Athlete Spotlight: Hoosac Valley's Nick Waterman


Hoosac Valley three-sport athlete Nick Waterman has had quite the week as a member of the Hurricanes lacrosse team. He's combined for 14 goals and fives assists during wins over Springfield Central, Wahconah and Taconic, helping the 'Canes to a 7-0 record so far. Waterman came by The Eagle offices before the Wahconah game to chat about playing three very different sports, which sport he likes the best and more.

Berkshire Eagle: So you're a three sport athlete (football, basketball and lacrosse) to the sports translate to each other at all?

Waterman: I think that they're all connected in some way because you're staying moving and staying in shape. It definitely helps having different coaches, too.

BE: Lacrosse has elements of football and basketball. Is that the sport that's most like the others?

NW: Definitely with football and the physicality that comes with it. When you're going to the net in lacrosse, you're getting hit and it's just like finishing a touchdown in football.

BE: What is the best feeling of the sports? Catching a touchdown in football; hitting a 3-pointer on someone; or scoring a goal in lacrosse?

NW:I think the most rewarding feeling for me is lacrosse because that's my favorite sport. When you're in a tough game and someone is on you and you hit a tough shot, that's a nice feeling.

BE: I noticed you had some fancy stick skills [against Central], behind-the-back, behind-the-head shots. ... Do you have a most memorable goal?

NW: In eighth grade it was kind of like my first time ever taking a behind-the-back shot. It was against the Mount Greylock youth team. I shot from 15 yards out and I made it. I was looking at my friend Matt Hall and it's like "yeah." It was pretty cool.

BE: You've had some big games in football too. What was it like playing at Gillette Stadium for the state championship?

NW: It was a once-in-a lifetime experience. I'll never forget it. Hanging out with all my friends on the field. Looking up and seeing all the sponsors and stuff. It was unbelievable.

Nick Waterman

BE: Is that something you ever dreamed of? Playing on the same field as Tom Brady and all the history there. Did you have to pinch yourself and be like — "I've got a game to play."

NW: I walked on the field and I was like "wow, this is where all the greats have played. Tom Brady. Randy Moss has caught touchdowns in the end zone. Now I have to go play a game." It was just unbelievable.

BE: Playing three sports, you have a lot of the same teammates through the year. What are the friendships like with the guys you play with?

NW: Matt Hall and Adam Bush, those are my best friends. They always have been. We've been playing the same sports: basketball, football and lacrosse together since the seventh grade. It's just great to have them on the field with me, having my back no matter what.

BE: When you're not playing sports, I know you play a lot of them. But when you find some free time, what to you like to do?

NW: I like to relax and play XBOX with my friends. Hangout.

BE: Are you a Fortnite guy too?

NW: Oh, I'm a Fortnite guy.

BE: Why is Fortnite so popular among athletes? And who's the best player on all of your teams?

NW: The best Fortnite player is probably Matt Hall or Brady Greene. They're real good at Fortnite. What I like best about Fortnite is how much they've created in the game. They went from barely having anything to having everything. It's crazy how it develops. It's so much fun to play with your friends.

BE: Favorite place to eat in Cheshire?

NW: Probably Bass Water Grill. My family's always been there. It's pretty good.

BE: Favorite meal?

NW: The chicken parm sandwich. That's the best. You should get it sometime.

BE: What's it like playing football for Dayne [Poriot]. He seems like someone you guys can relate to being a former player at Hoosac.

NW: Playing for Dayne, he's hard on you, but he's hard on you in a good way. He's trying to push you do be better. Be a better person, be a better athlete, be a better student. He's always there for you. In school, out of school, on the field. He always has your back. He's a coach you always can depend on. No matter what.


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