox girls picked up a pair of wins over Monument and Pittsfield, the PHS boys continued their string of unbeaten meets with 93 points, and Santos' Spartans earned a thin 5-point win over Lenox.

The Lenox girls won 75-65 over Monument and 74.66-60.33 over PHS. Pittsfied's boys won 93-48 over Lenox, while Monument boys topped the Millionaires 69-64.

While the Lenox boys were on the short-end of the team results stick, they were responsible for some monumental individual efforts. Namely, Touloukian and Love who claimed the distance categories. Lenox entered all its top milers Friday evening, and put four boys under 5 minutes, with Touloukian out-kicking his teammates over the final lap to win in a new county-best 4:44.77.

"He's done that before, in our time trial before the season," said senior Colin Young, who finished third. "But he hadn't done it since, so I wasn't sure he still had it in him. He raced it really well, he's a super strong athlete and he's going to have a great year next year."

The junior Touloukian, along with seniors Ted Yee, Young and Andre Collins all qualified for sectionals by ducking under 4:50. Love took the 2 mile in 10:39.98.

"At the level we're at now, where we can choose what we want to do, you have to take into account the rest of the state," said Young, who has also qualified in the 2 mile. "We ran a really awesome mile today, but there are a lot of great milers, so maybe we'd be more competitive in the 2 mile."

Santos was the guy all over his home track, taking home wins in the 100 and 200 dashes, while simultaneously besting the field in both the high jump and long jump.

"I'm still up in the air right now," said Santos about choosing events for sectionals. "I'm definitely doing the long jump and 100. It's tough because I do four events every meet. We don't have a ton of kids, so coach needs me in it for the point, which is totally understandable. Honestly, I felt like I jumped really poorly in our last meet, so today really gave me back that confidence there in the high jump for next week."

For the boys, though, Pittsfield High carried the day. When Connor Hayford and Kieran Coscia battle it out in the field, pit or cage, it's always the Generals who benefit. The PHS teammates swept the top two spots in all three throwing events, with Coscia winning shot put and discus, and finishing runner-up to Hayford in javelin. Coscia's 133-foot, 7-inch discus hurl matches the county-best mark this season.

"Me and Connor are good friends, we went into the year with discus has always been my thing and jav has been his. In shot we kind of butt heads. He out-threw me in the first couple of meets, and then I was able to pop 48 feet in our last meet," said Coscia. "He always opens every meet saying he's going to beat me, and I just say nope. We're both within a couple feet of school records, so we're really pushing each other."

Elsewhere for the Pittsfield boys was a win for Sincere Moorer in the triple jump, improving his county-leading number, along with a pair of relay wins in the 4x100 and 4x800. In the 4x100, running without star senior Emmanuel Nda, Christopher Ngo took over the anchor leg and held off challenger Dennis Penny and Monument by .16 seconds. 

Grace Elliot

Lenox’s Grace Elliot finished with the fourth-fastest time in the 2 mile at the D-II Track and Field Championship on Thursday. She was also part of the 4x800 team that took fifth place for the Millionaires.

The PHS 4x800 team of Anthony Telladira, David Babineau, Quinten Coughlin-Walton and Peter Brietmaier absolutely scorched the track at Monument to the tune of a 9:00.73, beating the current county standard by 22 seconds.

Telladira may have had the day's biggest performance of the day. He entered the final lap of the 800 behind both Lenox's Ely Carrol and Monument's Gavin Santos — two of the county's top five 800 runners — but cranked it up to another level over the last 200 meters and finished in a new Berkshires-best 2:04.63.

For Monument, Lucien Firth took the 400, and Quinn Redpath continued duking it out in the hurdles. After tying Pittsfield's Lucas Benoit in the 110 highs, Redpath jostled his way back in front in the 400 hurdles, finishing in 1:04 even. Redpath also ran the third leg of the winning 4x400 team with Gavin Santos, Justin Hawkins and Firth.

