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Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019

Attention, Berkshires! Today is an early dismissal day for many of the county schools. If you haven't heard about that yet, and your child is in the public schools, I hope you left him or her spare key.

Why? Because we're about to get whacked with a little snow, up to 10 inches, according to meteorologists. Pretty sure there'll be some ice mixed in, too.

In other news, there's a plan afoot to build a museum dedicated to trains and architecture in North Adams; it is touted as an employment and cash generator ... up to 2,000 jobs and $180 million into the Berkshires economy. Plus, the new architectural  plans — if brought to fruition — will give parts of the city a very 21st century look and feel.

After a brief foot chase, Pittsfield Police arrested a man and confiscated a gun reported stolen from Georgia.

In Williamstown, a marijuana company is eyeing 20 acres on Blair Road; Massflora wants to use existing barns and a 7,000-square-foot greenhouse that would be built on the parcel.

There's a three-way race for Select Board in Stockbridge, where good times in government are few and far between these days. The former fire chief was fired, and a court case is likely over the planned-and-then-rejected use of herbicides in the Stockbridge Bowl. 

Please enjoy these other true-life stories:

HONORING A LIFE OF SERVICE: The Pittsfield Fire Department names an engine after retired Deputy Chief Michael Polidoro, who stepped down in 2016 because of ALS, or Lou Gherig's disease. 

THE MOST ROMANTIC WINES: The Eagle's wine columnist breaks down some much needed information on getting the right Valentine's Day date-night wine.

POLL OF THE DAY: Will we ever see Donald Trump's tax returns? You be the judge!

TWO SPECIAL REPORTS: Check out The Eagle's two recent special reports, on the Whiskey Treaty Roadshow and on Berkshire women in jail.

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Very best,

Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

P.S. An astute Beat reader from Egremont pointed out that I had substituted the French word Pont for the English word Pond in a photo caption in Monday's newsletter.  We stand corrected (literally: I work at a standing desk).

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Dicken Crane uses a firewood processor at Holiday Brook Farm in Dalton on Monday, The processor will take a full log, move it, cut it to size and split it all from one series of levers. Crane was working in the afternoon to get as much firewood prepared as possible before the snow.

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