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Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018

I guess Eddard Stark was right. Winter is coming; apparently, it started days ago. We had snow, we have snow, we will have snow. That's all I have to say about that.

Today, as promised, we give you more details on the abrupt exit of former Berkshire Bank CEO Michael Daly, including such details as his $7.5 million exit package. 

Also, compromise seems to be on the horizon in the green hamlet of Cheshire, where there's been an acrimonious search for its next town administrator. 

And what's worse than been stuck in the hospital? Getting caught in the hospital with crack. It happened to this guy, right here.

The Berkshire Museum board votes to halt sales from its collection, a change that comes on the heels of the exit of the former executive director. And rather than transforming the historic Crane Room, the museum will focus on structural improvements to its roof, sewer lines and loading dock.

My 10-year-old asked me last night who my favorite "Sesame Street" character is. Of course, it's Cookie Monster. We have the same table manners. If you like cookies as much as me and Cookie, then check out these tasty holiday treats.

There's also these important news articles of the day:

WAITING FOR THE STATE:  Before wading into a regulatory quagmire, the town of Stockbridge is going to wait for state legislation on the regulation of short-term rentals, such as those offered via Airbnb.

SOME GROWING PAINS: Lanesborough  property owners will see a tax increase in the coming year, tied to an expanded regional school district and stagnant growth in town.

WORKING ON THE RAILROAD: State Sen. Adam Hinds and Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer will be part of a state group that's looking at expanding rail travel in the commonwealth.

JUST A WEE NIP: Rubiner's Cheesemongers and Grocers in Great Barrington finally gets a liquor license after a 15-year quest. How much beer and wine does he want? A table's worth.

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Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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The News

City to forgive $2.55M debt for Beacon Cinema

PITTSFIELD — The city will forgive the Beacon Cinema's debt after a City Council vote Tuesday.The proposal from Mayor Linda Tyer will forgive $2.55 million in … more

Berkshire Bank CEO resigns, given $7.5 million in 'separation pay'

PITTSFIELD — He was an unconventional executive who took the helm of a small local bank 16 years ago and turned it into a regional powerhouse with $12 billion in assets.Michael P. Daly liked to … more

Springfield man arrested for crack possession while being treated at BMC faces up to 3 years in prison

PITTSFIELD — A Springfield man who admitted to having 11 grams of crack cocaine while being treated at a hospital is facing a sentence of up to three years in state prison.John Dyer, 43, … more

Compromise in Cheshire? Select Board could pick interim admin., wait until after town election for permanent hire

CHESHIRE — The Select Board has agreed to a two-step compromise for selecting a new town administrator.The board agreed at Tuesday night's meeting to contact the three finalists — … more

Berkshire Museum won't pursue further art sales, Crane Room renovation

PITTSFIELD — The two Berkshire Museum paintings sold at auction this month will be the last to go on the block any time soon, trustees decided Monday.And the historic Crane Room at the center … more

Lanesborough homeowners to see property tax spike

LANESBOROUGH — The average singe-family homeowner can expect a $351 spike in property taxes, spurred by an expanded regional school district and stagnant growth. more

Stockbridge waiting for state to weigh in on short-term rental rules

STOCKBRIDGE — Instead of wading into a potentially heated effort to regulate online short-term rentals of private homes, the town is testing the waters while waiting for the state to take the … more

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The Score

Cheshire youth Landon Nowak finding success on dirt bike path

Plenty of kids grow up with advice to keep their eye on the ball or to bend their elbow, but Landon Nowark, of Cheshire, took a different path. His path was one paved in dirt.The advice, or priority, … more

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