On the girls side of things, the Elliot sisters from Lenox combined for five individual victories, with Mary Elliot sweeping the 100 and 200 sprints and then trying her hand at shot put. She improved her season lead in the 200 with a 59.25. Grace Elliot won the 800 and the 1 mile, setting a new county-best this season with a 5:37.91 mile. The duo each had a hand in a relay victory as well, with Mary running the anchor leg of the winning 4x400 team and Grace opening up for the winning 4x800 team.

"I think we're entering our tapering phase to try and hit that peak right at the end of the year for Western/Central," said Mary Elliot. "Our coaches are great about lining all that up. So we're looking to rest up, do a few workouts and bring our best for the end of the season."

Those two weren't even the only multiple-event victors on their own team, though. Junior Solia Schmid was a tri-winner, taking home firsts in the 200, 100 hurdles and discus. Schmid was second in the 400, completing an 18-point day. 

The Lenox girls earned a clean sweep of the straight track events, with Julianne Harwood placing first in the 2 mile.

Monument Mountain's Abby Dohoney took firsts in both the long jump and triple jump, tying teammate Olivia Ruggiero in the long and besting Ruggiero in the triple. The Spartans also got wins from Lily Fredsall, who cleared 100 feet in javelin for the first time to qualify for sectionals, and Shannon Pollard in the 400 hurdles.

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Monument Mountain's Kieran Santos was a four-event winner on Friday in his final home meet.

For Pittsfield, Randi Duquette set a new PR in the high jump, qualified for sectionals and catapults herself an inch shy of the county lead with a leap over the 4-11 bar. She also ran the anchor leg of the winning 4x100 team with sister Jamie Duquette, Tessa Tierney and CeCe Supranowicz.

“It’s been crazy. COVID was so unfortunate, but we’re all just so happy to be out here together again,” said Pittsfield standout Meredith McCandless, who lugged a baton as the anchor leg in the 4x400, finishing to a chorus of her name in chants from her Generals teammates. "We only have one more meet Monday to squeak in and qualify. Usually we have Western Mass. before Western/Central. For javelin you went from needing an 80 to qualify to needing like a 97. But I think that pushed a lot of people."

McCandless was speaking from experience. While she said she lost to her best friend on Friday night, McCandless still owns the county's top javelin throw and will compete in sectionals next week.

"My best friend beat me," she said with a smile. "But that's a good thing, though!"

100-meter dash — 1. M. Elliot (L) 13.43; 2. R. Duquette (P) 13.57; 3. J. Duquette (P) 14.18.
200 — 1. S. Schmid (L) 27.84; 2. I. Costella (MM) 29.57; 3. L. de Movellan (MM) 29.57.
400 — 1. M. Elliot (L) 59.25; 2. S. Schmid (L) 1:05.26; 3. A. Gamberoni (MM) 1:05.78.

