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Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019

Dear Berkshirites, I hope you're staying warm and that all of your pipes are intact. I checked mine twice overnight, and all was well. Not so back when I lived in Windsor and had to play plumber after the ice storm of 2008 bent and broke my faucet out front. A few years later, 5 feet of snow crushed my roof. Love that winter.

Closer to the present day, General Dynamics in Pittsfield has a contract extended, including a $13 million grant, to continue its work on fire-control systems for Navy vessels.

As with much of the northern U.S., below zero temps here continued from last night into today.

Meanwhile, a sexual harassment case has concluded, ending with a massage therapist losing his license, after he exposed a client's body, told her he was aroused and asked to see her again later for free, among other sexual advances.

Pittsfield's portion of state aid is up by nearly $4 million heading into the budget season for fiscal year 2020, and the city's overall property valuation is up by about 3 percent.  And the books never have looked better, says the city's accountant.

Please enjoy these other true-life stories, told as only Eagle reports can.

MEAD ON NEW AMERICANS BOARD: Brooke Mead, of the Berkshire Immigrant Center, has joined a state panel that addresses the concerns and plights of Massachusetts' many immigrant and refugee populations.

THE FUTURE OF WATER: Lanesborough will wrestle with the public water supply to the village, broaching whether the town will take over the water district that operates independent of the municipality.

GONE IS THE KEEPER OF COFFERS: Sheffield loses its treasurer under hush-hush circumstances. An agreement between the town and the former treasurer specifically forbids him from pursuing legal action against the town regarding age discrimination, and unfair payment of wages and benefits. 

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Very best,

Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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A man rides his bike through the snowy streets of Pittsfield in temperatures hovering near minus 5 degrees on Thursday.
“Hester McNally” is a fuzzy marionette made by Tallulah King, grade 12, of of Monument Mountain Regional High School. The Norman Rockwell Museum is hosting the 33rd Berkshire County High School Art Show.

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