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Alec Jordan and Tom Hedges play hockey on the ice at the Stockbridge Bowl in Stockbridge on Wednesday. While it has been cold enough to freeze the lake ice, there has been very little snow thus far this season, resulting in rare skatable conditions.

Friday, Jan. 18, 2019

Happy Friday, everyone. To those of you pulling shifts on the weekend, my condolences; I feel your pain.

And in the news: Tanglewood announced in the wee hours this morning that it will honor Joyce Linde, her late husband Edward H. Linde, and family members for their leadership gifts to help fund what will now be known as the Linde Center for Music and Learning.

A pregnant woman was involved in an East Street collision in Pittsfield.

Everyone coughing in the office? You'll want to enclose your cubicle after you read this.

People came out in droves to see the new Taconic High School, which is giving students a 21st century education, with lots of bells and whistles.

And don't forget to check out these other headlines ...

NO NUTS ALLOWED: A woman sues Canyon Ranch after she eats a veggie burger that contained cashews, to which she's allergic. 

ST. AGNES' CHIEF RETIRING: An educator for 43 years, James Stankiewicz hands over the reins as headmaster at Saint Agnes Academy in Dalton.

READY THE SHOVELS: A big, nasty storm is headed this way.  Will you be prepared?

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Very best,

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Photo by Joel Librizzi
Here is a view of North Street in the Blizzard of 1978 looking south near the old Palace Theater.

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