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800 — 1. G. Elliot (L) 2:35.41; 2. M. McCandless (P) 2:38.24; 3. S. Ferris (P) 2:40.28.
1 Mile — 1. G. Elliot (L) 5:37.91; 2. A. Burns (L) 6:00.79; 3. E. Huth (L) 6:01.61.
2 Mile — 1. J. Harwood (L) 12:58.42; 2. M. Rocheleau-Holmes (MM) 13:25.42; 3. A.Touloukian 13:31.37.
100 Hurdles — 1. S. Schmid (L) 18.31; 2. L. Helmke (MM) 18.46; 3. B. Penna (P) 19.68.
400 Hurdles — 1. S. Pollard (MM) 1:19.84; 2. M. Mason (MM) 1:21.55; 3. B. Penna (P) 1:23.34.
4x100 Relay — 1. Pittsfield (T. Tierney, C. Supranowicz, J. Duquette, R. Duquette) 54.05; 2. Monument Mountain A 54.77; 3. Monument B 57.16.
4x400 Relay — 1. Lenox (E. Scrimo, S. Reber, K. Villinski, M. Elliot) 4:23.94; 2. Pittsfield 4:32.08; 3. Monument Mountain 4:41.59.
4x800 Relay — 1. Lenox (G. Elliot, G. Collins, A. Burns, E. Huth) 10:24.50; 2. Lenox B 11:45.05; 3. Monument Mountain 11:45.57.
High Jump — 1. R. Duquette (P) 4-11; 2. (tie) A. Dohoney (MM), K. Havens (MM), I. Costella (MM) 4-08.
Long Jump — 1. (tie) A. Dohoney (MM), O. Ruggiero (MM) 13-04.5; 3. I. Costella (MM) 12-00.25.
Triple Jump — 1. A. Dohoney (MM) 29-04.75; 2. O. Ruggiero (MM) 27-10.25; 3. M. McCandless (P) 26-10.25.
Shot Put — 1. M. Elliot (L) 24-00; 2. D. Grosz (P) 22-02; 3. S. Tierney (P) 21-05.
Discus — 1. S. Schmid (L) 76-04; 2. D. Grosz (P) 75-05; 3. (tie) S. Tierney (P), G. Collins (L) 71-03.
Javelin — 1. L. Fredsall (MM) 100-08; 2. D. Grosz (P) 94-09; 3. M. McCandless (P) 93-11.
100-meter dash — 1. K. Santos (MM) 11.77; 2. T. Yee (L) 12.10; 3. J. Ofori (P) 12.35.
200 — 1. K. Santos (MM) 23.68; 2. Q. Redpath (MM) 24.11; 3. I. Bridges (L) 25-02.
400 — 1. L. Firth (MM) 55.00; 2. I. Bridges (L) 55.07; 3. J. Hawkins (MM) 55.30.
800 — 1. A. Telladira (P) 2:04.63; 2. E. Carrol (L) 2:05.54; 3. G. Santos (MM) 2:08.83.
1 Mile — 1. H. Touloukian (L) 4:44.77; 2. T. Yee (L) 4:47.52; 3. C. Young (L) 4:47.91.
2 Mile — 1. D. Love (L) 10:39.98; 2. M. Adam (L) 10:52.26; 3. J. Archey (P) 10:58.25.
100 Hurdles — 1. (tie) Q. Redpath (MM), L. Benoit (P) 18.20; 3. E. Trainor (P) 20.45.
400 Hurdles — 1. Q. Redpath (MM) 1:04.00; 2. L. Benoit (P) 1:07.15; 3. E. Trainor (P) 1:09.50.
4x100 Relay — 1. Pittsfield (J. Ofori, S. Moorer, C. Pringle, C. Ngo) 47.58; 2. Monument Mountain 47.74.
4x400 Relay — 1. Monument Mountain (G. Santos, J. Hawkins, Q. Redpath, L. Firth) 3:39.39; 2. Lenox 4:00.01.
4x800 Relay — 1. Pittsfield (A. Telladira, D. Babineau, Q. Coughlan-Walton, P. Brietmaier) 9:00.73; 2. Lenox 9:58.08.
High Jump — 1. K. Santos (MM) 5-10; 2. C. Pringle (P) 5-08; 3. (tie) J. Hawkins (MM), S. Moorer (P) 5-04.
Long Jump — 1. K. Santos (MM) 19-04; 2. S. Moorer (P) 18-05.5; 3. I. Bridges (L) 18-01.25.
Triple Jump — 1. S. Moorer (P) 41-02.5; 2. L. Firth (MM) 37-07.5; 3. E. Trainor (P) 30-10.5.
Shot Put — 1. K. Coscia (P) 43-11; 2. C. Hayford (P) 43-00; 3. L. Tonini (MM) 34-11.
Discus — 1. K Coscia (P) 133-07; 2. C. Hayford (P) 98-09; 3. A. Collins (L) 95-00.
Javelin — 1. C. Hayford (P) 147-07; 2. K. Coscia (P) 140-11; 3. A. Collins (L) 136-02.

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