Athlete Spotlight: Arlington's Jack Lane


If there weren't bad timing, there wouldn't be any at all. One day after his basketball season came to a close, Arlington senior Jack Lane came to the Banner to talk about the end of basketball season, juggling four sports, winning the state championship in soccer and his All-Time playlist.

Bennington Banner: I'll start with the bad first, Arlington's basketball season came to an end [in a loss to West Rutland]. How do you feel the season went for you and your team?

Jack Lane: It was a really up and down season, that's for sure. We had a new coach, it's my third coach in four seasons. It's always different to have a new coach, but he did really well this year. We came together near the end of the season, it was a fun year.

Banner: Let's talk about a much happier topic, winning the boys soccer championship back in the fall. A little bittersweet, coming after [former coach] John Werner passes away.

Lane: LINAO (Losing Is Not An Option) has always been our thing in Arlington and after John passed away, we came together as a team and said that we had to win it for him. The girls too, we both wanted to win the championship for John.

[In the championship], we had already beat them during the season, we knew it would be tough going against [state goal record-holder] Eric Maxham. Playing him is always a tough thing.

Banner: You guys won 1-0 for the team's first title since 1995, when Lewis Whalen scored in overtime. What was going through your mind at that moment?

Lane: Watching Lewis hit that goal from the back where I was, all the emotions came out, finally realizing we did it as a team. We finally won the state championship.

Banner: You guys won first and then stayed to watch the girls against Proctor. How did you feel rooting on the girls to win their title?

Lane: After we won, the girls definitely felt the pressure. It gave the girls a lot of fire to go out and win that game.

Banner: At the same time, you were the lone golfer for Arlington this fall. What is it like to switch between soccer and golf?

Lane: For golf, it might feel individual, but having my coach there, it feels like a team. I knew I had to come in the top 5. I knew the [state qualifier] course [at Proctor-Pittsford] somewhat, but I had never played 18 there, so the back 9 was new to me.

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Banner: In a couple of weeks, the baseball season begins. [Ed note: The first official day of practice is March 18.] What are the transitions like going from soccer and golf, to basketball and then to baseball?

Lane: Growing up, it's always been from one to the other. I'm used to it now. When basketball season is over, my grandpa always says to me, it's on to baseball. I try to get back in it, maybe throwing the ball a little bit and getting my mindset ready for the season. Between soccer and basketball, it's getting back in the gym and shooting, getting used to it.

Banner: How do you think the baseball team will be this spring?

Lane: There's only going to be two seniors, [Wil Stewart] and I. We'll definitely be a young team. There's going to be a lot of learning in the beginning and then by the playoffs, we'll be ready.

Banner: What plans do you have after graduating this summer?

Lane: I've applied to Merrimack, University of Vermont, Siena and Endicott. I want to go into elementary education.

Banner: Are there specific teachers that have been influential in that choice?

Lane: I would say [history teacher] Hooper Pickering and [math teacher] Aaron Wood, they've given me the idea of wanting to teach. They've both given back to their community too, so it's cool to see that.

Banner: Would you try to play sports in college?

Lane: I'd like to play baseball, I've contacted some coaches, but if I don't, it's fine.

Banner: You play all different sports, what's the warm-up music like?

Lane: Every time I go to the game on the bus, I have this All-Time playlist with my friend Jake Nicholson, shout out to Jake. It's on Spotify, it has 1970s, 80s, 90s, it keeps me relaxed. Weezer, Queen, Aerosmith, ABBA, it's a big span of music.


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