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Monday, Jan. 21, 2019

Stay warm today, my friends! That is my wish for you. Temps are going to be brutal, and the wind chill even worse. As we speak, my poor Kia is frozen outside, waiting for a jump-start. Inside, my fingers are cold, curled and immobile (somewhat), like a character in a Jack London novel.

In the news, North Adams will have a new city clerk come Tuesday; fear not, she's a trusted and familiar face around City Hall.

A conundrum for the Berkshire District Attorney's Office, as its new leader, Andrea Harrington, must take a deeper look into questions such as who gets bail, how much it should be and which criminal defendants should remain locked up while their cases are pending. 

The renovations of the Williams Inn are well underway, with an open house  expected on July 4.

And will Stamford, Vt., and Clarksburg, Mass., come together for the children? A feasibility study to find out kicks off this week.

No matter what, we always appreciate our Berkshire road crews during these winter storms.

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NO THREAT TO THE PUBLIC: An Edwards Avenue shooting leaves one man dead over the weekend; Pittsfield police said there's no threat to the general public. 

PEERING INTO THE FUTURE: City Hall reporter Amanda Drane says Pittsfield officials will look at whether 50 percent of new taxes from the city's budding marijuana industry should go toward fixing ailing roads. 

BONA FORTUNA: North Adams' Keith Bona shares some thoughts as he heads into his second year at the top post in the City Council.

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Very best,

Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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Chris Lovern clears his driveway and gets a coating of snow on his jacket for his effort on Daniels Avenue in Pittsfield on Sunday.

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People shovel the sidewalks along Spring Street in Williamstown once the snow started to lighten up after one of the heaviest periods of snowfall early Sunday afternoon.

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