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Friday, Jan. 4, 2019

Good day to you, proud members of the 413. 

Today, I bring you a gaggle of stories from across the county.

In the North County, North Adams is looking to slow things down a bit on some major thoroughfares where speedy driving has gotten out of control.

In the central area of the county, Pittsfield's school superintendent is questioning the safety of lunchtime dismissal for students, a longtime tradition at the city high school.

In South County, Fairview Hospital — along with Berkshire Medical Center — is trying to keep the flu from entering its building, by asking those who are infected to avoid entering the hospital to visit patients.

The Eagle Mill developers have their local permits in hand, and now they're trying to land some tax credits from the state to ease the cost burden of the redevelopment project.

And one person was killed and four were injured in a pair of separate crashes Thursday in New Ashford and Hancock.

Eagle journalists also were busy gathering the necessary information for these other stories.

NEED MORE HOUSING: Leaders in Lenox want to encourage new growth in town. If you're a builder, make sure your plans include new housing units, because the housing stock in town is lacking. 

ONE MORE STRIKE AND YER OUT!: Hinsdale officials have warned Dan Duquette, owner of Duquette Sports Academy, that he must upgrade conditions at his baseball camp; the facility on Michaels Road must show for a full month that it meets all state regulations before it will be granted a permit to conduct business.

WTBR IS BACK: For those of you who have been pining for live broadcasts from 89.7 on the FM dial, have no fear. WTBR went live in its new home at Pittsfield Community Television on Thursday.

CALL HIM MR. THREE-POINTER: On Thursday night, Taconic hoopster Quincy Davis helped the Monument Mountain boys roll to a 77-45 win over the Spartans.

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Very best,

Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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Pittsfield School Superintendent Jake McCandless smile during the first few minutes on the Air at WTBR in the new PCTV location Thursday.

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