Letter: 37 Interlaken in keeping with other visionary efforts

To the editor:

I've been listening with curiosity to the varied opinions regarding the 37 Interlaken Road (old DeSisto School) proposal and the impact some believe it will have on the town of Stockbridge.

Stockbridge and many of the surrounding communities are truly unique. We do not have to travel far before the character of surrounding counties begins to look very different from that of our own. It is the unique character of the Berkshires that makes us a destination for those who value the cultural amenities that so many other areas of the country seem to be lacking.

The towns of Stockbridge and Lenox have always had the opportunity to reject progress. As today, those before us were afforded the opportunity to "close the door" behind them and insulate themselves from the outside. Yet they did not. They chose a different path.

Imagine if Stockbridge and Lenox had rejected the building of the great summer cottages with such familiar names as The Mount, Naumkeag, Elm Court, Ventfort Hall, Blantyre, Chesterwood, Shadowbrook, Wheatleigh, Bonnie Briar and others. What if the visionaries of Tanglewood, the Norman Rockwell Museum or the Marion Fathers had chosen to locate elsewhere?

All have contributed in a positive way to create the community we are today. We have entrusted our local government (through its citizens) with the checks and balances needed to protect us from those with nefarious intent. By most measures it has been a resounding success.

The 37 Interlaken Road project is a statement in that same vision. It is an exceptional concept with extraordinary expectations. It has been well studied and represents an opportunity that should be seized upon and not casually dismissed.

Remember, we can't stop change, we can however control it.

There will not be another opportunity to realize the benefits of this proposal. If rejected by the citizens of Stockbridge the old Bonnie Briar estate will probably be razed and gone forever, perhaps replaced with commodity homes replete with all the trappings of typical suburbia.

For you shrill naysayers who don't have have the confidence in the citizens of Stockbridge to manage our future and be good stewards of our community I say: Be careful what you wish for.

Stephen Fradley,



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