A comfortable convenience: County woman creates, patents the ‘pocketbra'


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WILLIAMSTOWN -- The pocketbra is one of those ideas that seems so simple. When inventor Sherry Goff thought of it several years ago, she was sure someone else had, too.

"It seemed pretty obvious," she said.

But it apparently wasn't as obvious to others as it was to Goff.

So in April of 2011, she filed a patent for the pocketbra. There are other pocketed brassieres on the Internet but Goff's are the only ones that are patented.

The Goff name may be familiar to county residents, particularly golfers. Her father was the late Rudy Goff, a longtime North County golfing legend.

Sherry Goff was no slouch on the links herself. The 1977 Mount Greylock Regional High School graduate was a scholarship golfer at Rollins College in Florida.

About a decade ago, though, her life was in flux. Her marriage hadn't worked out, and her kids were grown.

It seemed as if she was ready for something else. Exactly what that was Goff didn't know.

But eventually, the idea for a pocketbra came up. It was a concept born of necessity. Goff enjoyed talking long walks. She needed to keep her cell phone close by, but didn't like carrying it. And she didn't like stuffing it down her bra.

"Sweaty, uncomfortable, I just didn't like it," she said.

So the pocketbra idea began to germinate.

"The apparel industry hasn't recognized the need for technology storage [on women]," Goff said.

"They need a safe, dependable place to put their keys, phones, credit cards.

"The social aspect of our lives are dependent on technology more and more," said Goff. "This piece of clothing combines wearable technology with fashion."

And while many of the uses are linked to athletic activities, Goff is adamant that the pocket bra is not really a sports bra.

"No," she said. "It's a women's bra. It's not just for sports."

In fact, Goff said she recently received a message from a mother with a diabetic daughter. The mother wanted one of Goff's bras to store her daughter's insulin pump.

"It as an unexpected use I hadn't thought of," she said. "And I wouldn't be surprised if other uses popped up."

The initial design has a pocket on both sides of the garment and two more in the front Right now, sizes range from 32B to 38D. That may change, because Goff said she is receiving requests for larger sizes.

The only way to currently purchase one of Goff's pocket bras is to go to her website, www.pocketbra.com. Goff is in the early stages of marketing the item, and is still looking at new designs.

"But if someone wants one, we have them now," she said.

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