The Greeting

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018

Good day, people of the hill country. Today, more rain. Word is that it will stop sometime, but no one knows when for sure.

Meanwhile, the news wheels are churning at Eagle HQ:

NOT MURDERING THE CROWS: Just because you might hear the sound of a shotgun, doesn't mean it actually is a shotgun. In this case, it might be a propane cannon used to shoo pesky birds.

JUST CHARGE IT: The city of North Adams could end up borrowing a cool half-million dollars to pay for needed upgrades in municipal buildings.

OUT OF TOWNERS: A foursome from Holyoke and Springfield get arrested after a suspicious vehicle call to police; the arrests yield a gun and 150 heroin baggies.

KEEP IT HIGH AND TIGHT: A Great Barrington barber shop offers free trims to veterans; the veterans reflect on wartime, and one turns out to be former Hitler Youth (forced to do so).

REWIRED THINKING: WiredWest reconfigures to get down to work on the last mile of broadband to the region (your friendly web editor has country internet up in the Hilltowns ... the grass grows faster).

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Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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The Snap

Jake Hunker, owner of Jake’s Barber Shop in Great Barrington, gives a free cut to Matthew Wall, a Marine, on Monday, to honor Veterans Day.

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