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Friday, Feb. 15, 2019

Hello, people of the 413. I must report that I saw myself on a giant billboard off Merrill Road on Thursday. There's a whole bunch of us Eaglets up there. We're urging you to subscribe to The Eagle, to help us cover the stories of your lives in Berkshire County.  We also keep elected and appointed officials in check; that, in turn, keeps your taxes down. Help us to help you.

People up in Adams are upset at the loss of jobs and transition of the sole supermarket in town into something new. Big Y officials haven't said what comes next for the key downtown site.

One of the suspects in the Ashley Reservoir shooting has a new charge added to the list: witness tampering. Our own Bob Dunn takes you inside the case.

And speaking of Dunn, he's also got a new "Game On" column ready for you gamers out there. This time, he's talking "clans," which in the online gaming world means "teams." Read on.

The leader of a Western Massachusetts aid group spoke before a packed house in Shushan, N.Y. Where's Shushan? Cross over into New York, jump on Route 22 north and wait until you see nothing but trees and fields and hills. That's Shushan.  In the Bible, it's a site of one of Daniel's visions. And that, friends, is about all the religion you're going to get out of me.

Our Fraud Watch guru Elliott Greenblott brings us the winners of his very dubious awards: The Scammies. These are awarded to the most popular scams of 2018, as determined by the Vermont Attorney General's Office. 

Our illustrious state senator, Adam Hinds, has filed legislation to push for increased aid to rural schools.  If it makes it to the governor's desk, The Eagle will report back.

Oh, in case you missed it, check out this column by Dalton Delan, a Valentine for his late father. 

Please enjoy these other true life stories from Berkshire County:

THE DA VINCI LODE: The Berkshire Museum is showing models of Leonardo's many designs and inventions. 

LOVE IN THE AIR: Berkshire Theatre Group rolls out its 2019 lineup, and there's all manner of things lovey-dovey. 

SPECIAL REPORT: The Eagle highlights the struggle of incarcerated women of Berkshire County.

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Noah Hoffenberg,
Eagle online editor

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Crews work on making jumps and rail features for opening day of the terrain park at Bousquet Mountain in Pittsfield on Thursday.

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