The Greeting

Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018

Greetings, Berkshires,

Hearts are heavy at The Eagle today as we mourn with our longtime colleague Jeffrey Borak, whose wife died Tuesday in an automobile collision in Lenox.

I happen to sit very close to Jeffrey, and it always struck me much he doted on his wife, Wendy. A very serious theater critic, Jeffrey's voice would always rise and brighten at her daily phone call to him,  calling her "lovey" at greeting and at good-bye.

In my 47 years, I've never heard someone speak in such a loving tone to a spouse; it's something to strive for. 

In other Berkshire County news ... 

AFFECTED BY STRIKE: Mobility-impaired residents of the Berkshires say the driver strike and subsequently reduced service by Regional Transit Authority is negatively affecting their lives.

PROBATION ENDS FOR PROTEST PUSHER: A Hillsdale, N.Y., man, 75, has paid his debt to society (early) after shoving GOP provocateur Shiva Ayyadurai at an Elizabeth Warren speech.

HIGH HONORS: It's a mutual lovefest between the Lenox superintendent and her School Committee, as they discuss her high marks as a the district's educational leader.

DOING IT FOR THE TROUT: The Becker Pond Dam in Mount Washington will be coming down, and it'll help trout, sturgeon, mussels, shad, salamander, eel, oysters, darters, chubs, catfish, bass, shiners and walleyes. 


Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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Silver Lake in Pittsfield on Monday. The lake in the center of town has over 3 inches of ice and is free of obstacles, making it an ideal rink.

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