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Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018

Attention, Berkshirites: Fear not these snarling dogs, in case you live in Richmond or are just passing through.

The farmer who owns them and the town have come to a settlement that should reduce the number of people receiving unwanted attention (read: bites) from the 16 livestock dogs on his property. 

Elsewhere, in Eagle territory:

LACH-ING A LIQUOR LICENSE: No drinky winkies at Lach's Lounge for the next three weeks, after a suspension of its license to serve because of problems with drugs and gunfire.

HEALING TOGETHER: Congregation Beth Israel in North Adams hosted a vigil last night for the 11 people gunned down for their religious beliefs on Saturday in western Pennsylania.

JUST SAY NO: The Eagle's editorial board says Question 1, if passed, would be counterproductive to delivery of quality health care.

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Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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About 90 people attended the remembrance ceremony at Congregation Beth Israel in North Adams on Monday evening.

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