The Greeting

Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, Berkshirites!  Today is the day we've all been waiting for (or dreading, depending on your family)!

We at The Eagle wish you a healthy and prosperous holiday season.

Meanwhile, the news stops for no one! Even now, the news cogs at Eagle HQ are churning and grinding, bringing you heart-warming stories to share at the dinner table and maybe one to talk about after the kids go to bed.

We've re-posted our Arlo Guthrie classic, in which the 18-year-old New Yorker becomes a legend in Berkshire County by dumping a truckload of trash on one of our pristine hills. Go, cat, go!

There's a nice compare-and-contrast in Richmond and Cheshire, in which one town leader gets straight As and the other, well, they don't have a leader. But they do have a Select Board, and they get Fs for being ludicrous (so say some in the community).

And we also have some Berkshire preschoolers and elementary students on the record, explaining exactly how to cook a turkey — they also explain what they're thankful for and why. Some are very frank; one definitely does not like his brother.

But, wait, there's more (and, no, you cannot get this kind of reporting on TV):

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE?: The defense claims he accidentally punched a woman in the face; meanwhile, she is still suffering from the 2017 assault that crushed her eye socket.

NO SO FAST ... WITH THOSE APARTMENTS: Some abutters to a proposed housing development in Great Barrington say "nay" to the 47-unit complex, citing the lack of control over rents and a lack of keeping with the neighborhood. The developers say all concerns are taken care of and accounted for.

FOLK-SLINGING SCOFFLAW: He's young. He's wild. He's free. That's Arlo Guthrie in 1965 (in addition to being some lyrics from the 1980's power trio Triumph).

WHERE HAVE ALL THE TURNIPS GONE?: And let's not forget the rutabegas. Eagle investigations editor Larry Parnass reports from the Hilltowns, explaining why the TurnipFest has withered.

ALL LIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Naumkeag, that lovely, lovely place, is decked out for the holidays. Check it out in person, or here.

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Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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The News

Turkey day from, and for, the mouths of babes

Children from Lenox Preschool share their tips for preparing Thanksgiving dinner, and what they are thankful for on this holiday. more

In Cheshire, town administrator search, and tensions, continue

CHESHIRE — A resident called on one of the selectmen to resign, and the two members of the Select Board fought amongst themselves.In the end, the board remained bitterly divided — and no … more

Searching for a new town manager in Great Barrington in a 'seller's market'

GREAT BARRINGTON — They say they want a good communicator. They want someone to scrap clunky old systems, and to think big and strategically.They also want to make sure any regard for small, … more

Why one local veggie star is MIA on Thanksgiving tables

FLORIDA — Steve Poirot swings his pickup truck around to get a better look down a gentle slope.Right there, he's saying. That's where something timeless up here didn't happen, down under that … more

Accused of beating woman, Pittsfield man says punch was accidental

PITTSFIELD — He punched her, but it was accidental.That was part of the testimony of Garrett Vil, who took the stand in his own defense Wednesday against accusations he assaulted and beat a … more

Before he was a famous folk slinger ...

Once upon a time, a young man
dumped some trash in the Berkshires. 
He was fined and wrote a small ditty about it. 
You may have heard about it. 
It has something to do with a restaurant and Thanksgiving.
It was popular with the kids some time ago.  ... more

Council subcommittee unanimously favors debt forgiveness for Beacon Cinema

PITTSFIELD — The Beacon Cinema is what the name suggests, councilors agreed Tuesday: "a bright spot."That's how Ward 1 Councilor Helen Moon described it during a meeting of the City Council … more

The Weather

The View


Our Opinion: Giving thanks for our stalwart institutions

This Thanksgiving, among the many things Americans have to be thankful for is that our bedrock institutions have managed to withstand the onslaughts made upon them over the past two years.Many are … more

Robert F. Jakubowicz: Thanksgiving proclamations past

PITTSFIELD — The first Thanksgiving in colonial America by the Pilgrims was an expression of solemn gratitude to their Divine being for just barely surviving the physical hardship of living in … more

Letter: Clearing the way for industrial hemp

To the editor:We are writing this letter to share our unique experience with fellow farmers in the state of Massachusetts seeking licenses to grow industrial hemp. Equinox Farm in Sheffield, like … more

The Landscape

Buy your wreaths for great price, great cause

Tuesday afternoon, while a light snow drifted down outside, it was downright Christmas-y at the North Adams Public School's Greenhouse Program in North Adams.The students and staff members were … more

'Bringing out the spirit of Naumkeag' with 120,000 twinkle lights

This holiday season, see the gardens at Naumkeag like you've never seen them before.Bathed in reds, greens, yellows and blues, the gardens are washed with colors absent since the arrival of fall. … more

The Score

Lee native Wayne Larrivee visits Gillette Stadium during 20th year as radio voice of Green Bay Packers

FOXBOROUGH — Wayne Larrivee put his headset down on the desk in the Gillette Stadium broadcast booth after the New England Patriots beat the Green Bay Packers last month. Larrivee, a Lee native … more

College Roundup: MCLA women's basketball stays hot; Williams men roll over Trailblazers

NORTH ADAMS — For the first time in six years, the MCLA women's basketball team has started its season with a 3-1 record.The Trailblazers held visiting Mount Holyoke to 13 points in the second … more

Berkshire County Sports Notes: Polar Bears Masters swim in St. Croix

On Nov. 11, four members of the Polar Bears Masters swim team competed in the 23rd annual Coral Reef 2-mile open water swim competition on St. Croix.Barbara West, of Windsor, placed first in the … more

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Mason Stred, 9, Destiny Callander, 8, and Isaac Uqdah, 8, prepare cranberry sauce as they work with other volunteers to prepare Thanksgiving meals for elderly shut-ins at the All Saint's Church Parish Center in North Adams on Wednesday. The meals were then delivered on Thanksgiving day.

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