Athlete Spotlight: Hoosac Valley's Lexi Mercier


LexiLexi Mercier, a junior on the Hoosac Valley girls basketball team, leads the team with 125 points this year. She  has made 27 3-pointers. The team record is 7-0.

Berkshire Eagle: You're a 3-pointer shooter; describe what a perfect shot attempt is for you.

Lexi Mercier: The perfect shot is an offensive rebound by our team, and a kickback out. So I'm always set up and ready to shoot it.

Eagle: The team is off to a hot start so far; what's been the key to your success?

Mercier: We just work to get better every single game, no matter what team it is. We work harder in practice every single time, and we just work as a team. Boxing out, getting down the court faster and just shooting the ball better.

Eagle: Hoophall is coming up this week; how exciting is it to play against Longmeadow on that stage?

Mercier: I loved Hoophall my freshman year, that was my favorite thing. It's just, for the experience for the younger girls that haven't done it yet, we are all just extremely excited to go and do it.

Eagle: Do you have any gameday superstitions?

Mercier: We always do these handshakes before games and stuff. After we run out, we do handshakes, and then the starters do these handshakes together. And, we never play music in the locker room.

Eagle: What is your favorite handshake with one of your teammates, and how does it go?

Mercier: Me and Riley's [Robinson]. We do three hand claps, then hit our arms and hug after.

Eagle: Besides basketball, what else do you do to relax and unwind from the stress of school and life?

Mercier: Just hang out with my friends. Going home, just doing homework and then just hanging out with everyone.

Eagle: What's your favorite class in school right now? Who teaches it?

Mercier: My favorite class is history, and Mrs. [Stephanie] Somerville teaches it. It's her teaching style. She keeps everyone interested and we do a bunch of projects, group projects and stuff. It's just really cool.

Eagle: Finally, did you make a New Year's resolution?

Mercier: I didn't quite make one.


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